Protectors of the Silver Marches


It wasn’t my fault.

I had finally found some work in town. Not an easy job for a Tiefling around here, let alone one spawned from Beshaba’s vile uterus. Find the missing children and bring them back alive. Easy work for a ranger. Hell, a first level villager could have completed this, easily. I needed the coin though. Ale doesn’t buy itself.

I suppose I should have noticed something was up I found the tracks. They were fresher than Prince Smith’s phat beats. Not that I have any idea what that means. Must have been a phrase I picked up somewhere. Anyways, the tracks seemed too easy to follow and they led straight into the forest.

Now allow me to step away from the story for a moment: No one other than amateurs ever drags a kidnapping victim into a forest. There are enough PCs running around that they are almost guaranteed to get caught and turned in. Anyone who really wants to get away with a kidnapping/rape/murder will use their dwelling. After all, who’d expect the criminal to hide the evidence in plain sight? As for disposal, well, I’d never eat a pie a neighbor made for me unless I knew them for years, and even then I’d take a quick look to make sure I don’t bite down into a finger. I’ve explained this plenty of times to numerous angry mobs, but they never seem to listen. But I digress.

The broken branches and muddy footprints led me straight into the middle of the forest, upon which I discovered two of the local youngsters by a small cave… ah, how shall I put this: In flagrante delicto, if you catch my drift. Kids will be kids. Unfortunately, the male’s squeaking must have disturbed the one of the occupants of said cave, as I witnessed a bear emerge from his cave

Now I can understand the youngsters not knowing that cave bears live in caves (we can’t all be versed in nature lore), but the paw prints and deer carcasses should have sent some sort of warning bells off in their soon to be eaten heads.

“Run! You woke up a bear!” I yelled out to the kids as I drew my bow.

“Wha- AHHHHHHHH A DEMON! AND HE SUMMONED A BEA- oh shit sorry baby.” The male screamed and then whimpered sadly. I’d have had more sympathy for him at this point, but getting called a demon really hurts my feelings. Other than the pointed teeth, red eyes, and tail, I don’t look anything like a demon. Hell, I have fucking antlers instead of horns. How embarrassing do you think that is?

The kids attempted to untangle themselves and run for it while I attempted to provide cover for them. “RAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRR” I rawred in an attempt to intimidate the bear. I fired an arrow at it and caught it in the knee. That only managed to piss it off as it dropped to all fours and charged at me, trampling the children in its ursine rage. That’s part of the reason I’m eating a boiled shoe as I write this.

Now here’s something I bet you didn’t know. Hell, I didn’t know it until that day: Bears like to share caves. This must have been some sort of Clown Bear, because there must have been like six bears in that tiny cave and I have no idea how they all fit in there. Being of sound mind and possessing a decent sense of self preservation, I ran for it. Here’s another little known bear fact: Bears are fucking fast. These must have been Cheetah Bears or something because I was not able to shake them off.

I followed my trail backwards in panic, attempting to escape bearmageddon. I thought that there would be some sort of town watch to protect the villagers from all these nearby predators. Technically, I was right. There was a guard tower with a latern lit on the edge of town. I attempted to climb the ladder, but six tons of fury came crashing into it following me. Local wooden guard towers aren’t made to withstand that, so of course it came crashing down. And of course it had to land on the mayor’s house and catch fire, because hey, my great great granny must get off on that sort of misfortune. It must not have been enough for her because the fire started to spread.

I ran, leaving naught but fire and bears in my wake. The town proved to be a good distraction for the bears, as there was precooked food running around, so I managed to make my escape. That was yesterday, as I sit here recording this into a book I found on the side of the road. I don’t know what a Necromonikon is, but I do know that it had my name on it, so it’s my journal know. I hear that there’s a group of adventurers looking for someone well versed in Nature, so I think I’ll go see what that’s about. I’ll keep you updated in the meantime.

Until later,
Belial Lucksbane

PS: Fuck bears.

Serenity's Contemplations Part 2
Serenity's Journal

Chance Meeting:

I am on my way to a great adventure with my new friend Elia. We met at the tavern called Helmer’s Wall. I was boasting to my fellow classmates, and the stuck up sorcerers, on how I escaped my confines of the dorms. When I was done Elia was clapping and look very pleased with what I had said. At first I thought she was a prospect student for the college. However after I talked with her for a bit I found out she really is just a traveler and was passing through. This was great! She could tell me great stories of what it was like in the wild and untamed lands around the city! She told me that she was looking for people to help a newly established town called “Newfort”. They are being threatened by a band of Orcs. Oh how wonderful it will be to stand on the ramparts of the town and throw my powerful spells at the Orcs as they run away out of fear of the greatest mage anyone has ever seen! I could see it in my mind, and my emotions of my day dream must have been etched on my face because Elia then asked if I would join her on her noble quest! I jumped at the chance to be part of something greater then tomorrow’s necromancy test. Oh it will be grand! Fretter (Bale) then came out of his home (the small box thing) and stated I should talk to Serianos. I am not sure if it was the impixie that surprised Elia or if it was the fact that he told me to go talk to my teacher, but she had a stunned look on her face that made me crack up. I talked to Serianos about leaving the city to go on this noble quest of mine. When I told him I think he had a mini heart attack… Or at least that’s what I think that look meant. However after I promised not to use my spellfire at the town and to study the whole way there and to make up the necromancy test I got to go! So here I am at the camp site with Elia and Bale (He keeps getting upset when I say Fritter…It fits him so much better.) eating something that Elia cooked. It makes my stomach uneasy its nothing like the food at the college. Elia says it will take us about a week to get to Newfort, so here is to grand adventure!

The Road:

We have been on the road now for about three days. Elia is moving at a dragon’s pace. I mean we wake before the Lathandor comes to wake the realm, and make camp quite after the Selune has come up for the night. She says that we must make good time in order to be at Newfort in time. She also said that she told someone to meet her there and would hate to have them waiting long. However with this being my first time ever out of the city walls! I want to see and hear everything there can be. Also Bale wants to paint the mountains and catch Lathandor coming up on the horizon. Bale makes such wonderful pictures. I even got one of Elia by a stream she has no idea I got it but she is beautiful without her constant mask on, She finds them fun so who am I to tell her otherwise. Someday a man will tell her how beautiful she is and maybe she will no longer need to hide. I like Elia and count her as one true friend. She tells great stories and even has a book with a flying ship in it. She says that it really exist and that one day she will find it. I think I will help her. I have access to the college library and I might be able to find something there, or we can go to Caddelkeep and look there. Yes I think we are friends.

Making it to Sundabar:

Today we made it to Sundabar! When Elia told me we would hit a town soon I had no idea that it would be like that! It stinks and the people are rude! They really don’t like it when you ask a lot of questions, and the guards here are always fallowing you. How do they ever get any work done when they fallow every new person in town? Elia said we had to register with someplace because we entered the town. Why? We have no intention of staying more than a few hours, and we are not doing anything bad! This place is so nerve wracking. I have decided that I am not a fan of this place! The line for the registration was huge, and it took forever to get through.

I needed to find paint for Bale but every time I asked for a thimble amount of paint the store keep would look like I was some young kid pulling a prank. And then when I would show them Bale they would start screaming for the guards. Elia had to get us out of a few sticky spots due to that. So we decided to leave Bale in his box. I found paint but Bale was not happy with the quality of it. Elia said she would let me shop for a small bit since it was my first time in a different city. I wonder if Bualder’s Gate or Waterdeep is like this horrible place. I remember from my classes that this place was a dwarven citadel once. Man how it has fallen. The food made me sick and the wine tasted watered down, Elia asked me not to make a big deal about it so I did not. With being on the road for five days my body hurt in places I never thought were possible and my boots were all worn and dirty. I never really rode a horse for that long and that fast. So the inner parts of my thighs are chapped. Riding with a skirt is very difficult I am glad it was just Elia and not some man with me or I would be red for some time. We are now walking the rest of the way to Newfort. I wonder if my floating disk will carry me to the other town.

Later Note:
No a floating disk that YOU create can Not carry yourself! However it CAN carry a hysterically laughing elf!

So Many Trees

I recounted the trees in my neck of the woods today. But once I get above three-hundred, I tend to lose track see. I can only count trees for so long before I need to go do something else. That and admittedly, I’m not great at counting. Numbers are boring. We also had a bunch of new saplings that just sprouted up today so that made things even more complicated…

The sad thing is, I don’t really need to count them anymore. One can only count trees for so many moons till they memorize every damn stump, and their neck starts hurting from looking up, and then they have to move on to something else to pass the time. I switch it up, day by day. Sometimes I count trees, other times I follow ants, or maybe I fly along side the woodland animals, while they eat and crap and sleep. Maybe they’re just as tired of this place as I am.

I mean, don’t get me wrong! Turlang is great, and I appreciate the old treeant’s guidance. Really I’d be lost without him. I love the other guardians of the forest (except for Steve, that asshole needs to mind his own business- if he wants to keep his stuff, he shouldn’t leave it out for me to take!). And I love my forest home and all of its crapping critters! But at some point, baby birds need to leave the nest, because after a while the view gets boring! That and the twigs have got to itch….what was I saying?

Right! Leaving. I want to leave. And it’s nothing personal, I just want to see and learn and feel new things, instead of just hearing about them. I want adventure! Danger! Romance! All of the good things I here in those bard songs, perhaps without all the dying! I can’t do any of that stuff from behind these trees. All I can do here is be small and bored. And steal Steeve’s things…and don’t judge me, he was asking for it! Always pestering me about doing my job, and not pissing off the badgers.

The other day, I saw a passing caravan and I swear I almost hopped right in the back of their wagon, ready to embark to the unknown! But then I realized I should speak to Turlang first, maybe say some good-byes, make some extra arrows, and gear up! So I just took their gold instead. After all, you can’t go on an adventure without money. I think I’ll ask Turlang tonight if it’s okay for me to leave. I mean, it’s not like I’ll be gone forever! I only want to see the world! How long could that take?

Serenity's Contemplations

Well I made it three years in the Lady’s College of Silverymoon. I am starting this journal at the behest of my mentor, Professer Serianos the High elf that has helped my through these past three years at school. He said that it should help with the constant day dreaming I do in class. Its not like Necromancy is that awesome anyway…. euck dead things… So here I am writing this and woundering how “fun” its going to be to say… today i went to class….today I also went to class… well I can always talk about the wounderful Revels I go to at the taverns around here.

I love to go to Helmer’s Wall to drink and laugh with my friends from school. Even those snotty Sorcerers from the Aekhen’s Invocatorium go there to boast about what new ablity they can do… but I can do more spells then any of them in my sleep! So waht if I have to study in tomes and they just think about it and it happends, I get verity! I can choose to cast sleep one day and Color spray the next they are stuck with what they already know! haha I am way better then them! And of course I am the only one with the kind of Familiar that I do. He looks like something of a cross between a Pixie and an Imp. He also is the only familiar that I know that can paint what ever he has seen. He lives in a box that Professor Serianos made for me. It has a glass window for Fritter (thats the name I call my imp/pixie) to look through and paint what he sees. I call it a Picture maker! It has a lever on one side to open the window then a slot on the other for him to give me the picture that he made. He says one day he would like to paint the ocean.

I’ve never really been outside the cities walls yet. Serianos says its safe for me inside the walls and to study. However I can’t help but wounder what is out there. Is there any of my family left alive? If so maybe I can find them? I have always lived in Silverymoon, my parents I were told died when I was really young. Serianos said that my mother may have had the same ablity as I do with the blue flame.

I rmember when I first used it too. I was in class and we were going to use wands for the first time. This was back in my first year. I held onto the wand of Lightning bolt and felt the power surge up thru my whole body. It felt great! I thought this is how it feels to weild a wand! The power kept coming out of the wand to me through my hand and down my arm. Then Serianos said to fire the wand. I let lose what I thought was the wand’s power but what came out was hot blue flame. All the other students screamed and I couldn’t stop it felt great to let all that power go! Serianos put up a force wall to protect the students and thats all I remember. I woke up in Mystra’s temple three days later. And Serianos was there taking care of me. He sat down and told me about Spellfire and what it ment to have such a gift from the great Lady of Mystories. So over the years we worked on having me controle my gift. He said not to let anyone know about my gift. He said something about how evil people will harm any who stand in their way of that power. I am not going to let anything happend to my friends or this place. Its the only place I have ever known and I love it here. Thats all for now. Lets see what tomorrow holds.

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