Protectors of the Silver Marches

Serenity's Contemplations Part 2

Serenity's Journal

Chance Meeting:

I am on my way to a great adventure with my new friend Elia. We met at the tavern called Helmer’s Wall. I was boasting to my fellow classmates, and the stuck up sorcerers, on how I escaped my confines of the dorms. When I was done Elia was clapping and look very pleased with what I had said. At first I thought she was a prospect student for the college. However after I talked with her for a bit I found out she really is just a traveler and was passing through. This was great! She could tell me great stories of what it was like in the wild and untamed lands around the city! She told me that she was looking for people to help a newly established town called “Newfort”. They are being threatened by a band of Orcs. Oh how wonderful it will be to stand on the ramparts of the town and throw my powerful spells at the Orcs as they run away out of fear of the greatest mage anyone has ever seen! I could see it in my mind, and my emotions of my day dream must have been etched on my face because Elia then asked if I would join her on her noble quest! I jumped at the chance to be part of something greater then tomorrow’s necromancy test. Oh it will be grand! Fretter (Bale) then came out of his home (the small box thing) and stated I should talk to Serianos. I am not sure if it was the impixie that surprised Elia or if it was the fact that he told me to go talk to my teacher, but she had a stunned look on her face that made me crack up. I talked to Serianos about leaving the city to go on this noble quest of mine. When I told him I think he had a mini heart attack… Or at least that’s what I think that look meant. However after I promised not to use my spellfire at the town and to study the whole way there and to make up the necromancy test I got to go! So here I am at the camp site with Elia and Bale (He keeps getting upset when I say Fritter…It fits him so much better.) eating something that Elia cooked. It makes my stomach uneasy its nothing like the food at the college. Elia says it will take us about a week to get to Newfort, so here is to grand adventure!

The Road:

We have been on the road now for about three days. Elia is moving at a dragon’s pace. I mean we wake before the Lathandor comes to wake the realm, and make camp quite after the Selune has come up for the night. She says that we must make good time in order to be at Newfort in time. She also said that she told someone to meet her there and would hate to have them waiting long. However with this being my first time ever out of the city walls! I want to see and hear everything there can be. Also Bale wants to paint the mountains and catch Lathandor coming up on the horizon. Bale makes such wonderful pictures. I even got one of Elia by a stream she has no idea I got it but she is beautiful without her constant mask on, She finds them fun so who am I to tell her otherwise. Someday a man will tell her how beautiful she is and maybe she will no longer need to hide. I like Elia and count her as one true friend. She tells great stories and even has a book with a flying ship in it. She says that it really exist and that one day she will find it. I think I will help her. I have access to the college library and I might be able to find something there, or we can go to Caddelkeep and look there. Yes I think we are friends.

Making it to Sundabar:

Today we made it to Sundabar! When Elia told me we would hit a town soon I had no idea that it would be like that! It stinks and the people are rude! They really don’t like it when you ask a lot of questions, and the guards here are always fallowing you. How do they ever get any work done when they fallow every new person in town? Elia said we had to register with someplace because we entered the town. Why? We have no intention of staying more than a few hours, and we are not doing anything bad! This place is so nerve wracking. I have decided that I am not a fan of this place! The line for the registration was huge, and it took forever to get through.

I needed to find paint for Bale but every time I asked for a thimble amount of paint the store keep would look like I was some young kid pulling a prank. And then when I would show them Bale they would start screaming for the guards. Elia had to get us out of a few sticky spots due to that. So we decided to leave Bale in his box. I found paint but Bale was not happy with the quality of it. Elia said she would let me shop for a small bit since it was my first time in a different city. I wonder if Bualder’s Gate or Waterdeep is like this horrible place. I remember from my classes that this place was a dwarven citadel once. Man how it has fallen. The food made me sick and the wine tasted watered down, Elia asked me not to make a big deal about it so I did not. With being on the road for five days my body hurt in places I never thought were possible and my boots were all worn and dirty. I never really rode a horse for that long and that fast. So the inner parts of my thighs are chapped. Riding with a skirt is very difficult I am glad it was just Elia and not some man with me or I would be red for some time. We are now walking the rest of the way to Newfort. I wonder if my floating disk will carry me to the other town.

Later Note:
No a floating disk that YOU create can Not carry yourself! However it CAN carry a hysterically laughing elf!



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