Protectors of the Silver Marches

Raccoon Hill Strikes

We came to the small town of “Raccoon Hill” and our group immediately went about trying to figure out what was wrong. I’ll tell you what was wrong, this place was super gloomy and definitely had that overlly heavy air of “no love”. We came to find that the temple of the forest had been burned down by ‘bandits’…right…I’m thinking ravenous beasts that are trying to get even with theses people for thinking that they are still alive. Not to steal thoughts from anywhere of course! The people here were really…off. There was a general feel of not right coming from all the people. Wandering into the temple that was left standing, I hung back to look around the place taking in the differences in the people. Keeping a careful eye on the young Serenity and the cleric, I left them be until a guard started to act aggressively to the girls. “now hold on, they don’t need to be escorted out by you.” Or some such was my response as I protectively stepped forward, going toe to toe with the guard…though it was hard to not smile as I stood probably a head taller than the man.

We left the temple of very much not mystra, and went to the inn to come up with a plan. There was talk about a meeting at midnight and Serenity and Merinae REALLY wanted to go to. Don’t ask me why, I personally wanted nothing to do with the creepy temple, nor the people that ran it. I did agree to help in the plan and we went to work on getting it moving. After the two girls lured a couple drunken hobo’s up into the room and a short time later they were stripped, tied up, and tossed beneath the bed. They left and I did my part of sitting in a back corner and going over history and different views of subjects with a mirror image of Serenity. It was just like talking to Yumekichi! She seemed agreeable, seemed to be listening, but probably wasn’t and of course didn’t talk back.

There was a lot that happened in a short amount of time. Merinae came back and spoke quickly, leading to the two of us getting our armor on and getting ready for battle, and just as we were heading into the temple, we ran into our other team members and an explosion from within the temple was heard. I tensed, ready for battle, but wasn’t about to start slashing my way through people unless we found them to be enemies. Long story short, Serenity was apprehended and then a plan to get her out before they killed her was put together. We of course disagreed on a few of them, but in the end we used Merinea as a decoy to lure the guards away and to have Serenity simply walk out. While they were doing that, I was to go get our things from the inn and meet back up with the group. Let’s just say, that my normal AWESOME personality, and I don’t mean that sarcastically, was thrown down into the mud and tested like a foot soldier in the midst of their first battle.

Everything went from being a little tense to being, “why the hell are we having to go through this” in mere moments. We were making our escape when there was a scream from the cleric, and the next thing I know is that Belial is drawing attention and fire from towns guards. Ducking down holding onto some of the others possessions still when I was just trying to think of happy things, like alcohol, flowers and festivals with friendly people when everything went dark. Damn…arrow thunked into the wood wheel next to me, double damn! “I fucken hate you right now BEL!!!” I yelled out as I curled down a bit more and Merinae continued to scream nearby. We made our escape from that unfriendly situation with help from Carnifex, and the simple plan of escape was “run as fast as you can from the evil town of angry people”, I can do that!

After camping in the woods over night, we made our way back into the town under an invisibility spell ala Serenity, and Carnifex went in as if he were the avatar of the dark lady. It took us awhile to figure our way into the temple, but we managed it…and even though Demi shouldn’t have been able to see us, the little pixie girl surprised us all by flying up to us and chatting. We ended up having to battle our way through the area, and for the most part I did my best to follow the rule of not killing the city guard. We went exploring through different rooms and at one point we found the dressing room. Oh, Bel and I shared a very LONG look at that one, but my gentelmanly side overpowered the more lusty side as I finally shook my head and continued forth. After all, lust might be part of love but it isn’t the true path to it! Shortly after that a cleric of the dark lady cast a spell on us that made us visible once more, so let the battles begin!

At one point I had to brace a set of double doors against them entering it while we fought shadow assassins and found our next path. The shadow men were not of a nice kind and one had actually stabbed the young Serenity, causing me to dispatch my own and turn to help her. She did something weird, and healed herself. I won’t fight something if it leads to her being able to heal herself though. Even if I have no idea what she did, but it seemed to be more of that blue fire type of magic. Speaking of fire magic, there were a few blasts of this purple flame that incinerated those that it touched, I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from, so it must be some trick that our little pixie gal could do. Hmm, I seem to be falling behind in those skills, better pick up the slack if I want to be a warrior for love! Carnifex set the door on fire and that was my cue to hoist Serenity over my shoulder and run! Clearing the small table in the middle we slammed the door shut behind us, and between the two of us, we held the door.

Once it was secure we made our way down a set of stone stairs and turned another corner to find, more stairs! Serenity hadn’t made a fuss about being manhandled yet, so I continued to carry her until the situation deemed it unsafe. Stepping down to a cluttered floor, that moment was made
clear to me by the appearance of a creature made of said junk. Just as I slid her down to her feet and spun my sword into hand, the creature was dispatched along with the shadow people. Hmm…maybe instead of readying for battle I should have discovered a way to make s’mores out of the books on the floor? Once the enemy was neutralized the others began to look in different rooms. Picking around at the crap on the floor I found nothing of interest and after a brief internal discussion with myself which mostly was “if I were the big bad dude where would I be?” and then staring at the large double doors that screamed, “THIS IS WHERE I WOULD BE!!!” A light shrug of the shoulders I went over to inspect the doors. Finding nothing amiss, I decided to open the doors via my personal style of whipping out my huge blade and crushing it. Effective and probably not that intelligent of an idea as immediately afterwords, a gong like sound started to go off. Hmm, Bel must be rubbing off on me…damn. Looking down the short hall that screamed, “I’m tarped like a mofo!! You just try to get out of here with out getting hurt by one biznatchie!”, I decided to run down, and when I came to a spot I thought would hold a trap, I tumbled smoothly over it and came to a stop at the other doors and looked behind me. Nothing, nada, no trap went off. Hell yeah, I’m that good! Like a diving hawk after it’s prey, I conquered that hall. Looking at the doors that were once again locked, I simply shook my head and slammed my sword into it as well, as Bel would probably say, “Fuck doors”.

Blinking in the sight of men on the other side of the door, bows pointed in my direction, I had just enough time to bring both hands up, cross them and flip both of them the bird before they let loose their arrows. Both of which I would like to say, I dodged splendidly! While I was having a battle to the death with those jerks and some creepy snakes, my allies came to the rescue, I wasn’t really expecting that. Though I did hear a startled cry and a crashing noise, turned around to see Bel get thrown down into a statue by a giant hammer. I KNEW that hall was full of trap! Bel made it into the room, looking a bit worse for wear, and shot his arrow from behind me at a semi there snake, the stupid arrow ricochet off BOTH walls, and cut my cheek open. Now it could have been worse, but I’m more than just slightly irritated by this! To make matters worse, a moment later the big bad evil lady slams my other cheek with her mace, and that does LESS damage than Bels ill mannered arrow. Carnifex came in shortly after and asked what happened, to get back at the ranger I let the taller man know that Bel had been busy shooting me while I dealt with the riff raff. Carnifex made short work of the lady and tied her up, leaving us to clear out any of the rooms that might still have people in it. Getting to my door, I opened it and sighed at my luck. Of course I would pick the torture room as the one to go into. Searching the room through, I found a few mangled bodies that were creepily enough, missing their heads, and then letters and journals that told me the identities of those bodies. They were merchants from Sundabar, and I bet we were going to be going in that direction one way or another, so I tucked those into my bag and I made a note to give news of their parting from this world. If they had families, they deserved to know that they were no longer able to return home.

Leaving the room, I found Carnifex had gone missing. The group got back together and Bel and I both went to study the creepy black with purple wall. I was just about to touch the wall when Serenity yelled not to. I turned to look back at her just as Yumekichi tapped the wall with a tiny furred fist. Nothing seemed to happen, so I didn’t know why she had cause for concern. Bel said that the wall was fake and after giving him a measuring look for a moment I decided to believe him. Just like that, the wall disappeared! Spooky, how that magic works. Strolling by a creepy pedestal, we continued our way down the path until we found Carnifex dealing with a man. A large dead crocodile shaped creature, missing it’s head, floated serenly in the water near a boat. We learned the nefarious plan of the temple and it had to do with the creepy woods nearby. The boatman was willing to give us a ride for a price after we released the men that we could, though we ended up not able to take him up on the offer since we had a few other things to do before heading to the dark woods. Grabbing a map that showed the way on land, I pocketed it, as we went back the way we came to explain what happened to the villages. The woodcutter men were still alive and came to the rescue along with Elia. Helping rebuild the town, temple and helping them bury the dead, we once again started on a journey. Hopefully this one will have more happy dealings, and love in it than this last one!

We ended up parting ways with Belial after we were done with the town. I must say that he was certainly not the easiest man to look at, smell or sometimes talk to, but he had been a comrade. It was both a good feeling, and a sad one to see the antlered cranky drunkard go on his own way. He said he had sent word to a friend to help us, I hope this friend is just as decent of a ranger, and a bit better of a shot if he uses a bow. It would be nice to be able to go back to having a relaxing journey of helping others to find love again, though with this group I think my lazy days of festivals and happy go lucky drinking might be gone.

Vino Shrugged

In the small town of Bumfuckistan, it is the local custom of families to send their oldest sons out into the wilderness at the age of ten in order for them to learn about the ways of the rangers. It is probably because of this idiotic custom that the town is still so small, poor, and Irish. Nevertheless, this year has five young boys out either learning how to be a man or becoming a large woodland animal’s fleshlight.

BEL: “So what are you looking forward to most Vino? I want to learn how wrestle a bear! Then I’ll get some respect!”

The young boy speaking is a curious sight. He has the bright red skin and tail of a Tiefling, but a pair of small antlers poke out of his shaggy hair. Upon questioning, he has explained that his grandfather (“the strongest and best monk ever”) had a torrent one-sided love affair with the dark Goddess Beshaba. Any details beyond that are incomprehensible at best.

VINO: “Bears? That’s not very useful. I want to learn how to track people so I can bring them in for being bad.”

The other boy in this pair is a human, with a fair complexion. His burnt copper hair has a couple of twigs sticking out of it, as if he has been sneaking around the bushes tracking down feral cats to feed his family with. It’s not as if his family was starving, he had just overheard his mother saying how nice it’d be to have some more meat on the table and one thought process led to another and now little Susie three houses down is putting up missing signs for Mr. Tibbles.

BEL: “It’s not about the functionality of the skill, it’s an issue regarding dominance. Look, when was the last time anyone looked at me and thought ‘Hey, that kid looks like someone I shouldn’t push into horse shit’ or ‘That kid looks completely normal and not like his mother went out and got plowed by like fifty deer in a row.’ Never, that’s when. The day that I can walk into a town and show off that I can take this one ton sack of furry fury and make it my bitch is the day that people stop using my antlers to wipe their boots off and maybe treat me like a person.”

VINO: “I understand that, but what you’re not getting is that once you’ve pinned a bear, people are going to expect more. Then what are you going to do, just find a bigger bear? You need to be practical about this. People will be briefly amazed after you snap the bears spine, but it will fade. That won’t happen to me. Once I become a great tracker, I’ll be able to find anyone anywhere. People will have to respect me because they’ll know if I don’t that I can hunt them down and make them. Oh, watch it, looks like Greg bit it.”

The two boys tiptoe around the messy remains of one of their colleagues. Bits of bone and gore are sent flying around as a small pack of wolves rip into the boy’s cadaver. They largely ignore the passing duo, except for a lone pup who comes over and begins sniffing at the pair. Vino looks at Bel, who returns with a shrug. Vino grabs the pup, ignoring the nips at his fingers. The pair resumes walking.

BEL: “Shame about Greg. He wasn’t a complete jerk like most of the others.”

VINO: “Well, he wasn’t cut out for this. You never would have found him outside carving spears or building a spear proof wall for the fort like us, you would have found him inside baking bread or some shit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, bread is delicious. People can’t live without bread.”

BEL: “Yes they can. Ol’ Franz on the edge of town hasn’t had bread for years and he’s as alive as ever.”

VINO: “Franz hasn’t had what any human could call a reasonable facsimile of a life for half a decade. I’m surprised he hasn’t killed himself out of shame yet.”

The wolf pup has begun to settle down in Vino’s arms.

BEL: “I’m somewhat disappointed to hear you say that. Seeing that old man sitting on the porch rambling about how the Drow are nothing but thieves makes me think about how powerful the spirit really is.”

VINO: “Can you look me in the face and tell me that Franz’ spirit was stronger than Greg’s? That that spiteful old racist had more of a will to live than Greg? No, it was all a matter of circumstance. Franz was the second eldest, so he didn’t get kicked out into this forest and get kidnapped and sold into slavery by a group of Drow.”

BEL: “So that’s why he hates them? I thought a Drow slept with his wife and stole his carriage.”

VINO: “No, I thought it was the second cousin of Geraldine from two towns ove- Quit changing the subject! What I was trying to say before you interrupted is that Greg wanted to live just as much, if not more. Wanting something isn’t going to cut it when the wolves come. (cutely, to the wolf pup) Isn’t it boy? Isn’t it?”

The wolf pup wags his tail and gives Vino a lick.

BEL: “So what then? You’re saying that only the strong and the lucky will thrive?”

VINO: “Pretty much, yeah.”

BEL: “So explain me and my family’s existence then. You’ve seen how unlucky I am. Hell, just last week I shot my sister in the eye with an arrow because a gust a wind decided to blow just as I shot at the target. She wasn’t even near the range, she was inside making a pie!”

VINO: “Yeah, that was pretty classic. From what I’ve seen from you, your luck is completely irrelevant. You’re probably the toughest kid in town, alongside me. That was pretty cool when you gouged out Will’s eyes with your thumbs when he pulled a knife on you.”

BEL: “Well Will learned that picking on someone your own size isn’t a great idea. And that was nothing compared to the time you cut the tips off his fingers when he was waving that knife around screaming bloody murder.”

VINO: “Yeah, those were the good old days.”

BEL: “Hey, I know this is off topic, but why’d you grab that wolf pup?”

VINO: “Partially to provide a visual metaphor for the predatory nature of life, partially for something to do with my hands.”

BEL: “So in this metaphor, you’re the predator?”

VINO: “Exactly! Well, you and me both. You see, we’re superior in a way that other people can’t really fathom. We’re pragmatic. We don’t mess around with silly concepts of fair play or honor. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.”

BEL: “So what does that make everyone else, our prey?”

VINO: “No, you’re not seeing the tiers at work here. There’s you and me, the alpha predators. Then there are the Wills of the world. They’re the betas. Then there are common folk, the thetas. The alphas prey on the the betas who in turn prey on the thetas, it’s simple!”

BEL: “So it’s alright to hunt down the people that hunt down others? We’re a step above the rest of society? What you’re suggesting is that the basic concepts of morality don’t apply to us.”

VINO: “Well who decides what right and wrong are? The people? They don’t know what they’re talking about. Hell, last time I tried to discuss this with one of the older maids, she just looked at me like I was some sort of monster!”

BEL: “You had just killed a cat and your face was covered in blood and fur.”

VINO: “That cat provided my family a decent meal for a night.”

BEL: “That cat was Susie’s and she spent a good week crying about it!”

VINO: “That’s neither here nor there. People are afraid to question the basic fabric of societal rules and that’s ridiculous. Aren’t rules meant to encourage discussion regarding conduct anyways?”

BEL: “No, rules are meant to guide our conduct so society doesn’t break down into a survival of the fittest scenario like you’re describing.”

VINO: “Please, do you really think that the people who wrote these rules follow them? Rules are a tool to keep people in line so they are easier to control. The sooner you see that rules, societal and otherwise, are nothing but fetters designed to keep the population at large shackled, serving the whims of those who call themselves kings, the freer you’ll be.”

BEL: “Hey, not to interrupt you, but there’s a bear right over there.”

Vino snaps the neck of the wolf pup and throws it to the bear. The bears accepts this tribute and takes the pup off into the woods to eat it.

BEL: “Wow.”

VINO: “See, that is exactly what I am talking about. That wolf pup submitted itself to me and what happened? It got killed and eaten by a bear. That’s something that I don’t want to happen to me or you.”

BEL: “It was a fucking pup. You probably would have had to lick his ass to make him shit.”

VINO: “There’s no need to get vulgar Bel. And besides, isn’t that how the kings and gods see us anyways? As just little pups running around, ready to get thrown to the bears at their whim?”

BEL: “Look. I understand that you have a problem with authority. Hell, I have a problem with authority. What you’re suggesting though… it’s crazy.”

VINO: “And what do you think I’m suggesting?”

BEL: “That you and I and people like us are just… better.”

VINO: “Aren’t we?”

BEL: “Well… somewhat?”

VINO: “What somewhat?! There are bears and there are pups and then there are gods, maybe not in that exact order but you can figure it out. What I’m trying to say is that there is no reason you and I can’t become gods too. Clearly they’ve figured it out too, that’s why people are always praising them and their wisdom because the common folk are too stupid to see past the decrees of idiot kings and think for themselves!”

BEL: “I think you’re getting too worked up over this. Not only is that sort of attitude the sort of outlook on life that causes such problems in the first place, you’re placing yourself in a position of power that man wasn’t meant to reach. There are limits on life Vino, you can’t just declare yourself a god and then poof you’re riding around on clouds and throwing lightning bolts and turning into a dolphin and having anonymous sex with virgins.”

VINO: “Can’t I? I am not allowed to have goals?”

BEL: “Whatever floats your boat.”

The trip continues on in silence for a while until the boys reach their destination in the middle of the woods: Ranger Rick’s Academy. It is here they will spend the next five years, honing their ranger skills and personal philosophies. Soon after graduation, they leave, still disagreeing on the concept of the value of life, but friends nonetheless. Years pass, and a much embittered, drunken, generally unpleasant Belial sends a letter via Hudson Hawk to his old friend regarding a series of job offers that will allow him to achieve his lifelong dream.

logs of the warforged 5

we made a brief detour to sunder bar and the demon managed to get in to trouble with his usual gusto but thanks to some fast talking by Azure we were back on route to silvery moon. the demon is like a small child curious, easily bored, and impatient with little thought to the repercussions of his actions. Perhaps with guidance he can channel this chaos and energy in to something constructive, I will have to test this theory. During our journey we met up with a group of traders they seemed to put the young mage on edge after we caught one eyeing our wagon it was decide we would continue on with out them. this meant I would have to pull the cart when the horse got too tired.( note to self create an artificial horse to pull the wagon, mortal creature are far too inefficient.) a few days later we made it to silvery moon apparently the guards did not believe i was not a treat and tried to cast detection spells on me when my back was turned. once in side I was surprised to sense a core, the people of this town must have scavaged a one from one of the fallen cities. fortunately I did not sense any malfunctions in it, it is nice to have my guidance operational again. The masked lady told us it would be few days before we would head out and told us we should look for work in the city(Azure thought this was humorous statement) the fallowing days were mostly the same routine Morning train the city soldiers, after noon work on cart and horse prototype, evenings doing odd jobs for merchants, and towns folk and nights improving the weapons merchants arms. with the occasional interruption from they party causing trouble. It is almost like I’m back in Nethril just less mage policing. after a few days the masked one returned to tell us of are new mission we need to investigate some settlement that once again I had never hear of. it was a fairly uneventful journey the demon guided us with out incident.( perhaps he is more comfortable in the wide open forests and roads) when we arrived the towns folk were gathered around the remains of a burnt down building.(a church of some sort) we questioned the members of the temple next to it but their story didn’t add up. after conferring with the party It was clear this was a cult that had infiltrated the temple and assumed control.(I remember groups doing similar things back when Nethril was still standing. mortals do tend to repeat them selves) the demon, masked one and myself headed in to the woods to take care of the “bandits” that burned the other church, while the mage and elf planned to infiltrate the temple and find out what they are up to. once again we the demon lead us with out incident strait to the “bandits” ( I am amazed at his ability to navigate the wilderness, all these trees look the same to me then again so do most mortals). they were as I suspected displaced towns folk and woods men who knew the temple had been taken over . after a short exchange we informed them of our mission to help them and to lay low for a few days until we remove the cultists. on the way back I had the demon find a bear and he felled it with a single arrow. we coated our selves in its blood. we back at the temple and informed them that the bandits had been dealt with. Then an explosion went off in the inner chambers it seems the mage blew her cover and decided that fire was the best solution. after aressting her and making sure she got to the jail unharmed I head back to the temple to make sure they believed the demon and I were on their side. it wasnt long till a ruckus was coming from the down the road and the masked lady was rushing towards me I went to meet her. as we hurried to the others she filled me in on what had happen. they had broke the mage out of jail. but it had gone wrong. I sent her to get the horses while I moved the wagon. when I arrived on seen the party was bickering at each other ( mortals will always find time to place blame) After I very forceful shout the scatted in to the woods. once we had hid the cart I went out to make sure we weren’t fallowed and promptly got lost. after wandering for a while I encountered a strange rock with writing on it I made a sketch and again set out to find my way back after a bit I was found and led back to the group. the time wandering had given Azure and me time to think and talk. We had a Plan.

Serenity's Contemplations Part 6

The Mine and Nethril

We set off for the mine this afternoon. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have only read about adventures going underground into caverns. Not to mention one group was already missing. After what happened this morning I was afraid of becoming a monster.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of the power flowing through my body. The surge of spellfire that came out of me was exhilarating! It was not the same feeling one gets when practicing the Art. It is different, almost raw and unbridled power. I am scared of it, but at the same time intoxicated by it.

We had made our way to the shaft entrance with no real issue. I was looking down the dark shaft trying to think on ways everyone could get down, when Neth pulled a lever and the platform came up. I was not sure how safe this old thing really was. Everyone but me got on and I was still thinking how unsafe the thing was when Elia pushed me on. Oh my! That was not funny I thought I was going to die! It shook and made grinding sounds and rattled with every inch.

As we made our shaky, rattling way down Demi said there was a glyph of warding coming up that we needed to get rid of. So I had one erase spell but not sure if my sad power would do the trick to get it in time and since this old rickety thing had no breaks I decided to absorb the spell. It filled my body as the other spells had but it felt dirty and dark. This time however my sight was blue and I was warm all the way through. It filled me with raw power from the weave. I did not touch this spell but willed it to come to me. Of course my big metal companion just shook his head with disapproval. He reminds me of Serianos at the college.

We reached the bottom and found ourselves cold and in complete darkness. I cast Endure Elements on myself and Demi since she only wears leaves for clothing. No wound Bale likes her, dirty pixie he is. Anyway both Seraphim and I also cast light on us, and someone brought out a torch. At this point that is when we saw that we had guest of the undead sort coming towards us. Damn there is a Necromancer around! I hate dead things they should stay dead!

Well everyone wanted to help with the whole put them back to the dead status they needed to be in. Keiji and Neth cut most of them down and Bel shot an arrow right by Keiji’s face! That man thing doesn’t want to live long I think. Then Seraphim stepped up and in all her holy glory said a prayer to her god Torm and raised her symbol and that’s when a bright light shown on them and some even disintegrated on the spot! others were so scared they just ran away. I thought I should pitch in and threw a magic missile in the fray as well.

After we dispatched the unfriendly undead Elia decided to head northwest in the mine and to send Neth, Bel, and Keiji to the eastern part of the mine. Seraphim and I went with Elia. I am not sure where Demi went but had some thought that she will fit in either group. The three of us walked on down the cavern. As we made our way Seraphim leading ahead of us, she stated that it forked off and to the left was some sort of alter and to the right a pile of dead bodies. Well I am not equipped with dealing with dead things and it looked like Elia was in the same mind set. However Elia has ways with words, and saying “we won’t touch that why don’t you” in such a better way. She went on to state how Seraphim had much more experience with dead bodies and would be better suited to searching for the missing group in the pile. I just made a face and shook my head and went to look at the altar.

The alter we radiating a magical pulse. At closer inspection I discern that the alter had a desecration spell on it. Once again Necromancy spells. This just confirmed my theory that we were dealing with either a mage that dealt in dark Art or a cleric of a dark God or Goddess. This was no low level spell and I had no idea how to dispel such a spell. So with never going to Necromancy class once again has shot me in the foot. Serianos would be all too happy to point out at this moment that if I were to attend a class or two that I would know how to dispel such a thing. Now mind you the last thing I ever wanted to do is absorb that disgusting thing into me. It felt horrible just being close to it. However if I just left the spell then it could be used to harm more innocent people. So I absorbed the power. It made me feel gross and dark inside. The amount of power I absorbed was a lot and my whole body glowed with the blue flame. I still felt the intoxicating power come to me. But it was as if it was perverted somehow.

With that uncomfortable business done, I met up with Elia who was waiting to see what Seraphim found in her body search. When I looked down the hall I saw that Seraphim had organized the bodies into neat little piles according to race! What the hells was going on in her head! They are decomposing bodies they were half rotten and some more than that! And she was moving them around like it was nothing! Ok at that moment I felt like a little kid as I watched her move methodically around and found our missing group in the pile and even gave them last rights. She is far older than I am.

With this end of the mines done we went to regroup with the rest. We came upon them as they finished dispatching some undead and what seemed to be cultist. When the fighting was over we all searched the bodies and found a few helpful things. I gapped some tasty crackers and that’s when I found the oil and silk rope. I gapped three of the oil flasks to play with later.

When we rounded the corner a bit later we came to a very decorated room that Neth seemed to know well. This is when we were greeted by a voice that said: “Enter and state your name and rank, or you shall meet an untimely end.” This is when Neth stepped forward and stated “Carnifex De Magicae, warrior class.” And then bowed and walked on. That is when I asked him what we would be considered in the time of Nithril. According to my history classes at the college Nithril had a class ranking system to keep their people under control and no one was higher than the mages except the royal family. So the only thing I had to really worry about was what I needed to do. This is when he explained I was to walk forward and state my name and that I was a mage and walk on. I was later explained that mages bow to no one. I felt a bit happy for myself however not everyone in our group was as lucky. This list goes as such.
Belial: Peasant- Crawl on all fours=Lower Class
Seraphim: Warrior – Bow= Middle Class
Demi: Peasant – Crawl on all fours= Lower Class
Keiji: Warrior-Bow=Middle Class
Elia Ostentia-Princess-Walk on= Royalty

Ya so I found out a lot about my group at this point. One: That Demi when not flying moves really really slow! Two: That my best friend was a damned Princess of some far off castle that she never told me! Oh we are so are going to have a talk after this little trip! And Three: Neth’s real name was Carnifex and not to say it because he gets real mad.

So we all have secrets well I have one too but it may be the death of me or no. However not telling your best friend that you are some kind of princess is downright rude! How can she I told her about my spellfire and that can end me in a early grave if anyone bad found out! Err I am so not happy with that.

But at the moment I had much more pressing matters at hand. One of which was the room that was on the other side of the name gate. It was filled with little figures. Carnifex must have made them. It looks like he made one for every creature alive back when Nethril was around. Then I noticed a miniature floating city that they would have had back in that time. When I asked about it Neth stated that it was once his home. I looked at it and found that there were little figures in it as well. I also took notice of two figures that stood out among them all. A exact mini of Carnifex and he was standing with a figure of a robed man that at closer inspection if he was full size I would have been happy to get to know him. He was handsome and had an air of certainty on his face. I imagined him in flesh and it still makes me blush. He had great strong shoulders but was in mage robes and just looking at him made me feel giddy. Sadly I will never know if my imagination is close or not since he is long dead and gone now.

I had Bale take pictures of the land moat and also a type of map that was etched into the wall of the room, along with a full wall of the miniatures, and a picture of an orb. Carnifex stated that each of us may take one figure. I for a moment thought of taking the male figure next to Carnifex. However Carnifex took that one. So I settled on a female mage that looked a lot like me. Bel was not aloud one since his dumb ass broke a few. At this point I would like to add that I am starting to wonder how old Carnifex is and if he truly is still human or did the magic of Nithril change him some how?

I was in a room built by the Nihtril themselves! Being shown how they once lived and what they looked like! It would make Serianos so happy to be here he is real big on history and all that. I thought of how happy the whole college would be once they knew this was here. To have some of this writing translated would unlock so much knowledge would be unlocked! But this is for another time.

As we left that room Carnifex stated that some of his things were missing. I wonder what things he means. I would like to help him find his things if not to help him, but also to see how they function. I am starting to like this mystery man. I just wish he would hate me less. Though I haven’t helped with how he treats me. I am also still a child to most of all these people. I try to show that I am not a child that I can pull my own weight, but it never works out.

We came to a hallway that led to an underground “Garden” of Fungus that Bel kept trying to get us to eat and other plants. This room had a strange purple light. And from what others were saying it was cold. I really like my Endure Elements spell. It also gave off the sound of screaming people. This was bothering Seraphim more than a bit. As the rest of us were going to just bypass this area Bel thought it a good idea to set the whole damn thing on fire and it grew more than the fire did! We all ran out of the hallway into an adjacent area.

In the new area there was some more cultist waiting for us to play with them. I really didn’t do to much. I am still not sure at the time wither it was because I was still not ready to take more lives or if it was just not having the need to. When you walk around with three heavy armored people and one stands 7ft tall there really is no need to do much. Carnifex took one prisoner and questioned him. According to him the leader is a priestess of Shar. The evil Goddess of the Night and Shadow, Great knew it! With the spells around this places reeked of evil. I hate Necromancers! Anyway this lady is named Jadelynn. So Carnifex escorted him up to the lift and came back. In the meantime we found more useful things.

We came to a wall of unnatural darkness most likely cast by the priestess. We decided to wait to go into that until we clear out the rest of the mine. As we made our way north Bel took leave of his sanity again, and at this point I really wonder if he has any. He decided to pick up a chicken and harass it, so now we have a squawking chicken and Bel walking around with a stupid grin on him face. That is about the time we ran into more cultist. As the heavy armored crew ran up to meet the charge, this is when I think Bel was asking for death because he grew tired of the chicken and thought it a good idea to kick right into Elia’s face. Now I am sure Elia has a long fuse to her temper but come on she got hit in the face with a live clucking chicken and to top it off Bel did it! He already shot her in the face twice! This is when I quietly walked away. I heard some fighting behind me but I did not want to know what was going on.

As we finished off the cultist Elia came up by herself and rubbing her eyes and head. I asked quietly if she was ok. She just nodded and said she over did it a bit. I wonder what she meant. All I ever seen her use is her whips. How could her whips do that to her head and eyes? I do worry about her. She is a nice person if you’re not kicking chickens at her face. What really bothered me was the redness in her eyes. That could mean some real damage happened to them. If Bel did any permanent damage to her he will pay for it dearly.

So now all we had to do was go into the darkness and finish this. Lucky for us our Cleric of Torm had a daylight spell. As the group made it’s way up to the wall of darkness we encountered Bel without his pants and looking a bit worse for wear. This is when the half daemon asked the Aasmir of Torm for healing. Now if I remember right Bel also hit her in the chest and arm with his arrows. As well as burning her shit. So this is when she pulled out a scroll and for a minute I really thought she was going to heal him, that is when she stated:
“On this day Torm deth sayth Walk it off Bitch.”
This is when Carnifex hands Bel a health vial. I guess Carnifex thinks it would be a good idea to keep him alive. I do give Bel credit he can find his way to trouble better than I can.

So now all we had to do was travel into the unnatural darkness and not leave the small amount of light provided by Seraphim. Great nothing could go wrong. Except that I would find the source of said darkness and asorb it and find out that holding that much power made me glow like a wild fire and that Demi would find a secret door and not the trap on it.
So what wound up happing was this;
We found the brazzer that had the darkness spell on it. I called out to asorbe the spell and when the spell entered my small frame I thought I would burst! I saw blue and with the light that I showed and from the looks that everyone gave me I am guessing I looked like a monster. But I was helping the group by getting rid of the darkness spell and I even for a short time made my own light.

I do say though, the energy flowing through me was wonderful! It felt great to have the raw energy running its course through my body. Running up and down my frame, filling me with warmth that would last for as long as I had the power harnessed in me. I was drunk with how much power I had in me. I fought every minute to hold the power in me a bit longer.

Someone opened the door Demi found and got the trap fully on them. I was trying to concentrate to keep the power in me and not to seep out and possibly hurt one of my party members. I remember a women standing over a small framed girl. She had a Chakrum in her hand looking as if she were about to strike the girl on the table. Something in my mind screamed out that she was in danger that I needed to strike the women down. My body was so warm and the power pulsed with anticipation. The feeling in the back of my mind kept telling me this woman was evil and needed to put to rest before she hurt anyone again. I knew that this was the Necromancer that had desecrated the dead in the mine and had killed the last group. I wanted her to feel the pain that she had brought not only the people she killed but the families that would be left behind! I was so angry and upset I lost control over the power I was holding in my body and as it flew out of my hands and to her all I thought of was how horrible she was. I came back to me senses a short time after that. At least this time I only felt sick and not actually throwing up on someone.

As I looked at the ashes that were the evil cleric I noticed a glint of some metal. I slowly picked up what it was and found it to be a small metal ring. It was cold to the touch and I couldn’t tell more than the fact that it was a ring of darkness. However something was not quite right about this. It did not emanate the same type of weave power most things made of the Art do. I would have Serianos look at this when I get back.

I am not sure how I feel anymore about taking a life of someone willing to disrupt the dead and even willingly kill goodly people. I know I need to rein in my emotions however because there is no place in the Art for emotion. If you act purely on how you feel others may get hurt. You must think things through and analyze the situation before you act. Or at least that’s what the professors say at school. I need to learn that more than I do now.

As I was looking at the ring, Carnifex picked up the Chacrum that the woman was holding. The glint from the sharp metal disk got my attention fast. He played keep away from me for a bit before he finally gave it to me. I mean really I am the only one here that can actually use this thing and when I took a closer look at it I saw that it was enchanted with a returning spell! So no more having to run across the field to get it!

Someone else had cut the girl out of her bindings. As I looked at her I noticed that she was Elven. And she looked young for her race. Then she opened her mouth and that’s when I found out she had air between her ears. She introduced herself as Marime a cleric of Sune. Great the Goddess of love and an elf to boot! That race is known for how fair they are in looks, and Sune clerics are the prettiest of the pretty. So naturally I disliked her. She at some point called me a child and that’s when I asked her age. She said some number like 97. That’s when I called her an old hag… I still think she is.

The group moved northeast to a hallway that led to a small bedroom of sorts. I wanted to know more about the cultist and their plans and to see if she kept a spell book because that would mean she is a mage and not a cleric. We don’t have to beg for spells we rely on our own intelligence to make us great mages. As we entered the room Bel found some ink and I found a bound book. Bel kept on wanting to drink the ink and I and others kept telling him that it would be a bad idea to do so. I opened the book and found nothing inside. However the book’s cover was worn as if used quite a bit. I asked to look at the ink Bel had found. It took some coaxing for him to let me examine it. I knew that some ink disappears when written with. However my knowledge of such things is limited as I chose not to take any Alchemy classes and went with creation of wondrous Items instead. However Carnifex showed incredible knowledge of such and was incredibly helpful in finding out that the ink needed a special type of light or color of light to read it after being written with it.

We remembered the light in the Garden of Fungus that we came across. So Carnifex, Elia, and I went to the Garden and the rest of the group went to the lift. We found a stone bench in the middle of the Garden. I sat there with the book and slowly the words started to appear. What I read in that diary made my blood run cold and confirmed that not only was she a priestess of Shar, but that she had ambitions to make it a greater thing than just this little town. In fact it made it clear that there is more to this than we have seen here. Some of the things I found interesting was as follows:

Rising of the Dark, 1370 DR

I had a vision tonight. I was standing in an open field. There was a storm on the horizon. I could see flashes of light in the clouds and I could hear the sounds of battle. Then a wave of darkness exploded from the clouds and spread out across the sky, casting the land in shadow. It was then that I felt the embrace of the Dark Goddess. I felt- Powerful, indestructible. Suddenly, I was standing atop the storm cloud, looking down on the lands of all faerun; I could see Her people, our people, in every city, town and village. We were are everywhere. I have found my purpose. I will prepare a temple for the Lady of Loss. I will guide the people of Faerun to her ways. We will prepare for the coming Eclipse.

Tarsakh 14, 1372 DR
Shar has led us to some mines in the frontier lands of the Silver Marches. They will make a perfect temple for the Dark Goddess. This Place is worthy of a proper name- perhaps the Well of Darkness.

Flamerule 29,1972 DR
Young Acolyte Brisby has joined the watch in a small nearby village, New Fort. He will be our eyes and ears on the surface. With Shar’s guidance he should be able to sway the minds of other in the town to the right path.

Marpenoth 9, 1372 DR
Dwarves entered the Well of Darkness today. They did some initial exploring of the mine, but we have been able to remain hidden with Shar’s blessing. They removed the large coffin we have been unable to open. These intruders will have to be dealt with before they disturb our temple further.

Marpenoth 10, 1372 DR
The Dark Goddess’s faithful visited the intruders last night. Their eyes will see light no longer. They serve Shar now.

Marpenoth 18, 1372 DR
We are once again disturbed by outsiders, Orcs. They are starving; which makes them desperate and angry. Their anger makes them stupid. However, with some in New Fort becoming too nosey, perhaps we can use them to our advantage.

With these words on the page. I am afraid that not only did we find that they ment to stay here, but I am worried about this “Eclipse” that is to come. I have grown up around many faiths and even I know visions are not given lightly. However it could just be a deranged mind. I will look further into this when I have time.

With our job done in the mines we met up with the rest of the group at the lift and left. When we got back our employer paid Elia and she inturned paid us. It was a nice piece of gold. Maybe I can start paying for my own schooling soon. That way I can stop cleaning dishes and floors. Having ones schooling paid for by the Great Lady Alustriel comes with some – Restrictions.

While we were there our employer had some business men visit about the purchasing of the mine. I listened in. The ditzy cleric just waltzes right in and sat down to listen to a transaction that had nothing to do with her! Ok so I am sneaking around to listen but from experience from school was “people always talk different depending on the audience.” So what we got was that Staven was selling the mine to a guy that wreaked Thay Red Wizard! This is my bane! All Thayan wizards do is deal in dead people and Necromancy spells! I mean they’re not even really allowed in the city of Silverymoon! And yet this Abomination is waltzing around in Silverymoon garb! Then it got better when he stated he was from Silverymoon and stated he wanted the armored man that was brought out of the mine that he owned him as well! Over my dead and NOT coming back body! But before I could turn the corner and object the ditz of a cleric actually stepped up and stated that Carnifex was his own person. Staven did state that Carnifex carried a large sword and he was Not under any circumstances going to anger him. So they let Carnifex go.

They left. That is when I stated the Staven that he should be careful whom he does business with, and informed him that his latest deal was with a Thayan Wizard. That is when I took my leave.

Elia stated we should stay here for the night but leave in the morning for Silverymoon. Yay I never thought I would be happy to go home! I must have shown my enthusiasm because even laughed at me. That also reminded me that Elia and I needed to have a session of Girl Talk!

I asked her in a very hurt manner why she never told me of this ranking of Princess. That’s when she told me she was an illegitimate child of a king in a land not from here. That he is looking to kill her because some seer told him she would over throw him and run the realm with an evil heart. I could never see Elia being so mean that she would be labeled Evil. But I could appreciate on one hiding from their lineage due to death. So we made a pact she would help me find my family and I would help her defeat hers! I will protect her with my life if I need to. And if she is to turn evil I hope I can bring her back and show her the light again. I am her friend and I will always stand by her.

Trouble Has Only Just Begun

Part 1: Hot Men and Seedy Merchants

We arrived in a large city called Silvery Moon. It was the most fantastic city I had ever been in (which is two and counting), the reason being that it was had all of the best things about the forest thrown into the town! It had big pretty trees and the whole deal screamed my name. It said “Demi, Demmmmiiiii….I remind you of hooome!” And I was like “Yes Silvery Moon, you really do!” Anyways, so I guess this city was wear the Wizard lived, and where she sent to this thing called ‘kollage’. She said it was like a school, but for adults, and that she was learning magic there. I wish I could learn magic. Steeve was always telling me that magic is dangerous if used carelessly and that someone such as myself shouldn’t touch it because I would probably catch something on fire. But fuck Steeve.

Unfortunately I couldn’t really go to kollage with Serenity, which ended up being okay because Ellia said we should all look for work to pass the time. I hunkered down in an excellent tavern that reminded me of home yet again, and then began my pursuit of a part time job. Marinaa, the elf that was nearly sacrificed in the the mines, offered me a job helping her find attractive men. But admittedly, I didn’t see any large size Bales wandering around and I don’t know what giants look for in a mate, so I told her I’d get back to her!

In the meantime, I wandered into an intriguing looking shop to ask if they needed help there. I was greeted by a woman who seemed very eager to talk to me. She looked me over and asked what my talents were. The more I told her, the more excited she became, and she told me to come back the next day and she would have work for me. Eager and full of hope, I went to bed thinking my stay in this lovely city would be well pampered by this job. I was wrong.

I went back to the shop, and perhaps now that my initial excitement for prospects in the home-like town had worn off I was able to perceive things a bit more clearly. The woman said she needed me to get a book from the trade company. She just wanted to look at it, she said. She would be talking to the owner while I went and grabbed the book. But something wasn’t sitting right in the pit of my stomach, something about the way she spoke to me. It was almost like how Steeve talked to me when we first met, except with less sneering. She was talking down to me.
“Well, why don’t you just ask him for the book?” I asked the woman.
“Oh, well he doesn’t like sharing.” Oh yeah, I thought. This woman was no good. She just wanted me to do her dirty work.
“Well, I’m not interested, so maybe you should just convince him to share!” I spat before flying out.

A little disheartened but not totally in despair, I decided that I would help Marinae find a mate after all! I found her and then proceeded to look for an attractive fellow. The first guy I found seemed really nice! But I wasn’t sure if Marinae would like him. Steeve always told me that sometimes when in doubt being blunt is the best option. And while I don’t like listening to Steeve, he was from the city and I was out of my element. So I flew up to him and asked, “Pardon me sir, but are you attractive?”
The man turned to me, smiled a grin that was missing some teeth, and said, “Why, I was quite fetching in my day!”
“Great, my friend wants to meet you!” And with that, I lead him over to Marinae. She made a face, kind of like the one Steeve used to make whenever Gilda of The Marshes passed by in a new dress. He would always mutter about how spandex shouldn’t be made in sizes like that, but I never really understood what he meant. Anyways, she made the face and the explained to the man that she had already made plans with a gentleman and was no longer available. Now I was confused too! Why did she have me look then? After he left, she explained to me that she was in fact still looking and that the man I had found was unattractive, but she was willing to give me a second chance.

The next fellow I spotted was a dashing fellow in uniform! Uniforms are appealing, so this time I called her over. She definitely seemed taken with him, and pretty soon she was chatting up a storm. She even gave me a shiny gold disk for finding him! I could really get used to a job like that.

And this is how things went for the next few days, me scouting hotties to pass the time. I must say it was fun…especially compared to what was in store for us next…

Part 2: Big Fat Phonies!

It wasn’t long till we got our next job. It was from some lady named Alustriel who I guess was the ruler of Silverymoon and she wanted us to go check up on some of the neighboring towns. We were going to this one called….‘Something’ Hill. Keiji seemed really nervous, but to me it didn’t sound like such a big deal! So on we went. It got cold again, so I traveled in Bale’s box till we got there. And once we got there was when things started to get weird…

Immediately we knew things weren’t right. We got to the town to find that someone had burned down a temple. It turned out to be a temple to the God of Nature. Who would want to destroy that? I didn’t really understand, but the people were acting a bit oddly. They seemed really confused, kind of like a hive of shimmerlings who lost their way. They said it was bandits. Uncertain, we went to visit the other temple, a temple of Mistra.

The priest there told us the same thing- it was bandits. Carnifex and Belial took a job to go to the forest, find the bandits and take them out. In the mean time though, the other priest was trying to recruit Serenity and Marinae into receiving something called “Mistra’s Sacred Teaching” or something. Whatever he was on about, it really upset them. Serenity said that Mistra had no secrets- she was a goddess of magic and knowledge, and she wanted people to learn. As they argued it became more and more apparent that something was wrong. I’m not going to lie, the temple was even giving me an icky feeling, and I had to spend years of my life living in the same space as Steeve! I decided it was time to do some investigating! I slipped away to go search for clues about who these people were, and why they were being so suspicious.

I managed to find a courtyard with a couple of doors on either side. I slipped noiselessly in through one door and didn’t really find much of interest. There was a hatcht hat lead up to the ramparts of the temple, which were guarded. So I went to the other door. In there I found a bunch of cool scrolls, many of which were healing scrolls and a few which were of Undetectable Alignment. That didn’t bode well for them. It was as I did one last sweep of the room that I noticed I had missed a hidden drawer in the desk. I picked the lock and found a note inside, talking about how they needed more recruits to please the lady. There were lots of references to shadows and dark. I wasn’t entirely sure of what all of it meant, but I remembered that Amulet I had found back in Newfort, and what Ellia and Serenity had told me about the deity Shar. I copied the note and put it in the desk before returning to my party.

Well, Ellia and Serenity said that I had definitely gotten some suggestive evidence that the temple was false, but they needed more. But if there is anything I am good at doing, it’s retrieving things. Serenity made plans to infiltrate the temple by pretending to want Mistra’s “Secret Blessing”. In the mean time, I decided to return as well to look for more clues.

After that…things just went completely downhill.

To SilveryMoon and a bit beyond

The trip to SilveryMoon was for the most part smooth, in fact there was only one time that Bel didn’t do his job right and he tried to steer us, wagon and all off a cliff. We met up with a merchant that seemed to rub Serenity the wrong way, and seemed to rub our current cleric in all the RIGHT ways, if you catch my drift. The trip was only broken by that and a quick stop in Sundabar to let them know that Newfort was going to need help. There was a bit of a misunderstanding with Bel and some dwarves.

Once we made it to SilveryMoon, we had to do a small test to get our passes. It was simple enough, though it was a bit confusing as far as the circle went. It made an odd red glow as I stepped into place, and usually red isn’t a good color, but the guards seemed at ease enough. Said I was to not cause mischief, to which my response was ‘no sweat sir!’ We parted ways to go to different lodges for our stay here, and I must say, this city is definitely a sight to behold. The few short days we were planning on being here didn’t seem to be enough to do all the looking that I had wanted to do. For the most part my stay there was peaceful, I had to stop a ‘small’ fight between our resident mage and ranger, which ended up with me having to be silenced along with the others involved in the small tiff and Bel and myself were sent away from the school. What Bel was actually doing there at the school, is beyond me, and really, I probably don’t want to ask.

While wandering around town I spotted a young woman who was in a deal of distress. Of course not being able to stand idle when a woman is crying, I made my way over to the small brunette who was weeping near the fountain. After hearing her story, I couldn’t do anything BUT help her. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be much of a man. Giving her a hand up, I said I would help her by getting the help of guards. I was really just fresh into SilveryMoon, and I wasn’t completely sure of even what was left and right. Taking by the hand, I briefly let go when I saw some guards. Taking a few steps forward just to be sure, I smiled said I found them and turned to point them out to the woman only to see that she was gone. After a moment of looking through the crowd for her, I ended up shrugging it off. Obviously she either found her own guards, or found someone else to help her. It was soon after when I ran into Bel, and he held up a poster for a missing girl. I tried to let him know that I had just seen her, and gave him the last place I had for sure seen her. For some reason, Bel didn’t believe me…and an uneasy feeling started to form within me. That feeling was only reinforced by a dream I had soon after. It was of the same girl, but she was trapped inside a crypt or something. Two options were left to me then, either a)she’s a ghost, or b)she is indeed trapped in the crypt and what I saw was something like an astral projection…either way, it was something of the spooky nature!

Soon I got word from Elia of our next mission. It was to a small town which I can’t quite remember the name, but I remember it started with an “R” and ended with “Hill”. This instantly threw up red flags for me, and even though I wanted nothing to do with this place, I was ‘forced’ onto this trip. I had the feeling it would lead to only more headaches, and near death experiences. Also had the feeling that we would soon be dealing with more undead things, which is of course the icing on any cake.

Mines of Death and Things

My sleep over went fantastically. I woke up very well rested. Bale was continuing to be awkward, but I decided to forgive him because he’s a hottie. Though I am sort of wondering if perhaps I am one of the sleep-cuddlers. Steeve told me all the time back at the forest that I hugged leafs in my sleep, and snored. But screw Steeve.

Anyways, so I was enjoying myself when Seraphim and Serenity called for me. I went to them and they told me they needed some things from the shop that they had already paid for but weren’t able to pick up. They had Bale write me a list so I would be able to read it. It seemed like a relatively simple task and so I agreed and flew over to the shop they directed me to. I noticed it was the same shop where I got the gold discs! It also seemed to be that our metal man and the vagabond Keiji were in there. I also noticed that the lady who I guess ran the shop and the magic gold disc box was no where in sight. I wonder what happened to her?

Anyways, I began to get the items when suddenly the metal man said “I know you’re there pixie, show yourself.” Not quite sure how he figured it out, but that aside I dropped the rope I was grabbing and turned visible. I don’t normally go visible when around comrades, but Serenity told me not to tell anyone I was going. That and it’s fun to mess with people, but I guess the metal man is too smart for the tricks I so often pulled on Steeve. He asked what I was doing and I told him, “I am getting some things that Serenity and Serpahim needed, that they paid for.” I know they told me not to tell anyone. But the metal man is in our group, and he can be trusted! And also, you shouldn’t lie to your party members. Trust is an important thing. But anyways, he seemed to accept this, and I was able to get the goods to Serenity and Seraphim. After that, it was off to the mines!

The trip to the mine was freezing cold. It was so cold I’m surprised my nipples didn’t cut through my leaves! Thankfully I was able to hang out with Bale and keep warm in his prison which was feeling less and less like a prison every day. Once we actually got to the mine I got back out to find that we had come to a contraption of sorts meant to pull people up and out of the mine shaft. The metal man informed that it was an elevator. Serenity seemed to be having a hard time figuring out how we would get down. For me of course it was simple- I could just fly down! But the rest of the party wouldn’t be able to do that. But anyways, while she was thinking, Notfor pulled the lever and the elevator came up, and we all got on it. There was a glyph of warding that I spotted on the way down. Someone didn’t want us in here it seemed.

Once we reached the bottom we discovered the mine was being stalked by putrid, rotting zombies! I hate zombies! Steeve always had a saying about zombies, something like “If a zombie ever asks you for a hand, don’t give it to him” and then he would always laugh afterwards. I didn’t get it really. But that aside, we took care of the zombies and then Ellia suggest we split up to cover more ground.

Bel ended up disappearing into a cloud of darkness, and it wasn’t long before I discovered he was getting his ass kicked. I helped him out and then we moved on. But the zombies were only the start of our troubles.

We seemed to find the room that the metal man had been searching for after that. But I didn’t like it. It was super trap! Like traps everywhere! I was ready to say ‘screw you guys, I’m going to the beach" when I saw the metal man march forward, state his name and title, and then proceed unharmed. Apparently his name is actually Carnifex. I like Notfor better, but I will call him as he wishes. I watched as the others did the same thing. Bel said he was a peasant and crawled forth on his knees. I wasn’t sure if ‘forest protector’ was a title, and it wasn’t like I was protecting the forest at that moment either, so I did the same as Bel. The tiled floor was a much larger expanse than I had anticipated. I hadn’t even made it a fourth of the way on my knees when Ellia stated her title (which is apparently princess- who knew!?) and picked me up, carrying me the rest of the way across.

This new side of the room was the most fantastic! It was filled with carved figurines, large and small, of people and creatures and all kinds of stuff! There was even a pixie made of some sort of polished shiny stone! The metal man said he made them and we could all pick one out, so I picked the pixie. Bel didn’t get one though, because he broke a few. I worry about Bel’s health.

As I was looking around the nifty room, I spotted a hidden door and pointed it out! We all went through.

I am starting to realize that Bel might have something wrong with him. It seems like any time he does something to help someone, or aid the group, or…any time he does ANYTHING really, something catches on fire! And this case was no exception. We wandered into a hall filled with mushrooms which Bel warned us eat dead things, so we shouldn’t die by them. But then, for some reason, he though the roots might be edible. I’m sorry, but I would never eat something that eats dead things! Not only did he think the roots were edible but he decided to cook them then and there using his smelly liquid in a flask as an incendiary agent. Well that ended badly, in fact it ended with flaming shrooms nearly landing on all of us. I don’t think Bel should be allowed to light anything on fire anymore.

We encountered some more bad guys, priests of some sort. The Metal Man left one alive for questioning, but it didn’t seem like the fellow was of much help, so Carnifex simply escorted him back to the elevator and then rejoined as and we continued on.

We went into a room where a strange woman appeared to be sacrificing an elf lady! Carnifex ran up and disarmed her, saving the elf lady and asking the bad woman to surrender. And then Serenity and Bel killed her. Carnifex did not seemed pleased. I on the other hand did not have time to get a feel for what had happened and was instead trying to dispose of the ladies’ guards in the room. Once all was taken care of, Carnifex freed the elf woman from her binds. She and Keiji seemed to hit it off well and started talking about love and a bunch of other flowery things I don’t know much about. We went into another room where Serenity found some magic writing ink. Bel kep asking to drink it, but she was doing her best to ignore him as she tried to figure out what had been written in the dark ladies diary with the magic ink. Once we figured it out, it was time to go back. Even though the adventure is over, I sort of feel like sticking with this group. Though if Bel does the same, I may invest in some sort of fire-proof clothing.

Also, I’ve been feeling really strange lately. Different. Tingly and such, and I don’t think it’s because of my new friend Bale. I think I’m changing, but I’m not quite sure how. I hope it’s nothing weird. I hope I didn’t catch some disease, like whatever it is that makes Bel set things on fire and try to eat bad food. I hope I find out what it is soon. But I get the feeling it’s good.

Mine of Ill Repute

We make it to the mines and I must say, it seems a bit more on the creepy side then I was expecting. It isn’t that I’m afraid of the dark or anything, it’s just the general feel that this place was giving off. There was definitely the feeling that this place lacked all forms of love, which is of course blasphemous! Once the we descended it didn’t take us long to run into the first enemies. Unlike the ones from before these were of the…shambling variety. Zombies, a bunch of zombies…well, it wasn’t a hard decision to kill off those undead losers. It was almost a clean one two from me and the big fellow in the full plate, just as I was about to turn to the last zombie, an arrow whizzed by right next to my face. It struck and killed the zombie but what was truly frightening is when I turned around Belial was holding his bow sideways up in the air. The words, “That’s how it’s done in the hood” escaped the tiefling. For some inexplicable reason, I wish to NEVER see that happen again. Not only that, but what in all that means love and happiness does he mean by “the hood”?

We split up into two groups, us guys went in one group and the girls left in another. Why they thought this was a good idea, I will never know, but I suppose if they think they can take care of themselves, who am I to say otherwise? As we ventured down the TINY hall, we came across a room. Full plate, went in and by the time I reached the door way, there was an unnatural darkness in there. Decided I could leave that to the big man. Just as that thought left me, he came back out. Well…guess we will leave those guys in there for now. Conintuing down the hall we dispatched another zombie when Bel spoke up again, “Stranger danger! Guys, can you give me some help?” This was of course said as we encountered a larger zombie, seriously could only see up to the things kneecaps. I let him know that we were a bit busy and that I would help him as soon as I could. This ginormous piece of decaying creature was putting up a bit more resistance than the others. Just as it reached down to do lord knows what to me, I denied it’s advancement quickly and brought it to it’s very timely demise. By the time I turned around to help Bel out, the pixie was already on the job and so I was more than willing to shrug out of that particular job. The whole, arrow next to face, still bothering me a bit. Though I must say, I did turn out better than a couple of the others have from his arrows.

After a few mishaps of Bel thinking he should eat something that was poisonous and setting something on fire, we ended up in a hallway where we had to do a little song and dance to get through. It seems that even these Nethril seemed to have a very intense caste system in place. More than willing to do as was shown, I found it very rewarding as soon as I managed to see what was on the other side of the tunnel. Great pieces of artwork where done as statues and reliefs on the walls. Yumekichi had dashed away and I allowed him to do so as I took in the rich detail etched into the stone. There was a small skirmish between Belial and as we learned, Carnifex, though it was understandable since Bel managed to destroy a few of the figurines. I found Yumekichi all but glued to a little monkey statue that he shared a striking resemblance to. Once we were given permission to each take one of them, I didn’t get a chance to say if he could have it or not, but Yumekichi somehow managed to heft the statue and dive into one of the many layers of my outfit to stash the item. I briefly hesitated before grabbing a small jade dragon for myself. There was no way I was going to be able to share Yumekichi’s “prize” with him. He could be a little on the selfish side at times.

Awhile later we managed to clear out the area, found a huge room that had a cauldron that was spelling the room with darkness, destroyed that, and set off a spell on a door way (knew that door couldn’t be trusted!), and we came to the rescue of a ‘damsel in distress’. Carnifex had disarmed the dark lady, and was about to question her when the untimely ‘Calvary’ shot that plan into the far wall and allowed it to slide slowly to the floor in a pile of mush. The dark lady didn’t stand a chance and if there had ever been a moment of overkill, it was then. I’m surprised that they managed to get anything off her body once Bel and Serenity were done with her. The fair lady that we saved, it turns out shares in my view that the world should be filled with love. What a joyous day!! She was devoted to the goddess Sune, and once she told me what the goddess represented and what her goals were, I couldn’t help but join the cause! I hadn’t even thought about the fact that there would be a goddess willing to let the world embrace love completely ! After getting back to town, we spent a little bit of time there recuperating before being asked by Elia if I wished to stay on as a sword. I had no direction in plan, so I readily agreed, it doesn’t hurt that the pay is good either. With that in plan, and a brief rude awakening of Bel with help of a horse and rope, we were on our way.

logs of the warforged 4

We arived at the mine with out any difficulty (surpriseing condiering the group im traviing with) once inside we came to an old elvator the mage started trying to come up with a way down useing her magic. while she was planning I pulled the lever to bring it up. some times the simplest anser is the best. after we decended we were great by a pack of Zombies nothing to difficult to take care of. afterward the masked one wanted to split up I tried to tell here this wasnt a good I dea but she would not listen. as we went are seperat ways it didnt take long to find more enemies to fight. I deemed them unworthy of my time and contenued on ward only to be stoped by another zombie oger the swords man and my self quickly took care of the creature . though the demonic ranger seemed to be have some difficulty with the enemies from be fore . after we finished with them the rest of the group caught up . as I procced on words I found a tunnel that had been boarded off. after removing the board we went in. at the end of a hall I could see Azure embed in a pillar, as I went to claim him I was challaged by he rooms traps after persenting my self I guided the rest of the group through and was able to reclaim Azure. as we talked the rest of the group admiered my work. Azure said that Many people had come and gone over there years most ended up dead from the trap but some got through and had made of with my gear. why they would want it I do not know most of it cant even be used by any one but me. after catching up with azure He said I should thank them for their help. so I offered them each one figure from my room they seemed to really like this as they all went looking for the one they wanted. and then the demon managed step on one of them crushing it I promptly tossed him out and let the rest continue. afterwords we head deeper in and it wasnt long before the demon Caused mayhem again. this time on a fungus that devoerd heat. (Azure suggested I remove him from the party the next time we are alone I think I will give him a chance to redeem himself first) after stoping him from trying to eat the fungus we moved on. it didnt take long to find more enemies and after dispatching them quickly One was left Alive to question, sadly he didn’t have a lot of usefull information and I escorted him back to the entrence. Azure demanded I kill him for he was part of the group that had tried to break in to my room. after further debate I Killed him and threw his body in with the dead zombies. and returned to the group. as we progressed setting of a trap or too we encounterd the “Dark Lady” trying to sacrifice a young elf maiden I quickly ran in rolled past her gaurds, disarmed her and offerd her the choice to surender. though it seems my party is the type for questioning as no soon than I had said this and arrow and then the mages blue fire killed her out right. this was upsetting I had questions I wanted answerd and now my only lead was a pile of ash. I picked up the dark layds chackram and cut free the elf she seemed to be un hurt and happy to be relessed. As I questioned her I was aware of the mage try to get the chackram from my hand. I ignored her un till I was done talking (she could stand to learn some manners instead of acting like a child.) then I tossed the chackram to her and we contenued on wards. the last room was the dark ladys sleeping chambers with our new elf celeric’s gear and a journal writen in Phantom ink. I offer one of my healing potions to the deamon on the condition he didnt attack any one in the party again, he accepted. after taking the journal back to the cold fungus we were able to read the contents and then we head back to town. upon arival in new fort I went back to working onverious projects for the town the elf lady Came back to visit me and I offerd to make the armor we had taken from the dark lady more suited to her tastes. She seemed vey happy with the out come.(Azure tells me she is alsso very good looking by mortal standars. perhaps I shall use her as a modle for some of my carvings) later in the day the masked lady came up to me and asked me to join the group on their travels. I told her I would con sider it and giver her an answer in the morning. during that time Azure and my self disscused it heavily on one hand they were undisciplined, greedy, selfish creatures that will probably end up killing each other.(then again so are most mortals) And on the other I had no goals, no home, no knowledge of this time. I made my decision and started working on a cart to transport every one. this way we could make better time. after finishing up I headed to one of the farms to see about purchasing a horse. The farm was happy to give me one for free after all the work I had done around the village. It is good to see people appreciate my work I shall have to come back some day.

I'll Come Up With Some Witty Song Reference When I've Peed Out This Vodka
You want a tagline too? Demanding bastards/

So after getting abused by the maids and potentially killing the farm animals, it was time to leave for the dungeon. Full of waffles and as clean as I’ll ever be, I led our merry band towards what was sure to be some great clusterfuck.

Using my exquisite rangering skills, I not only led us straight to the mine, but I did it in half the time estimated. Upon reaching the mine, we came out first dillema of sorts: the elevator. It looked more rickity than something really unstable. Oh! The elevator looked more rickity than my chances of surviving the campaign.

Serenity wasted five minutes coming up with some overly complicated plan to get us all down the shaft until we found out the elevator was fine.

We rode the elevator down and found ourselves in a deep dark mine. To be expected really, given as this was advertised as a mine. But hey, zombies! Let’s kill them.

So we did.

I did a trick shot off of Seraphim’s shoulder. It was pretty cool.

Then we split up, because Elia watched too much Scooby Doo. We went into the tunnel and then darkness hit. Not like the darkness that happens whenever I drink too much (though that’s starting to show up about now), but the magic darkness. I yelled out if our team member was alright and some other guy yelled back.

Aight. Don’t go in that room.

Didn’t matter, cause the fruit and the bot ditched me to get molested by dwarves. After they touched my butt, they used magic roofies to make me get closer to them. Then they beat the shit out of me. Demi was pretty cool and helped me kill them. I stole a mace and some bracers off them cause fuck them.

Then we regrouped while the plot got railroaded. Elia ended up being a princess (called it), the metal guy is called Carnifax (which I think is a term for mexican pork) and I had to crawl on my knees because the Nethril are racist fucks.

Then there was more exposition. I accidentally broke one of Carnita’s action figures and he threw me across the room. I was bored, so I started drinking and yelling at him. I then used one of the axes he threw at me to carve dicks in the wall.

Then they opened a secret passage and I was all in that shit. I found some glowy blue shrooms that I knew would totally eat dead things, so I made sure to tell the guys not to die around them. Then the roots there looked really good, so I tried to get some. It was cold there, so I asked a friend for advice:

Hey Scumble, you think I should warm this shit up?

“Hellz yeah Bel, light that shit.”

So I did.

WOOSH, the roots grew faster than my dick at that dwarven strip club. Everyone else was yelling about how cold it was, but that’s because they’re pussies.

Then there was another room and there was an alarm and I got curtains to make a cape out of. Oh shit, we’re in the pantries and man those chickens look awesome. BAWK BAWK MOTHERFUCKA. You want out of that cage? Shit dude, I’ll help a chigga out.

What the fuck? I’m stuck here? Nobody messes with Big Poppa B: I used that chicken and some scumble to bomb that door down. Ain’t no panty that can hold Bel. I grabbed another chicken and tried to make it my animal companion, but chickens are dumb and they just kept bawking like BAWK BAWK BAWK SQWAK

SQWAK is the noise a chicken makes when you dropkick it out of annoyance.

Elia doesn’t like chickens because she got really menstruaty after the chicken hit her in the face. I cast darkness on me and ran into more darkness because she can’t see in double darkness, but her stupid NPC magic yanked me out and she gave me a wedgie after knocking me out.

Jokes on her, I leveled up and got a new feat. I regained conciousness and escaped my pants, much to her surprise. Never underestimate me when it comes to getting pants off.

Then we went in the darkness and Carnitas sprung like 12 traps because he sucks.

We ran into some gothy witch chick sacrificing a slutty looking elf, so I shot her in the tit with an arrow before Serenity used her plotmagic to vaporize her. So we got the loot and the slutty elf joined our quest because our other cleric ragequit because of morals.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’mma go vomit.


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