Current Quests

1. Defend Newfort from the Orcs. COMPLETE
2. Investigate Ironhand Mines for Stauvin Stonebrace. Discover what happened to the original excavation team and clear out any monsters. COMPLETE

Wheylon Hill
1. Travel to Wheylon Hill and interview the town’s inhabitants. COMPLETE
2. Investigate Temple of Mystra. COMPLETE
3. Put an end to the Church of Shar’s scheme in Wheylon Hill. COMPLETE
4. Interrogate Lady Artha, leader of the cult of Shar in Wheylon Hill. COMPLETE
5. Report findings to Lady Alustriel directly. COMPLETE

Sorrow’s Refuge
1. Plan route to Sorrow’s Refuge. COMPLETE
2. Investigate Sorrow’s Refuge. COMPLETE
3. Find the missing villagers from Wheylon Hill. COMPLETE

Side Quests
1. Find replacement cleric of Mystra to lead the temple in Wheylon Hill. COMPLETE
2. Help Justin Alvegild find his girlfriend, Anystasia Mint, in Silverymoon. COMPLETE

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Current Quests

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