Protectors of the Silver Marches

The Tides of Studies, Badgers and the Night Trees

We departed from the beautiful city of SilveryMoon in our new metal wagon that was now pulled by a mechanical horse that looked a lot like some Gnomish creations I have come across before. Though before we left, it seems that there is a man who looks a lot like our new ranger Vino running about that killed a person in SilveryMoon. Vino denied it was him, and I had no reason to doubt the man at the time so I didn’t question him further. Though his reasoning got a little odd and at one point when the word “fightering” came out of his mouth I had to stop from chuckling and shared a long look with Serenity. Vino has an interesting way with words that is for sure.

We ended up going through a blizzard the first night, but thanks to Carnifex and Vino the group made it through without any major incident. The next morning I awoke at my normal time, found everyone still asleep and decided I should do something. That something became clear as soon as I got out of the wagon. The snow was so high that it touched the belly of the mechanical horse! I certainly wouldn’t let an animal, have it be blooded or not quite so, suffer and so with the excuse of morning exercise I dug the wagon and horse out of the snow with my great power of love!…and a shovel. With the task finished I decided the others had slept long enough and stepped back in, opening the windows to allow the sun and the brisk breeze to sweep into the wagon. What did I get for doing this loving move of helping people wake up in a good fashion? A pillow to the face, I believe it came from Serenity, not sure though. I helped Seraphim into her armor and the group slowly made their way out of the wagon. Yumekichi and I stayed behind to try and wake Serenity, though we failed early on and Yumekichi was then used much akin to a teddy bear. My good friend, fear not, you will be free when she awakes! Once she awoke and got around(I was of course waiting outside the wagon for that), we made our way towards the orphanage we had stopped in front of. I carried Serenity the rest of the way after she got pelted by a snowball. Just as I was making my way up the stairs, I tripped over something and nearly fell but caught my balance just in time to not jostle Serenity overly much. I’m sure she was thankful for that. Though, when I looked back, I didn’t see anything out of place, very curious.

Once we past Raccoon Hill(I’m told it’s actually Wayland Hill), we made it to the river and found out that our wagon can actually change into a boat! I cannot wait to see what other modifications Carnifex has already made on it, and what he might do in the future. I’m sure it will be fantabulous! Making it to the edge of the Night Trees, we got the wagon up out of the water and at the edge of the trees. It was night time so we thought it best to not enter until daytime(though, by the name one would figure it’s always dark there). We were awoken by the sounds of screaming, and I quickly put my gear on. Carnifex had already gone to investigate so myself and Vino went to go after him once we heard from Serenity that it probably weren’t real people. It was too much later we learned it was worse than we thought. Demi had gone to see what it was and what she described sounded like GIANT BADGERS! This was NOT pleasant news in any way shape or form. Getting back into the wagon, I leaned against the side of the wagon and simply waited for the other shoe to drop. My gut was telling me that whatever they were, they would come towards us once we didn’t go to them. The sounds got closer after a couple of hours and I at once hopped out of the wagon. It was complete darkness so I walked to the end of the wagon, held my sword at the ready and simply waited for the giant badger to attack. As one came charging at me, I swept my sword into it nearly cutting the creature clean in two before teeth sank down into my arm. Two quick slashes ended its life and it dropped at my feet, this injury wasn’t as bad on inspection, so I didn’t bring it to anyones attention when I walked around to where there was one on fire.

The next day we continued on our way, and Serenity got down to her studies. It seems though that she needed some help so I volunteered for the job. I have learned a number of things through my wanderings and might as well put them to use! Once she said she was finished I collected her books from her, and went about quizzing her. I must say, I was a bit lost myself with the religion, though she knew about the arcana. It became more of a tutor session once we got into the realm of history and geography, my two best areas of study! It was nice to have a use other than being a sword, and I hope that the help I provided to Serenity does her well for her classes. It was in the middle of the quizzing part that we heard some thunks above us, and Carnifex for some reason thought that the archers(it turns out they were arrows) were meant for us. Hmm, well I’m not sure what made him think that, but I wasn’t going to question the man. We didn’t take it too seriously until there were more, and these sounded different than the arrows before. Boosting Serenity out the back, I held onto her the best I could to give her a visual, and she worked her flaming magic to take care of our archer problem. It was at that point that we made the discovery that our mode of transport was currently on fire. This time it was not Serenity’s fault, so I quickly brought the mage back inside and by the time we came to a stop, they had been taken care of by Carnifex.

Leaving the cart in the woods we quietly made our way to the place we needed to go to rescue the good folk of Raccoon Hill, which was named “Sorrows Refuge”, I scent some irony in that, and I have a feeling this is once again going to be a dark and a very non loved filled encounter. We need more LOVE in our missions! Perhaps I should bring this up with Elia at some point?

When Acting As A Particle

I’m awoken by a sharp blow to the back of the head. Ow. Ow ow ow. I ache all over. Feels like someone took turns kicking the crap out of me. Heads pounding. Mouth tastes like shit. Spit a little to clear the taste. I’m getting a little feedback from that kiss from the cleric. Ugh. Well this sucks.

I try to move but find I’m tied to a chair. Great. I wriggle around to see if the ropes are loose enough to escape. Wriggle wriggle. Nope. This was a professional job. Looks like the rest of the assassins caught up with me. Let’s open our eyes and see what they want.

I am indeed tied to a chair. This chair is in a dark and dirty shed, most likely outside of town. There is a man in front of me with an angry look on his face. The dead look in his eyes gives away his soulless nature. This is not a man. This is a fictional construct, designed to hinder me. Right now, he’s doing a good job, I’m ashamed to admit.

I can guess that there are others in the room aside from the man in front of me. I can hear their tittering. They’re like little schoolgirls with knives. I bet each morning they wake up late and have to run to the guild with a toaster in their mouths because they don’t have time to eat breakfast. Silly schoolgirl assassins, just set your alarms earlier. Toasters are expensive.

Another sharp blow to the head brings my thoughts back to the situation in front of me. The man speaks in a hollow voice, going on about how difficult I’ve made life for them and what they should do to me. I’m not scared. They had a chance to kill me and didn’t, so they want something. I start drifting back into focus as he describes how hard it was to get me out of Silverymoon. Such trivial matters. Such theatrics. Get to the point.

After pontificating for an eternity, he gets to the point. I mouth along with him as he describes how I get one more chance to redeem myself because trying to kill me is an exercise in futility. The look of irritation on my interrogator’s face as he describes how many ways they tried to kill me is a thing of beauty. I am given three assignments to complete: The cleric who questioned me about Newfort, the vomiting wizard, and the midget in the mask. Kill the cleric and the masked one, and do not harm in any way whatsoever the wizard.

At this point I begin to complain. The cleric has already used a spell that prevents me from lying. How do I beat that? The wizard is not only a wizard, but a PC to boot. How do you expect me to get her to you unharmed? I’m not even allowed to club her in the back of the head to knock her out. If I tie her up she might get a rope burn. Hell, how are you going to handle her once you get her? She’s just going to blow everything up! And if the masked one is so dangerous, why did you keep sending people to attack her directly like an idiot? Give me something that prevents them from reading my mind!

The person behind me must have grown tired of someone talking sense so they hit me again, this time hard enough to knock me out. I wake up in the shed alone. They were nice enough to have left all my stuff right beside me, so mise. I head towards the place where I was told to meet the party. It begins right away, as I am presented a WANTED poster with my face and the name Sentenza. The guild is powerful enough to extract me from the city but not powerful enough to cover up the death of one of their own? Interesting.

The members of the party begin to question me about the poster. “Is this you?” they ask. A simple “No” from me dissuades that notion among all but one of them. The masked one. Interesting. I ask to speak to her privately. Let’s see why all the assassins are afraid of such a tiny thing.

I craft a finely written story, full of whimsy and horseshit. She tells me to cut the crap. I refine my details to the smallest fleck of fecal matter. She turns to call the guards. Interesting. She’s a mind reader. I look her straight in the eyes as I tell her the complete truth. There’s a sparkle in her eyes, one different from the other party members. There’s someone behind those eyes. Someone powerful.

I agree to work solely for her, on the condition that I’m protected from the assassin’s guild. She agrees and we’re off. I can’t believe it! I can’t lose here! If I wanted to, I could flip the assassins the biggest bird possible. I could be like “Hey you sneaky motherfuckers, wanna see some emus? Because here are two for you!” and then they’re all going “Ooooooooh that Vino. One of these days buddy, one of these days!” while twirling their little mustaches as I turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away. Suckers.

On the other hand, I absolutely hate the idea of being in the employment of the queen. Under whose authority is she telling people what to do? These people get so full of themselves because a couple idiots just blindly follow her. Clerics and paladins are even worse, because they gladly follow whatever ethos their magical sky fairy scribbled down.

Gods. Kings. I’m just a guy trying to live to tomorrow and if I happen to topple any of those stuck up pricks along the way then so be it.

We leave Silverymoon as I navigate. Carnifex has turned the carriage they were using into some sort of tank pulled by a robot horse. I’ll be honest, that horse is pretty awesome. One of these days I want to ride that thing and trample some dudes. Actually, I’m going to paint that on the side of the caravan.

Late that night, I am awoken by Carnifex to navigate us through a blizzard. Halfway through preventing us from getting lost and dying in the snow, we heard something large and phallic moving out in the snow. It was a snowworm! I started to go back inside to get my hooks and snort some Melange, but Carnifex stopped me. I never get to play Kwisatz Haderach.

I take us offroad to avoid becoming one with the Old Man of the Snow. After making sure our driver wasn’t going to get us killed, I went inside to sleep off the spice.

I am awoken by a burst of cold air. The person responsible for this will be crucified on a cross of rusty nails. As I use a wooden spoon to skin them, I will be sure to pour salty vodka into the exposed flesh. Their screams will be a sweet song to my ears. I notice Elia is woken up as I think this. Huh. Looks like she has Detect Hostility on me. Well this is awkward.

It’s morning now and Carnifex somehow found an orphanage. I remain outside to avoid the fecal cabbage smell most orphans possess. Instead, I pass the time by clocking the wizard in the back of the head with a snowball. There’s no way she can see me in the snow, so I don’t have to fear retailia- And she just cast a giant Fireball where she thought it came from. Is she dense? This place is littered with orphans! If it had been that little boy with the wooden stump and one eye over there throwing that snowball… He probably would have missed actually. Let’s say that other skinny kid with both eyes threw the snowball. He’s now a charred corpse. Team Silver Guardians go?

Actually, this is useful. If she’s willing to attempt murder for a snowball, then we may be able to push hard enough to turn her against the guild. Or the rest of the party. Or Alustrial. Or my sandwich that needs toasting. The possibilities are endless!

I spend the rest of the time doing some tracking in order to get my bearings. Getting us to the woods shouldn’t be too difficult now. I just hope they’ll be fine when I run out halfway through the attack.

Serenity's Contemplations Part 9

Red Wizards with Exploding Buildings

I found two stones to make into my newest enchantment. I happened to have two sapphires from one of the trips out. So I chose to use these since they are some of the strongest stones besides a diamond. At first Elia was unsure as to what the purpose of the stone I laid in her delicate hands served. I ran to the other side of the school yard and “sent” her a message explaining the function of the stones and that she may contact me from any length of space. Once Elia found out that we had a way of communicating at least once a day she was very happy. It is not as good as the mirrors of communication, but until I find a second mirror that looks about like the one my mother gave me, which Belial blew up, and that Carnifex fixed I will need to wait. Plus with the orders of the rest of the group and going to class I didn’t have a lot of time.

I do not mind making things for the group in fact it is fun and I like making people happy. I even made a pair of gloves for our newest member! It should help him with his sword play. I rarely find time at the moment to spend with Elia. I know this makes her unhappy however I need to attend as much classes as I can and get things in order for when I become a Fellow of the College. This spring I will graduate and become a member of staff. I will be such until my fifth year. At which point I may join the Spellguard of Siverymoon. They are some of the best mages and sorcerers that the college has ever had! I dream of one day being as great and powerful as they are! Plus their outfits are awesome! Royal blue and all made for battle. Not like the school robes that I had to ditch when out on the road due to not being able to run with them on.

However I did have some down time that turned into a blast! I was walking in the market looking for some components when Keiji and the fellow from Waylon Hill, I think his name was Justin. Came up to me and asked about the crypts under the city. I knew I could get myself in and that there were only dead things down there. That is when they told me the story of Justin’s love and how Keiji “saw” her in a “vision” under earth almost crypt like area. So I took Justin and asked the guards to let me in so I could do some school work on Necromancy. They wouldn’t let me in. (They must know me and that I hate dead things.) So I told Justin to sit tight and I turned myself invisible and walked right past the dumb guards.

So I was in the crypts of Silverymoon and it was dark and dank and ewe! I hate dead things and what’s more I had no idea what this girl looked like! I walked around and found nothing so I came back up to tell Justin that there was no lost girl, besides me, down there. That is when I came upon Keiji digging at the ground with a bunch of the guard and he even found Seraphim! They were digging up a huge blue flowered tree! What on the Gods Realms got into his head!? That is when we all heard the “THUNK” of wood. My heart sank. I knew without looking that it was a coffin. Justin ran to see as Keiji opened the lid with a crow-bar he “barowed” from a shop. I could tell from the look on Justin’s face it was her. She was gone from him forever. I wanted to cry, tears were filling my eyes as my chest began to ache. I was sure that this is what it would feel like if it was Elia in that box and not the girl.

Keiji came over with Seraphim and told me about the whole thing. About how Mr, Darvin
(the Red Wizard of Thay from earlier) had donated this tree and that he may well be the suspect. My chest burned and I wanted justice for the girl in the ground and her lover! I wanted that vile man to be brought down to justice with the hand of Torm! He did not deserve to live in a wonderful city such as Silverymoon when he did such acts of evil!

However Seraphim being from the cloth of Torm said it needed to be done in an orderly fashion and went to her temple and gathered clerics to speak with the dead. They gathered around the poor dead girl and cast their magic on her.(I guess some good comes from begging for spells.) She stated that which we all knew. Darvin had killed her for knowing too much about his evil dealings with the cult at Waylon Hill. So off I went and off went the group of the guard that finally decided that Darvin was no longer “a fine upstanding citizen of Silverymoon” like they stated in a return letter about my warnings about that monster! The captain of the guard knocked however this vile being lost all pleasantries when he decided to take an innocent life and not try and atone for it! I am also sure it was not on accident either! So when the handmaid answered the door I stepped in and stated that we were in need to speak to her master and that he was being arrested for murder of a woman.

She stated that he was not there and off on business. We pushed our way inside to investigate the building and see if we couldn’t find anything else to show how much of a despicable person he was. The maid was going on about something and I put silence on her. As I was looking around she was writing something down and not thinking that she might be a mage, I took my spell off and she yelled the last bit of an incantation and stripped and ran out the door! I ran after her because she may know something and of course Carnifex got to her first. As we reached her the whole damned building went up in a big “BOOM!” We turned to see that the building was in flames and smoke. All I thought of was “damn contingency spells!” Of course he would have the place ready to blow if he was found out! Damn why didn’t I think of that! At that moment however all I thought of was helping my friends out of the blaze. I healed who I could with what little spellfire I had and tried to do it without being to noticeable. I was banking on the fact people would be looking at the building that was burning more than me. I helped where I could to put out the fire. This creature will pay for what he has done to everyone! I knew Red Wizards were bad news but now its personal! I will find him and make him pay for his crimes.

That night we all met with Elia and found out that Darvin was heading to the woods Demi came from and that the town’s folk still needed to be saved. And with winter coming in full swing travel was going to be hard. So we all agreed to head to the Night Tree Forest the next day to save who we could then we could head to Demi’s forest next. I have lived my whole life here and know that winters are harsh and unforgiveing. However no amount of clothing would prep me for the amount of snow that was outside the city gate.

Logs of the warforged 7

the journey back to silvery moon was mostly uneventful, at least until the final day of our journey when it seemed the party was trying to pull some sort of cruel joke on the demon again. Do they not realize he is our guide that should he decide to he could lead us so off course we might not make it back. mortals are strange creatures. I cut his ropes free just in time for a dire bear to show up this creature was more of challenge than the beasts and mortals I had fought since my awakening. soon the females were arguing over keiji and the looks on his face screamed somebody help me. so I removed him from the conflict and every thing seemed to calm down. it wasnt long til we made it back to silvery moon, after taking our prisoner to the jail I head back to the old mans shop. he had a surprise for me, my own work space. though when I hauled the dire bear corpse in I gave him quite a start. the week when by quickly I had many projects that took up my time. New armor for Keiji and our new ranger. I was able use a technique I pick up from the elves so many years ago to fashion some armor form leaves for Demi. She seam quite happy with it and even asked me to make a cloak for her as well. for our mage a new spell book made entirely from metal even the page though I realize it may have been a bit too heavy so I had it enchanted to float. then there was the wagon with the cold season coming I made some adjustments to it so the party could be more comfortable during our journeys and i managed to get my improved horse up and running. with so much going on I barely had time to finish trying my hand at taxidermy. I will say of all the thing I have created I have never thought to use the subject as the material. thanks to the taxidermy kit I picked up in the temple I was now the owner of a stuffed dire bear. we also had a meeting with the ruler of the city she wanted to hire us as a symbol for the area. to inspire hope to the people. apparently we are now the silver gaurdians. it is just another title to me one of many I have acquired over the years.the men had been slacking off during my trip away so I asked keiji to assist me in training them. we started by having a spar. ( I confess I had an alternative motive to doing this, Keiji is a skilled swords man, but only his sword I fear one day he will be caught with out it or it will break and he will not be able to defend him self.) the men took the lession to heart and have began training with different styles of weapons. on our lst day in town the mage ran past in a hurry and bid me come with her.we arrived at a large house the home of the trader we met on the road a while ago. apearntly he had meruder some one and they were surching for clues. sudden ly the maid recited and incantaion and ran out the door I persued her just in time for the house to explode as I caught her the young mage cast hold on her and I quickly set about locating demi. thanks to Azures talents It was easy to do she had been badly hurt but I managed to heal her. keiji too was badly hurtand several charges later was good as new. it was about this time I noticed our new ranger trying to kill the maid . I manged to stop him and throw him aside be fore he could do any damage he then disappeared in to the shadows. I will have to watch him closely he may have been trying to silence the maid be fore she could talk. after I took the maid to the jail. I went back to the remains of the house to see if I could find any clues. what I found was my battle visor it seams this trader may know where the rest of my gear is. I shall have to let Azure question the young maid

Of Evil Gods and Desecration

Part One: Of Evil Gods

I went back in to explore the temple some more. Back in the main hall, Serenity, Marine, and Keiji were all enacting their own plan on how to infiltrate the yucky temple. But I didn’t need one. Invisibility is good for that. But none of my talents could have prepared me for what I was going to see.

I meandered around for a while, trying to find more evidence that this was no temple of Mistra when I came upon a large room. There was a little podium in the center, and shadowy guys lurking in the corners. They looked human, but something about them was…off. I was ready to flee from this vile feeling room when a priest came in with a couple of townsfolk. They were wearing the same robes that the other receivers of “Mistra’s Sacred Molesting-I mean, Blessing” were putting on, the very same garment that Serenity and Marine, cleverly disguised as hobos, would be wearing after they signed up.

They were brought into the center of the room. The priest withdrew a black orb from the podium. It was weird- the insides seemed to swirl and writhe, and yet it was completely dark. Looking at it, it was surely made of stone or glass, and yet no light seemed to reflect from it. The priest muttered an incantation and the darkness filled the air above their heads. I looked away, afraid and unsure of what would happen. Moments later, the initiates stared back and their temple denizen, expressionless- like dolls. The priest ordered another temple guard to out them with the others. He put the orb back into its compartment.

Once the room was vacant, I finally had a goal in mind. I was going to get that orb! Of all the proof in the world I could find that these assholes were up to no good, this was probably the best! I flew to the podium and unlocked the compartment, pulling out the ball. It wasn’t as heavy as I was expecting it to be. It also gave me yucky feelings, so I through it in my bag of holding. I could swear I felt my bag shudder. Steeve had told me something once about churches. “Never take anything from the church” He’d said, “Because they are not friendly. It dodesn’t matter who their God is- if you take their shit, you’d better be prepared to have fiery hell come raining down on you, or assassins, or karma’s piss, or cows. It never ends up well for you. In fact, most often it ends up with cold irons and a guy named Bubba.” But who ever listens to Steeve? Yet despite thinking this, I couldn’t help but wonder if there would be any repercussions.

Anyways, I was going to go about my not-so-merry-rather-more-like-scared-confused-and-cautious-way, when there was a loud boom. Immediately, I reasoned that something must have gone wrong on Serenity’s end. I turned around to go see if I could find her and help when I ran into yucky priest man! This was my chance, I thought! My tiny heart fluttered with excitement as I withdrew a sleep arrow and positioned it in my bow.
“Prepare to meet…the sandman.” I thought in my head before letting it fly. The arrow hit him in the back of the neck. And yet, he didn’t fall asleep? He turned around, suddenly on guard.
“Who’s there!?” He asked, wandering around for a bit, looking for me, but he couldn’t find me. Finally he relaxed, my tiny arrow still sticking out from the nape of his neck. “Must have been my imagination.” He said, before walking out the doors.

Serenity had been apprehended. I returned to the scene in time to see her being taken into custody. But then, there was the metal man! I first, I was very confused, because there he was, arresting Serenity, and then he even escorted her to the temple. Just whose side was he on!? But soon it became apparent that he was doing that thing I am not very good at- pretending to be someone else! He did the arresting and escorting to ensure her safety! What a stand up fellow!

So anyways, Serenity was in jail, and we needed to find a way to break her out! I, Keiji, and Ellia didn’t really want anyone else to die- after all, these were good guards who hadn’t really done anything wrong. We ended up using Marine as a decoy for the guards, who are fond of pretty ladies, and just had Serenity walk out during the distraction. Ellia began to prepare the cart for our retreat so all that was left to do was wait for the metal man to return- he had gone to give more cleverly placed lies to the temple. Everything for just a moment seemed to be going alright…

But then Marine hit a guard over the head with a log. I am still confused as to why she did this! She screamed, and so Bel came to her ‘rescue’, thinking she needed help! And by ‘came to her rescue’ I mean he shot the guard in the face with an arrow, even after Ellia had specifically said not to kill anyone!! What the hell was going on!? Ellia ran off to get the metal man, probably a wise decision. Thinking it would somehow make things better, Bel made everything turn dark. Things got really scary and confusing for a while, but then the metal man and Ellia returned and we got away. Serenity had run off a bit ahead of us, not wanting to be killed which she surely would be if they specifically caught her, the “insane temple desecrater”. Belial wasn’t too happy with how she ran off without thanking us for breaking her out. Honestly, it didn’t bother me too much, I just wanted to get out of there!

After fleeing the town we made camp near the woods. Never thought I would miss trees so much. Everyone else was bickering and despite my efforts I couldn’t get them to stop. But Carnifex did, by yelling- reeeeally loudly. Everyone shut up and he wandered off through the trees to think. Much later, it became apparent that thee metal man still hadn’t returned! I went after him to see if he could find him. After all, I had spent my whole life in the forest, and so I figured I could easily navigate one. Fifteen minutes later, I had decided that this forest was wrong and evil and impossible to navigate even by someone with skill! Belial found both myself and the metal man and returned us safely to camp.

There was a lot of tense air now, and one big question: what next? We had to go back- we couldn’t just let the evil temple destroy that whole town. Carnifex said he had a plan. I prayed it would work.

Part Two: Desecration

Carnifex did have a pretty good plan- who would go to the temple with the creepy orb and the Sharlatan neckglace I got, posing as a representative of Shar. He would return the orb. He would help us get in (not that I needed help) and we would find the missing townsfolk. Getting in though was still no easy task. Serenity cast a spell to make herself and the others invisible. I was surprised to find that I could see them! My strange new abilities are getting better by the day! It was hard trying to sneak through all the doors while Carnifex non-nonchalantly held them open. It wasn’t long however until we were discovered, and then it was fighting time. We battled our way to the back of the temple and down the stairs. We discovered that this actually was previously a temple of Mistra, but it had since been desecrated. Her books lay partially destroyed and strewn about on the floor. The only thing that remained was her statue, untouched oddly enough among the chaos. We dispatched of a bunch of shadow men and a giant sludge monster. Keiji walked down a hallway to a large set of double doors and set about to figuring out how to open them. In the meantime, I found a different set of doors. I could hear something on the other side, so I decided to do what I had down a few times earlier that day and slip through the crack between the door and the floor! But this one wasn’t big enough! Steeve had once told me I shouldn’t try butting in where I don’t fit- it was a good way to get squished like a bug! At first I had been angry at this and ignored him- I HATE getting compared to bugs! Except for once, I realized Steeve was right, as the person in the room, who had been suiting up into her armor, headed for the door, and I almost personally met her metal clad foot!

Thankfully I was able to wriggle out. Somewhere behind me a gong was going off. But I didn’t have time for that now- there was a whole room of stuff before me! While the others were taking care of the bad priest lady, Bel wiped out a harmless statue, shot Keiji in the face, and I looted the room! Carnifex took care of the lady and tied her up for questioning. Carnifex went off somewhere after that and we all discovered behind the giant double doors a large wall made of black stone! It was solid and intimidating. I kind of thought it looked really cool, and yet it was pretty ominous as well.

We found Carnifex moments later, talking to a man on a boat, and in the water was some sort of large, dead lizard thing. The man on the boat was willing to take us to where the missing villagers were, for a price, but we declined because we had more to do before we could go. So we left.

We helped fix up the town, and then it was time to return to Silvery Moon. I was eager to go back to the lovely city and put this place behind me. But the journey back was not without trouble…

The Clusterfluff of tragedy

Getting back to Silvery Moon SHOULD have been an easy cake walk, and we were nearly within the gates I swear when just a lot of nasty went down. Demi was busy trying to keep Bel in the group and hey, I can offer my “help” in tying up the ranger if that pleases the little fae. It just happened to be horrible timing with him getting that done, and our attention being diverted for a DIRE BEAR to some how SNEAK up on all of us. To say that I wasn’t not thrilled at this aspect would be an extreme understatement. What did I do though? I of course rushed towards the bear to do my part of defending the group from this mangy slavering giant of a fur beastie. Bel somehow managed to anger the all ready cranky bear by shooting it in the head and I took the brunt of that attack. Thank you sir! Merinae…or…how did I spell it before? Never mind, she had the audacity to say to me that if she healed me that I would be indebted to her…now I can put up with all sorts of things, but WHY should I be indebted to someone doing their jobs? I don’t tell them that they are indebted to me when I go toe to toe with the enemy now do I?

While that was going on, I felt myself get healed anyway and as the dire bear was taken down by our group effort, and probably mostly Carnifex, I turn to see what was going on. To my relief and happy surprise, Seraphim and shown up. I of course had to greet her with a friendly smile as I went up to her. Though, perhaps going up to the three of them was a bad idea…since a small…perhaps you could call it a fight, broke out over healing rights to me. It was very, very weird. I was picked up by Carnifex, and carted away. Might have made a small noise of surprise as I was thrown over one metal covered shoulder. I was used to being the one doing the carrying, not the other way around.

After that small fiasco, we made it once again to the beautiful city of Silvery Moon! We met with the high lady, and we changed our group name…we had a group name?…to “the silver guardians” or something close to that. My idea was of course shot down, but who wouldn’t want to be in the group “The Crusaders of Love”?! It was not much later after that we met our new ranger Vino. I found him to be a nice friendly fellow, and it was easy to sit and chat with him. I guess before I got to him, that Seraphim for some reason gave him the twenty question almost interrogation ride and when I came up to him he had been initially afraid I was going to do the same. No way was that my intention though I found it weird that she would want to do that to him in the first place. As the night progressed there was a small issue with Merinae, where she professed her love to me. It was certainly a surprise to me, and I wasn’t sure how to handle her. She acts so much younger than me, though truthfully she is at least four times as old as myself. I had to let her know that even though I believe in helping others find love, I was not ready for it, and didn’t want to be tied down to it. This of course upset her, and it led to her running away crying. I figure it is a passing phase and she will get over me soon enough. There are many other fish in the sea, nicer looking and probably a better match for her than me. There is an extremely good reason why I’m not interested in finding love as well, though I really shouldn’t bring it up with anyone in the group. The past is the past after all, and even though it still burdens me, hopefully these people will help me get beyond it.

Serenity had a little too much to drink and I had moved to help steady her, right before she upchucked a good portion of what was in her stomach onto Vino, the guy took it reasonably well enough, though I winced in sympathy for him. Just as I was about to help Serenity back to wherever she needed to go, Elia swooped by and snatched her out of my arms and strode out the door. Hands still in air it took a moment for my brain to realize what happened. “well alrighty then.” I’m rather positive those were the only words that left me at that. As long as the young wizard got taken care of, then I was not worried. Elia was a trustworthy person after all, and I doubted she would do anything to harm the girl.

The next day, I started out with helping Carnifex teach the more advanced techniques of fighting to guards. When he just stood there after saying we were starting, to say I got a bit concerned would be an understatement, but none the less, I mustered up the courage to slide my sword out of its sheath off my back and continue the swing into an attack. Almost faster than I could react, he had twisted my wrist, removing the blade from my hand and it was then held in his own. That was indeed a surprise! Staring across the large blade of my own sword I let a small laugh out as I pulled the longsword that I had yet to sell out of it’s much smaller scabbard and held it loosely in my hand. It felt like I was holding nothing compared to the normal heft I was used to. It was obvious who the victor was in that short exchange and it was obvious that I needed to expand my field of studies a bit. I had become too specialized in my field of training which led to me being weak all around as a soldier. I wonder if Carnifex would be willing to help me get better at that?

After selling the unnecessary items that I had collected, I was just walking down the street when Justin, a man who traveled with us to find his lost lover, came across me. He seemed rather frantic about finding the girl, and I felt bad that I had briefly forgotten about her. Telling him what I knew and what I had seen in a dream, we first tried to get entrance into the catacombs, that failed and as we were walking back by the fountain, I thought I saw her beneath a vivid blue tree…but when I turned to look fully she was gone. It caught my attention and instead of continuing on the way that we had been going, I wandered over to check out the tree. I didn’t know what it was exactly, but it was a new tree to the area. The dirt was still upturned and looked like it had been freshly done. This didn’t add up at all, and my mind started to place pieces of a very disturbing puzzle together. Serenity was walking by and I asked her for her assistance, which she was more than willing to do, and with her went Justin. Seraphim was the next that came by and together we went and asked first about the tree, which we learned had been donated by Mr. Darvin.

Now I knew stuff was getting serious. We had to go to find the master Botanist, Master Wiggleturf, which led to a huge long drawn out ordeal of Seraphim having to bribe the old man with cheese, and then we took a very, very long time in walking the three blocks back to the tree. After a bit more cheese, he went on to explain about the White Balgosi and where it came from. Just as he got up to leave, I asked him why it was flowering blue if it was known for its white flowers and the chilling answer I got was that when it was buried over a dead body the flowers turned to that vivid blue color. Hell, no…the feeling of my stomach dropping was very not welcome as I quickly went to work about digging around the tree, being careful to not actually damage the plant. When some guards came over to try and stop me, I “kindly” let them knew that this was most likely a murder scene and they got down to business as well. We were digging, and we kept digging until my shovel suddenly hit something solid. Getting the others attention we went to work at uncovering the item. What met our eyes, most likely chilled us all. It was a crate the size of a coffin. Making my way out of the whole, I ran over to a merchant who was selling tools and borrowed a crowbar, letting him know I would return with it forthwith. Opening the box we found the very dead body of one Anastasia. Justin and Serenity showed back up just about then, and I felt my shoulders sag at the sad truth that was now facing the other man cruelly. Next to him appeared the ghost of Anastasia and it took all my willpower to not cry as she hugged him and had her peace before fading away. Clerics were called in to help with the final rites and asking Anastasia who had done this to her. The name of the culprit who killed her was of no surprise to us as she said in a haunting voice that “Mr. Darvin had killed her because she knew what he had been doing.”

In force we went to Mr. Darvins house to confront the man. With the city guard and we met by the house maid saying he wasn’t in…of course he wouldn’t be in, that would make it too easy. We didn’t let that stop us from going in there and trying to find any further evidence. She had initially been silenced, but Serenity then released her of it. I turned in time to catch the woman say some kind of gibberish, rip her clothes off and run out of the house like hellcats were on her heels. Crazy woman…was what I thought when I turned back to look at something. That was what I did right before the whole place exploded. When I came to, shortly afterword, I was in probably the worst shape I had ever been in. I had been ripped up by debris having hit me, and from the blast. Slowly getting onto unsteady feet, I looked for the two other people in the room I had remembered being there with me. Finding Vino and Demi, I forced each of them to drink a potion to steady their condition just well enough for me to be able to get them out of the burning building. Those were the most intense, pain and terrified filled minutes of my life. Getting them to safety, I just let myself plop ungracefully to the ground trying to catch my breath. Not an easy thing to do when you are bleeding from all sorts of injuries and suffering from the after effects of being in an explosion. The other two got patched up quickly by the healers while Carnifex helped me, I will have to make sure to pay him back somehow for that.

Mr. Darvin is of course still on the loose, but they set out notices for his arrest, and hopefully I won’t have to deal with another exploding building anytime soon.

Paradigm Shift

I’ve been told that it’s customary for members of this group to write journal entries regarding our adventures so that the boys and girls at home can follow our exciting adventures via the medium of high school level creative writing class rejects. I don’t like keeping records of where I’ve been, so I’m just going to give a quick introduction of myself and then start making shit up.

Hi! My name is Vino Leone! I’m 23 years old and I’m a super special unique snowflake that everyone loves and I fart out rainbows and all the girls from miles around come around to lick the rainbow poop flecks off my filthy taint!

Hi, there kids! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood Vino!

I killed a man in cold blood simply so I can kill the writer

My name is Vino Leone. I’ve been hired to replace Belial as the ranger of the group. He left because he felt that his life was in danger due to the rapidly increasing threats he was facing and his terrible luck. So, he called in a favor and here I am.

To be honest, I probably would have taken the job anyways. I can’t exactly stay in Silverymoon after botching a mission for the assassin’s guild. I killed the wrong guy, big deal. It’s not like his life had any sort of value. He’s nothing but a figment of our collective imaginations, a single use device to provide a small group direction and advance the plot forward. He had run his course and the fact that I managed to extract any sort of value from him is astounding in itself.

For those of you who don’t know, to be an assassin, you have to kill a man for no other reason than to become one. I want to kill someone, and assassins are professional killers, so becoming one seemed obvious. It’s not like I get off on killing people, I just have a job to do. Really, all assassins are are just very targeted soldiers. For a soldier, you just tell him “Go kill the guys in that group” then pay him if he survives. Using patriotism as justification for mass murder is more legitimate than just earning a paycheck to the average peasant. Hell, using an assassin is way more economical than hiring an entire army. Saves more lives too.

So when I returned and talked with my handler- I’m going to stop here for a second. Handler. Like I’m some sort of dog. “Here boy! Go get the stick boy! Ohhh that’s not a stick, that’s Ol’ Man Johnson’s head! Good boy!” Anyways, he was pissed regarding the job so we got into a scuffle. He tried to use my own style against me, but didn’t quite manage to finish me off. I got him though. Cut out a nice chunk out of him too. So then there I was, injured and covered in blood, stuck in a closet, and some jackass is pounding on the door. I disguised myself as one of my alter egos: Liliana Dangertits. I purposefully come up with the most retarded names I can think of and these jackasses fall for it every time! So I open the door, grab him, knock his dumb ass out and roll him around in the blood a bit so the guards suspect him. Then I walk out the front door like it’s no one’s business because hey, now it isn’t!

I get back to the bar where I’m staying and I hear this commotion inside. The bird he sent was flying around making a mess! There was bird shit everywhere ,some poor bastard was grabbing the remains of his eye that the bird had pecked out, and I’m nearly pissing myself laughing because Bel named it Hudson Hawk and put a little nametag on it. So when I get the scroll and find out he’s offering me a job, I’m getting more and more excited. Ancient civilizations? Robots? And best of all, a super special wizard with super special powers. Oh man I nearly bust a nut after reading that line. This entire scenario is just a giant clusterfuck waiting to happen! What is he going to do if/when someone tries his damnedest to crash his story? He’s going to have to intervene personally! And when he steps down onto our level, we get him! I’ve got this semi hate boner going on right now thinking about him and it’s really kind of distracting, so I’m going to go take care of that and get right back to you.


Right, sorry about that. Feel better though. You should take a wank break too reader. Here’s I’ll wait.

Done? Wash your hands? Me neither. Anyways, so Bel gets into town and we’re both going at it because we haven’t seen each other in a long time. We’re running around in the room (we got bunkbeds) and tittering like school children and he’s telling me about his adventures and the group and how he killed an entire town in a cutscene and I’m going on about the assassination and how guys want me dead and the adventure with the felch wizards and it’s all very entertaining and writing it out would be pretty masturbatory and we’ve got that out of our systems already so onward and upwards then.

We’re hanging out while the other players wrap up their storyline bits. Then it’s time for me to meet the meat. First up there’s the Fighter. He’s a pretty cool guy, level headed, has a monkey around for what I assume is a reason to throw poop at things. Probably wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers, though we’d have to talk about why he’s eating crackers in my bed and why he’s even in my bed. Then there were two clerics. One was so wet for Keiji that her armor rusted. She kissed me and ran off crying. Tasted like kumquat and spunk. The other cleric was asking questions about the assassination job in Newfort. She’s pretty sure I killed the guy, so it looks like I’m going to have a busy next week, with killing her and/or a mob.

Next up was the giant robot. They tell me that I don’t know what a robot is, but I know a robot when I see a robot and that was a robot. He had a big sword and made me new armor. I like him. Then there was the wizard. She vomited on me, then had a creepy lesbian semi-rape thing go on. Then she made me gloves. I am neutral on her. Last, and in terms of size least, was the pixie. I’m going to go bash my head against the wall because I hate trying to deal with the Fae.

Apparently Bel has been acting like a complete jackass the entire time and they made sure I did things like “not drink explosive poison” and “bathe”. I gave Bel the biggest high-five imaginable after that interview. I, maintaining my persona of a humble, polite ranger, managed to ace it.

So near the end of the week, I follow a couple people in the group as they finish a side-quest and try to catch one of many antagonists, each with very well developed motivations and back stories. So I’m following them, trying to be a team player, when the wizard eats some of the spells. Stupid magical plot hacks? Perfect. Sadly, she ate a spell that ended up causing a chain of events that made the house blow up. She got away of course, because she can totally move faster than someone like me or Keiji or the pixie. So we nearly died again.

I got patched up some and may have potentially lost my cool and attempted to kill the chick who blew the house up. The Warforged stopped me, so it’s fine for now. Just need to keep that temper in shape. Not go off and kill everyone who pisses you off because that’s what evil sociopaths do and I am neutral thank you very much.

So we’re heading out now. This was kind of fun. Maybe I’ll do it again.


Serenity's Contemplations Part 8

Questions and More Questions:

We questioned Lady Artha in the small town we were at. I used my spell to read her thoughts as we talked to her. I also got to read the thoughts of all the party members and some of them think horrible things. However non struck me odd more than Carnifex. When I went and focused on his thoughts it was dark and encrypted. I couldn’t get a lead on them. This makes me believe that the Nethril magic has left him something less than human. If he was human at any point he is no longer such.

Anyway with Lady Artha I found out more by reading her thoughts then what she actually told us. I found out she was from Waterdeep and that she took her orders from a person called Lady Bestra, what is with the Lady titles all over the place?! We also found out that this whole thing is being led be a man named R. Tanthal. Carnifex says that name is linked to a high ranking family in Nethril. I am not sure if it means much now. Since the floating cities all came crashing down thousands of years ago the old names may still be used today. She said he was the head of the church of Shar.

The town’s people are said to be used for some type of ritual in the Night Woods. The numbers of people missing are about 25-30. I did get a list of what they look like and names of the poor souls that got taken. Since they are under domination I am worried about their health. A creature under domination can be told it no longer hungers for food. I wouldn’t put it past that Sharan cult to stop feeding the people they took. I will get them back and I will make this damn cult pay for their crimes!

We leave today since we are done interrogating the prisoner. I wonder how the road will treat us.

The Road:

We made camp tonight one our first day on the road back to Silverymoon. We were all gathered around the fire and Keiji and I were talking about something when Elia came over and begged for my attention. Now by this point I was done with this little game. It was time to get some questions answered!

I asked her if she like Keiji and if so I would stop my advances on him. She looked strangely shocked. For a minute she fumbled with her words. It was somewhat amusing. Then she told me that he would be a fun toy but nothing more. So now it was my turn to be confused.

Then out of nowhere she gets all upset and said she needed to do something, oh no I wasn’t going to let this end here! I wanted answers and I was going to get them! Or at least that’s what I thought. I asked her what was wrong. She kept saying that nothing was bothering her. So that’s when I glommed her, she wouldn’t get away from me. She seemed a tad happier at that. I asked more cutely than before about what was bothering her. She said that it was a long day and that she was tired. I understood that I hated the travel between towns. At least Carnifex made it easier to deal with since he made wagon and even made it covered. However I was not fully convinced and so I whispered in her ear “I know that there is something you’re not telling me”. I left it at that.

Night two of road travel:

Tonight I decided that I was going to get Elia to talk. And with my experience with the tavern in Silverymoon, drunken people tend to talk a lot and they watch their words less than they normally would.

So that was the plan. Get her drunk and get her talking. I brought out a bottle of the wine we found in the temple and offered her some. She drank heavily and I more or less acted like I was drinking. She was having a grand time and even some of the others were joining in and then I decided that now was the best time to get her talking.

Not much talking happened seeing how she was more interested in dancing with me and joking with the rest of the crew. She was more touchy than normal and since she was happy and actually laughing I decided to let it be and enjoy her company. We danced and drank the night away.

Last day on the road and old Friends:

So today was the most screwed up day ever! It started out with Demi in the night finding out Bel was leaving and so tied him up and put him under a sleep arrow. Damn now I am not sure I want her to be so close to Bale! What would she do if he decided he didn’t like her anymore!? Gods’ pixies can be vicious! So we had to get Bel up so he could scout the road for us. As I was explaining to Demi that everyone has their own roads to travel and that Bel’s road was down a different path than ours, Elia asked what was that and pointed at a large,…. No a ginormous heap of fur! Bel screamed “BEAR!” and I think he actually wet himself it’s hard to say. We all got in battle stances to defend the camp site that we still haven’t picked up by this point.

Elia and I decided that we would get things together while the fighters took care of the dire bear. Now I am stating here and now that none and I mean none of our plans never go the way they should. So why would this be any different?! Bel shot an arrow at Keiji and then the bear, Keiji yelled at Bel and then decided life was no longer worth living and went toe to toe with the big fuck off bear. Well Bel’s arrow must have been coated in something vile because it just pissed the bear off more and it went into overdrive! I threw my Chakram at it to try and save Keiji since he got bit and swiped so bad that I am sure he is missing half of himself. That is when the cleric of Sune said to the bleeding fighter that she would heal him but he would owe her!

Ok so I am not one of the cloths but if you have the ability to heal a person that is falling apart on the battle field aren’t you obligated to do such!? I mean he was going one on one with nature’s hatred right there and she was trying to make a deal!? We needed a real cleric with no qualms on healing warriors. And it was as if the Gods themselves heard my words because who should show her beautiful face but Seraphim! Oh I never thought I would be so happy to see a cleric in my life! We all yelled for her to heal Keiji or he would die right there. The bear was then taken down by Carnifex and we were able to finish cleaning up camp.

I filled in Seraphim in on Waylon Hill and why we had a strange woman in the cart with us. I tried to skip over the fact that I made a big mistake and keep going with the story, but she caught it and ordered me to inform her as to what I skipped. That is when I broke down and started to cry about how I had taken innocent lives. I didn’t tell anyone but before we left the town I gave a good size of gold to the families of the guards I killed.

She informed me that she was fallowing leads on a murder that happened in Newfort. I found out that the nice man that had the realms best cooks, Stavin Stonebrace was killed in his own home! I guess no one else was hurt. I feel bad for his family and the town. So Seraphim agreed to travel with us the rest of the way to Silverymoon. I am glad to have her back in the group. We talked about all sorts of things. I even introduced her to the other cleric. She was not enthused with this cleric. Now that I think of it Torm really doesn’t like Sune. Hmm I wonder how this is going to work out.

We did arrive at Silverymoon the evening and now its time for bed for tomorrow we meet with Lady Alustriel and I have many questions for her.

Family and Friends:

I met with Lady Alustriel today with the rest of the group. We have an official name now “The Silver Guardians” The pixie made it up. And the “all knowing” Lady agreed to it. We are now her personal group to “do good” in the realms of Silverymoon and the Silvermarches. I am not as excited as I was then. Because after she was done talking to the whole group she asked to speak to me alone.

I thought “Great now I can get answers to my questions and really know about my family!” I was wrong. I did find out that my mother was a woman by the name of Shandril Shessair, however she is very much dead. She died at the hands of The Cult of the Dragon, Red Wizards of Thay and, the
Zhentarum. And that my father was alive but I was not allowed to pursue finding him. I am to meet Elia and the others at the Tavern soon, I am going to drink myself stupid and forget today. I have some money so I will give it to the barkeep tonight.

Drink and Relationships:

Elia caressed my shoulder as she set me on the tavern’s bed. I had just removed my dinner and most of the ale I had ingested all over our new companion in a different room. She asked why I had drunk so much that I got so sick. I told her about the conversation with Lady Alustrial. So I told her that my mother was indeed dead and that I was told under no uncertain terms that I would never meet my father, because of how much danger I would put him in. I was crying and my thoughts swam in my mind.
Elia took off my vest and shirt. She then cleaned me up. She was so gentle and took such good care of me. She brushed out my hair with gentle hands. I told her how I felt alone, that I had no one. Elia came around the bed and stood in front of me. She then bent down and she looked me in the eyes and said in a sweet quite voice “You are not alone, you will always have me.” That is when she moved closer to me and her soft lips met mine. I was surprised and unsure as what to-do. I knew I felt close to Elia that I would die protecting her. But did I feel this way to her? I did not break the kiss; I didn’t feel that I wanted to. Her touch felt wonderful.
Her hand moved from my face to my shoulders. My head was still swimming from all the ale I had earlier. I like feeling her warm touch, and her sweet intoxicating scent filled my senses. Her soft lips moved from my mouth down to my neck. I closed my eyes and release my apprehensions. I searched inside myself and knew that I truly did love Elia. Her hands found their way down to my chest and with that I let out a slight moan. With this I reached for her. My hands found her hips. She has such supple skin, soft and smooth. Her body was warm and with her nibbling at my neck I was having a new sensation come over me.
My body was hot and my heart was beating rapidly. My body wanted more, my mind was still moving so fast I was still confused as what was proper and right. Her hand moved further down my body. I couldn’t stay sitting upright much longer. I pulled her down with me to the bed. I laid back and looked at her. She had stopped her advances. I looked into her eyes; they are the most beautiful things one could have ever seen, one dark blue and the other forest green. I was confused on why she had stopped and then I noticed that her eyes were wet with tears. Did I do something wrong? I am not good or even experienced at this type of thing. I never thought we would be this close. I searched my mind for something to say or do, but I came up with nothing. She lay down next to me and cried some more. I turned to console her and ask what was wrong. She didn’t want to talk. So I held her in my arms, I could at least let her know I will be there if she needs me. I am not sure when I fell asleep but sleep did find me.

Mornings and Decisions:

The morning came and I awoke to Elia looking out the inn’s window. My head ached and my stomach felt as if it wanted to crawl under a rock and die. I only remember one other time being this hung-over and that was when the Sorcerers and the Mages had a drinking contest and I won. But I also felt confused. Elia and I had shared an important moment in our relationship last night.

I moaned about my head as I tried to sit up. This pulled Elia’s attention from the window to my direction. She came over to the bed with a mug in her hand. She was fully dressed again and I was still mostly undressed. I took the mug from her and drank down the vile concoction they call coffee here. She smiled at me.
“What do you remember from last night?” She asked in a quiet voice. I am not sure if she was quite because she knew my head was killing me or if she was worried for some reason.
“I remember everything; I am a mage after all and can recall many spells and rules in just about any situation so remembering that I up chucked on our new member is not all that difficult.” I said as I nursed the mud they keep passing off as coffee. Her features showed a worried look on them.
“Oh and I remember what happed between you and I, and before you can run off or any such thing as that I would like to talk to you. And please do not try and get out of it. I am not upset or any such thing as that, but we need to talk.” I said in a rush as to not give her time to run out the door. Something must have struck her in what I said because she sat on the bed next to me. Her face was sullen and I am not sure but I think she was a tad scared. I know I was. I never had a relationship farther than friendship with anyone before and Gods knows that I never even kissed anyone. So I was treading waters I did not know how to swim.

“If you don’t want to see me again I will understand. I am sorry for my actions last night. I wonder how much of your actions were by your own choice. I have a way of making people act the way I want them to.” She said this and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

‘Um… Well that’s all nice and what not but I never said I was going anywhere. Unless it was in my sleep, I am first and for most your friend. And I count myself as your best friend. And I can say that besides the ale having some effect on me the choices I made were my own. However it seems that at least my feelings run farther than that. I can say that you are very dear to me and if anything would hurt you or make you upset I would have to crush it, magically speaking.” I was once told I could never take anything seriously and I guess they were right. Even now I am making jokes, however I am not sure if it was because I was nervous or to see her smile. She has such a beautiful smile.

“Now we should talk about how we are to proceed with our relationship. I care for you Elia very much and last night helped me find out how much.” I wanted to say more but she wouldn’t look at me and I felt that she had something heavy on her heart. “What is it? You need to tell me and we need to always be able to talk, and be honest. I know that much.” With that she flinched a tad, which means she was hiding something from me. I wanted her to feel safe around me, to confide in me when she needed someone to run to. I waited for her; I wanted to give her as much time as she needed to be ready to talk to me. Then after what seemed like forever she started to talk.
“I do care for you Serenity, a lot and that is what worries me. Every time I get close to someone they either leave or get taken away. I have been through a lot and don’t want to hurt anyone because of myself. I told you before that my father and his men are after me. And I am afraid they will harm you to get to me. There are also other things you don’t know about me that you may not like and may even make you think of me as a monster.” With these words coming from her, she was shaking and on the verge of crying again.

“Don’t cry, there is no need for tears anymore. We both need someone to keep us strong. Your father may be after you, and I have all of the Zhentarum after me. We need each other to overcome our hurdles that are thrown at us. I have a power that can kill anyone and I have taken lives not meant to be. We all have dark sides to ourselves and the only thing that keeps most of us from being evil is the love we have for other people. Never be afraid to love and to be loved.” At this point I stopped and started to laugh. Elia looked at me as if I was going nuts then I explained that I was starting to sound like Keiji and Merime. And we both started to laugh at that.
“Anyway we need to be each other’s light in the darkness to come. We both will be tested many times and will need someone to keep us from falling to the lines of evil and hatred. I could be very sour over my family and the fact I will most likely die young at the hands of some evil mage or other cult wanting to use my powers, but if I have someone to show me the light in a dark world then it will be ok.” I stopped then and silence covered the room. We both sat there looking at our laps and thinking.

“I want to keep you Serenity, and if you will take me I will let you show me this light you speak of. I have many demons in my past that has made many leave me. I don’t want to feel that again. However I will let myself walk with you for know and see how we fair.” She said this looking at her hands that lay in her lap. The air felt heavy and the silence was thick. I had enough of this silly dance and wanted to lighten the mood a tad so I pounced on her into a massive bear hug. She was taken by surprise and gave out a small girlish scream. We tumbled to the floor as we were off balance and we landed in a heap of blankets and bodies. She let herself be taken into the glom and allowed me to trap her there.

“You can have me I am free to a good home! Plus your fun to glom, we will cross the “dark past” bridge when we get there. Until then we will enjoy each other’s company and live life as it should be, with light in it. I will be your light and you will be mine. I will always protect you and I never want to see tears in those beautiful eyes of yours anymore.” I am not sure how she took that little speech because we were interrupted by a knock on the door and a voice asking if everything was alright. With that we both busted out with laughter. This is also when I remembered I was not dressed and school was in session. I told Elia that we would meet again tonight after my studies. I told her not to go and disappear on me. She walked me back to the college and we parted ways there. We are taking things slowly for now, and I am ok with that seeing how I am just learning about this whole relationship thing. I know this is not the normal kind of relationship one finds themselves in, but then again we are not normal people. I think I will make an object I have been reading about recently. They are called Calling Stones and the two people that have one of the pair can communicate with the other no matter how far they are. I would like to give Elia one such device, now to find suitable stones for the enchantment.

logs of the warforged 6

The plan was simple, I would distract the temple cultists by posing as a deciple of shar. While the rest of the group tried to sneak in a different way. It didnt take long for some thing to go wrong and they were discoved we battled our way to the lower level and were attacked by more guards and a construct made of old books . After dispatching them we searched the ajoining rooms I didnt find much a library and some taxidermied heads. the mage was trying to heal the demon and asked me to carry her if she passed out which she did . She must have forgotten that I had a wand of cure light wounds that or she was trying to play hero . Etherway it was not a tatical dession as we were now down one party member and I would have to devide my attention between protecting her and the enemy .as i fallowed after the party they were locked in battle . The fighter had all ready taken wounds to his face and the demon claimed it was an accident it was then the head of this cult showed her self and struck the fighter i knew if I move quickly they party would kill her and we wouldn’t have any one to question . So with out hesitation i moved in and knocked her out . It was then that mage awoke and the rest of the party begin looting . I was intrested in the large obsidian disk on the wall when I went to inspect it i found it to be an illusion . On the other side was a portal of some sort I decided to continue onwards . As i progressed I saw two more guards and the missing villagers. Azure said they were no longer need and should be eliminated so they could cause no more trouble . I swiftly dispatched them and turned to see an old man throw something in the water . Suddenly a large creature came out . The old man looked smug , Azure hated that look .with a sing swing the beast head rolled away the man no longer looked smug and much to azure’s delight started to shake . It was then that the rest of the group showed up . After questioning him and getting the info we needed i let him go azure was not happy with this he wanted him killed for his part in the plot , but he had no weapons and his pet was allready dead he was harmless. We freed the villagers and head back to the top just in time for the masked woman to arive with the wood cutters and after much explaining we head off to silvery moon.

Serenity's Contemplations Part 7

Back Home and Thayan Wizards
We headed out the next day with everyone in town being so very nice to us. Seraphim decided to stay and help the town a tad longer. I made a grand speech on how the Lady’s College in Silverymoon would never let any town fall and how Silverymoon was always here to protect all of the people in the Silver Marches. With that done Carnifex showed us what he built during the night. I truly wonder how he stays as fit and healthy without sleep. I mean it takes nearly a full regimen of people to wake me up in the morning. But he did manage to make us a beautiful carriage and so Elia got in the front seat with Carnifex and that is when the town leader said for some upstart to walk us out of town. When he said the name I wanted to jump out of my seat right away and point out that this young moron was a Shar follower, but for some reason I was told not to. However I made it clear that I knew who he was.

We made it towards Sundarbar with little issue I am coming to think Belial can do one thing right and that’s find his way around trees. We got to Sundabar and I was told to wait in the cart with the rest and only Elia and Bel were going in. Now normally I would be fine with this staying out of the smelly place and not having guards fallow me everywhere but she took Bel out of everyone! It wasn’t long before they came running out with a full guard chasing after them. Carnifex in an odd voice talked the guards out of killing Bel right out and letting us take my accident back to the college. Wow that was funny.

We were not on the road long when we encountered the “merchant” that bought the mine from Stauvin. Well as I made it clear to everyone that these men were bad and one is a Red Wizard, I really wonder if any of my group besides me knows what that means. Our new cleric (Merime I think was the ditz name.) Decided to get closer to the Necromancer of evil! She latterly went over and spent the whole night with that vile excuse for a man! I cast an alarm spell (mental) on the cart and never left it. Carnifex must have noticed my agitation and stayed watch for a long time.

My alarm did go off once that night when one of the vile man’s guards “traveled to close” to the cart and “bumped” it. Both I and Carnifex woke up right away. I am not sure how Carnifex new that the alarm went off, but maybe it’s more of that accent Nithril magic. I will need to attend History class more to learn what I can of my new friend.

In the morning I just dispelled my alarm spell and at this Carnifex was pleased with me. Then Elia, Carnifex, Bel, and I all gathered to discuss our plan. With the accident of bumping last night we thought it good to move faster than the “merchant”. So with that we collected our cleric and I checked for any mind affecting spells or spells on her in general. There were none. And we left.

We made good head way and found a tavern/inn that we could rest a bit in. I went straight up to the room with Elia and had my dinner that I packed. Why can’t Inns serve good food and not this crap they call food!? I mean really anyone raised on the wonderful cooking of the college would die if they ate what these people would pass off as eatable food! This says that the rest of my companions have stomachs of steel because they eat it all the time. Must be why Bel smell and acts they way he dose and why Keiji is so fit. But it wasn’t long before Keiji came knocking on the door ( I should say door frame! He can be taught!) I stated the word and opened the door to see a look of worry on his face. He then told me a few “bad looking men” were down stairs looking for someone that looked like me. He said that Bel and him gave them misderections on my whereabouts but wanted me to know that someone is looking for me and not in a good way.

I have a feeling that these men might be connected to the ex-shop keep in Newfort. I am a tad worried that my unbrideled use of my gift has put this on me. I will need to tell Serianos about this when I get back. He will not like this one bit. He did tell me not to use my power when I was out and about. I will need to make sure the old elf is sitting when I tell him or he might just keel over and die right there.

We made it to Siverymoon in no time after that. I am happy to be home but now thinking about the butt loads of homework I will need to do is getting to me. I walk into the guard tower and that’s when I remember the circle and the questions my entire new group will need to ask and now I am worried that Carnifex may be found out about his “odd” situation. I mean it’s neat that someone from that age is around now but I don’t want him to be thought of as some sort of project for some upstart mage to try and crack! He is a person ( I think) and he deserves the same rights as any other person!

I told them my name and stood in the circle and they handed me my token for school. The rest went through and when Carnifex went up I think I held my breath for a short while. He passed but then they cast an alignment spell on him and still nothing happened. So he was safe and I really didn’t worry much about the rest of the group. I was surprised that Bel made it through. For a while they all thought that he was some experiment gone very wrong form the college. I soooo wanted to play that up but with the truth spell going on I couldn’t. So we went into town and that’s when I departed Elia and the rest.

When I made it to the college I slowed my steps. It was good to be home but also what was I to say to everyone that would ask where I had been. I mean I always skip Necromancy class but I tend to at least attend even if I am sleeping most of the other classes. And then there were the chores that most likely backed up. I was greeted by odd looks at the gate of the college. That is when I remembered my school outfit was burned thanks to Bel! So I saw Amie and stopped her real quick, she was a good student and fun to hang around with and she was the same size I was. That’s when I asked if she had an extra outfit I could use. She of course said she did but I would need to tell her everything about my trip. I like her she is funny. So we talked and I changed.

Then it was time to talk to Serianos. He knew the moment I was on campus. Which begs the question? Why is he always surprised when I am gone!? So I met him in his classroom, He had a stack of books and papers with him. I knew that they were meant for me. We started talking and he was real nice and calm. Man I am so going to hate telling him about the Zhentarum. So I manage to get some of the pieces of homework removed by sweet taking about what I found and who I met. Then I came to the do or die moment. He asked me if I was good and not using my power. I stopped talking and asked him to have a seat. I did not want him to have a coronary failure standing up. Then I explained what happened at Newfort, and how men are now looking for me.

I saw something of pain and dread in his eyes. He started rubbing his head and saying something about how the Lady was going to cook him alive and that he may have to go into hiding. I was concerned and wanted to change the subject anyway. So I told him about my findings with the Red wizard in the town. He perked up at that. He told me to write a letter to the guard explaining my findings and to give a good description of the person. I then asked about my parents. I truly don’t think I know when to stop with this poor man. He said he truly had no idea of whom my parents were, but he knows who does and I could always go ask her.

Great! Now someone who can tell me who I am and who my parents are and if there are any living relatives! So I asked who this person was. That is when my hopes of finding out dropped and made sense of a lot of things. Lady Alustriel was the person that knew my parents. This means that not only is the probability of me seeing her was extremely low but that I was never going to have the opportunity to speak to her about anything because who would have time for some lowly spell caster mooch? I mean she was paying for my schooling here and I haven’t really been showing my gratitude very well. So this made up my mind on not only going to more classes and actually trying, but somehow I will find a way to talk to her. But before that I needed to go to the library.

I wasn’t more than two steps towards the door when Serianos sat my happy butt in a chair and slammed the reaming books of work in front of me and stated that the kitchen would love to see me soon as well. Man I just saved a whole town and knocked out a temple of Shar and I still need to do homework and chores?! This sucks!

Ok so the whole doing homework only lasted until he left the room and I could cast silent image. Then I busted out of there and went to the library and also the Sage Vault. I found a list of known spellfire wielders and had them copied. I noticed one might even still be alive! A woman by the name of Shandril Shesshair, She would be about 33 years old if she still lived. I made a note to try and track her down. It said she was from Highmoon. So to Highmoon I will go when I can leave again.

So I was at my favorite tavern boasting about what an awesome job I did in Newfort when this Sorcerer decided to argue that one cannot catch a grease spell on fire with a Burning hands spell. Shows how much snobby Sorcerers know. So he flung grease and I called out a burning hands spell at the same time Belial (I had no idea he was even there and that he was climbing to the rafters.) showed up and caught all of it right smack in the middle. He dropped to the floor and three of us and the new cleric (what was she doing here?) cast a water spell on him that made it worse. Then I had the idea to use ice spells. So about ten of us used ice spells on him and we created the ice rink that lasted a few days. Come to find out Belial wanted me to enchant his bow. Mind you he is not on my favorite persons list so I charged him extra for the fact I would have to touch his bow.

The rest of the week went by without much excitement until Carnifex and Belial came to school looking for me. Mind you they picked the time I was supposed to be in Necromancy class and was actually sun bathing with Bale on the top spire with the new spell I learned (Fly). So here I was minding my own business when Belail throws rocks at me and the college! Was he asking for death!? So I decided that since he was throwing rocks at me I would throw missiles at him. Mind you it was a small spell and no need for aim. He got scared and drops his darkness spell, the missiles hit anyway. That is when Serianos came out and I was all ready on the ground yelling at Belial and the guards and stating that the monster should never been allowed into the city in the first place and Carnifex was walking the poor soul that Bel cast Darkness on into the college for help. So it was a cluster fuck!
At the end of it I was in trouble and Bel was asked to leave and Carnifex was redecorating the inside of the college. I told Serianos that Carnifex was a friend and a part of the group that went with me to Newfort. I didn’t tell him that Carnifex was part of Nithril history but that can always wait. That’s when Serianos gave me a speech on how magic is a privilege and not to go throwing it around without thinking and how it could hurt someone and that I needed to have more self control. Blah!

(Note here: I along with the enchantments Belial asked for on his bow I put on a fireball spell and a power word spell. The word to make it go off is BOOM!)

Around then is when Elia told me to meet her at Helms for our next mission. Also she asked me to write a letter for help for Newfort. I had dinner dishes duties that night and since my stunt with Bel I was “grounded” from leaving the school grounds. So silent image, invisibility, and I was gone! Man when will they learn to check my spells before leaving me alone!? I was the last to arrive at the gathering. I even brought Bel his bow! Elia strangely knew I was there before I even said a word or took off my spell. Weird! Anyway she said she had been given orders to check out an outpost town of loggers because they have not been heard of for some time. So yay leaving again for some small town that I can’t even remember the name of and can’t find on any map! Plus how was I going to tell Serianos about this.

I went back into the school and went straight way to see Serianos. On my way I found out that a few men have come to the town gates and asked around for someone like me. This was going to be great, first “hey some mean looking people are at the gates looking for me and oh can I leave again?!” ya that is not going to go well at all I truly think I may just send this poor man into an early retirement, if he doesn’t drop dead from heart failure first. It went better than I expected. But he went on this rant how Lady Alustriel was going to fry him and that he may lose his job or his life. I told him that I would talk to her as soon as I could because it’s not his fault that I want to leave. I tried to make him feel better but it seems that the more I talked the more agitated he got. So I just went to my room.

The road and The Fake church of Mystra!
We hit the road early the next morning. It was good to be with Elia again I really wanted to talk to her about what I found out about my family. But we were only a day or so away from where we needed to be. And I needed to study a bit and research some spells I came across and make scrolls. We came into a small town and right away it all seemed way to odd. There was a smoldering building and it looked like people weren’t sure how it happened then some priest said it was by the “bandits” and then slowly everyone agreed. I didn’t like it one bit. We were ushered to the “Temple of Mystra” to talk to the head priest. I am sorry but Mystra has opened temples with stars and flowing red and blue banners. Not built into some rock with dark tapistries and some vile looking priest who boast about the “Privalige of Knowlegde and that only a few are allowed to have such knowledge”. It got me so worked up I contested the whole damn thing right then and there and stated Mystra believes everyone should have the ability to have arcane knowledge and that it is one of her many tenets to share what you have learned with anyone and everyone. I was told to leave. Keiji, myself, and Merime left to the only tavern/inn the place had. We started to cook up a good plan. Merime and I would go into their “nightly” services and then keiji would sit down in the tavern with an image of myself “eating”.

We needed however two people from the town. I would never be allowed back into their fake Mystra temple. So we found two drunk guys and we had Merime do her stuff. Keiji and I waited up in the room for the right moment. Merime led the poor fools upstairs and into the waiting sleep spell I had. Kieji tied them up and Merime and I got dressed in their clothes. For authenticity we jumped on the bed and made “noises” I was slightly embarrassed but it was great fun. I will write more after the plan has been done.

Trouble and Mistakes:

I can’t do it anymore! I just want to be home in my room safe and happy! Why did I ever want to leave? I took two lives today, and they were only simple guards for the temple they weren’t bad, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I went in to the temple as planned and told Merime to leave when they asked us to chose our path. I thought I could do this on my own that I could leave without any issue if needed. But I was wrong. I panicked when the priest started to talk about all sorts of weird stuff and making no sense. I had no idea what I was getting into and had no way to tell my party to help me if needed. The only sign we agreed on was a fireball. I cast silent image and got to the inner door when two guards spotted me. I panicked and ran. I fist cast Daze to confuse them but one still was ok. They yelled after me. I turned and cast my only offensive spell I had “Fireball”, I prayed that they would leave me alone. When I looked up they were toast. I killed them! They were not evil and really didn’t hurt me. But I killed them.

I pulled out my wand of magic missiles it was my last thing to get me out. Then Carnifex came through the door and even thought I told him they were lying about this being a temple to Mystra he came at me anyway. I knew if he wanted to he could kill me in one swipe of his sword. He disarmed me and asked for my surrender. I gave up hoping this was some plan.

I was walked to the jail and put into a cell that later Demi picked the lock and helped me out. Or at least I hope it was Demi, I only heard her voice wasn’t sure if it was her or not. I made it to the cart were I was told to go. I had cast Invisibility on myself so no one would see me then all hell broke loose and more innocent people died. At this point my spell was taken off and my fly spell was put on. With some of the town on fire and two more people dead I was told to leave. I didn’t kill those two Bel did that I truly think he is evil. That is when he yelled such a name to me that I will never repeat it! But I turned wanting badly to say the power word and be rid of him. But he was around other people that would get caught in the blast so I left.
I am done! This was a stupid idea! Why? I am traveling with a demon that insults me! And an armored man form a time were Magic ruled ruthlessly, he also scars me and hates me! I even think Elia hates me! Dear Mystra I need your guidance!

Just want to be back in class with my safe friends and safe walls. I feel alone. I feel lost. Am I a monster? Am I evil, or just a lost stupid person, with too much power at her hands? I now remember what Serianos said about responsibility with power and how one should be careful and not let emotion rule them. I need to learn that. I sit at our make shift camp with everyone hurt and upset. Elia won’t even talk to me and the rest are covering our tracks. I truly think my only friend is lost to me. She may want me to be someone I am not. I want to talk to her; however I am afraid of what she will say.
The only person left to me is Bale. I tried talking to him about home but he has never been a talker and even though he tried to he wasn’t made for such things. I also think he sees weakness in me. And maybe he is right I am weak. But I am only 16 years old! I wasn’t even supposed to be let out of the city! With my spellfire and being a mage I think I may have to get use to being alone. I will either be alone or dead because of what I am. Mystra help me!

So I will try only having defensive spells. Elia says we have to go back to the town and not hurt any of the town folk. Then we need to bring down the false temple. I did not know what to do. They all knew I killed two of their people already. I sat and thought on it and came to a conclusion that if I save the rest of the town and bring down this false temple without killing one person that I could atone for the lives I did take.

So that is what I shall do.

Temples and Dark Deities:
In the morning we split the party. All the towns people thought Carnifex was still their friend and so would welcome him back. He would say that he caught the people responsible for the murders in the town and “dealt” with them. While he was distracting the guards with the loot that he was “returning” Demi, Belial, Keiji, Merime, and myself would sneak into the temple and covertly take out the temple without killing any of the guards. Elia would be going back to the woods to get the “wood cutters” so we can smooth over our standing in the town. So that is the plan let’s see if we get it to go off without a anymore issues, however Bel is with us so anything could happen.

Later that day:
We set out for the town about noon ish and with Carnifex infiltrating the town and talking with the guards he was going to act as if he was sent by Shar herself. I do say that man never lacks imagination. So I cast invisibility on everyone but Demi and put component sight one use so we could at least see each other. That wasn’t the best idea because Bel in the time I cast one and fallowed with the other had taken off his pants and there is no reason one should lay eyes on that body part of that creature…. Ever! So with that we looked for ways into the closed gate and had to cast yet more spells to fly and levitate the party over. So far the idea to just bring defensive magic was a good idea. We got in by sliding into the cracked front door. Carnifex started asking about “fixing” the doors to the various off shoots of the temple this helped us not to wasted time because all good spells have a time limit. We manage not only to walk into a girl showering and one changing to the delightment of the boys but found the main hallway. That is where shit hit the fan.

The damned priest saw the door move and cast a dame purge spell. I saw this and hid around the corner. I motioned to the rest that the guy could see them. I am not sure Bel’s body could handle that much magic at once because he decided to defecated the door and the grounds with his bodily fluids and solids! That creature is most vile! I turned to notice a sword swooshing over my delicate head. I quickly pulled out my Chakrum, if I manage to just injure this creature enough to stop attacking me it still counts as not killing anyone right? I should have been looking at my mid section because after hitting the damn shadowy thing in the face it payed me back with a sword to the stomach!

(Note: That hurts! There is nothing I have had to deal with more painful than a steel sword right through my stomach! And I am female so I get pains on a monthly basses!)

I was shocked at the hole left in my small body. I put my hands to the wound to try and hold in my life blood, and other parts of my body inside. I wasn’t sure how I would survive; I had a hole in my middle! I panicked and wished that I could heal like those damned clerics and that I didn’t just have power to destroy but to heal and to help myself. Then something odd happened. My body got warm and the power I had stored up started to run through me. My hands glowed blue. I felt the warm energy run its course through my whole body, and then I felt no more pain. All I was thinking of was how I wanted the pain to stop. I found that my destructive power has a good side. It can heal! I also found that it makes me weak after such event. I managed to stay upright but was shaky.

At this point the door was set on by the guards on the other side and Keiji was holding it closed. I took the initiative to tie rope on it and then Carnifex put it on fire! Keiji ran and as he did he lifted me up and carried me on his shoulder.

(Note: Now Keiji is nice to look at but never had I the mind to think of him more than a love drunk fighter. However on his shoulder like that I felt his taught muscles and with the gentle way he held me it was divine! He even had a sweet smell! And that cute little monkey was trying to hold me too! I might want to make him something nice to repay him.)

I cast Shield and Mage Armor on both of us. If he was going to carry me then he damn well get some protection out of the deal! We all reach the basement floor and then ran into a garbage monster. He gently sat me down on the floor. (What a gentleman he truly is sweet.) While the beast was dealt with I took notice that there was a statue in the middle of the room so I examined it closer and came to understand that this was a true statue of the Great Lady of Mysteries. The Great Lady was trying to shed some of her divine power through this one statue. The power was pure and clean. Not dark and dirty as the other magic I have felt in this temple. This led me to believe this once was a true temple to Mystra. Somehow the Sharans had made it into the ranks and perverted the whole thing. I will make them pay for such a slander against the Great Goddess Mystra!

I said a quick prayer to her and as the beast was dispatched by the heavy fighters of the group I went about looking at one room and finding small boxed with locks our small pixie friend could open. At the same time Carnifex had stated he found what he thinks may have been the library. I would like to see if there was anything useful like scrolls or spell books. If this was a temple to the Great Lady then maybe they might have some still. Demi got the locks open and that’s when I heard someone crash through the door and set off an alarm. ( I pin this one on Bel seeing how that is his brutish style and Carnifex was busy in the Library and Keiji is far too much of a gentleman to do such a thing.)

I went to the room that held the library and found a few small scrolls mostly for the spell beggars but I did find one scroll on Dispel magic. I heard a loud crash and a moaning sound coming from the main room. I went out to check on what made such a ruckus when I saw Bel sprawled on the floor and a very broken Sacred Statue to the Great Lady of Mysteries broken on the floor.
Ok so I may not be the purest person or even the star student. I may not always listen or keep my temper in check but that damn devil just busted a statue that radiated of divine magic! Shouldn’t that make him cursed or something?! Then as I was standing there with my mouth gapping at what he had done, that wretched creature asked me to use my divine gift, given to me by the very same Goddess that the statue was made to that he just broke! Not only was he dirty, smelly, rude, ill-mannered, and ill-tempered, a bad shot, and a demon. He was stupid too!

This was a true test of my personality, and alignment. Should I heal this thing or let it suffer? I truly had a hard time with this. I had to stand there and think on the ramifications on the actions I was to take. Not only that but with the amount of injuries he had it would take all the power I had left to get him back to fighting status, not to say he would still be hurt after that. If I were to use all my power I would most definitely pass out and there was no way I was going to ask that thing to pick me up. He would most likely to horrible things to me! Where was Keiji when I needed his strong warm arms! I did spot Carnifex still in the room. So I asked him to help me. He agreed.

I spent what power I had healing the thing that broke my ladies statue. (I better get some major good juju for this!) Then the world went dark.

I had a dream I saw a blue flame in a shape of a female. She was dancing and seemed happy. I felt warm and safe. I tried to get a better look at the girl in the flame. However the closer I got the farther she went. I felt as if I should know this girl. Then as quickly as the world went away it came back and the Flaming Girl was gone.

I awoke in a corner of a hallway I didn’t know and heard some fighting in a different room. I slowly got to my feet and saw a large hammer hanging from the ceiling, and a door to my left. I turned through the doorway and saw my group finishing a battle. As far as I know my kill count is still zero. Doing good so far. I saw at the end of this room a large symbol of Shar blocking the way. It made me feel dark inside and I wanted it to go away. Even with that there we had people to find and rooms to check. Carnifex took the leader prisoner and tied her up. Demi and I took one room and she found a pair of satin slipper which I knew as spider climb slippers. I put those babies on right away. Bel kept pleading for me to give him them but there was no way I was going to give these to him. We found other useful things and I finally found suitable food to eat and wine to drink!

With the rooms searched we found out the Carnifex was indeed missing and then Keiji was going to touch the disk of Shar. I shouted for him not to touch the thing. There was no way to know what would happen to him if he did and there was no way I would let him get hurt. He is now under my protection. (How meager that might me he has my spells and maybe more if he wants them.) I will protect him as I do Elia. They are my friends and I protect my friends. However his monkey touched it and seemed ok. Then Bel went through it and said it wasn’t really there. I studied it a bit and found it to be an illusion. So I absorbed the magic needing to get my power levels back up from exhausting them earlier, and not knowing what we were heading to.

On the other side we found a strange device that looked a lot like a portal but it wasn’t fully functional and missing pieces. I could tell it was a portal to a dark place. I wanted to destroy it, to rid the world of it, but something inside told me to leave it be. We came upon Carnifex dispatching a large creature and a small stinky man scared shitless. We also found some of the lost villagers. We were told of the dark plans of the Cult Of Shar. That they had more of the town’s folk in the Night Woods. Those woods were not a good place to go if you are human or anything other than a creature of evil. I found a map of the water ways and took them. Carnifex persuaded the boatman to take us when we needed, however there was a time limit to the boatman’s help.

We got back topside with prisoner in tow and that is when Elia and the wood cutters came to vouch for us. I help explain that the temple was turned into a Sharan Temple and that many of the people taken were no longer here. We agreed to get them back. Many of the towns people were very upset and I understand why. They were lied to and their loved ones are gone taken from them for no known reason. And to top it off they were led to believe that Mystra was protecting them. I made my best efforts to make them understand that this was not Mystra’s doing at all. They agreed to make the temple into a true Mystra Temple if I got them a true cleric.

I have learned a lot on this trip and one of them is, Control ones temper of innocent people will get hurt and sometimes you can’t undo what you did.
Second is, you cannot run affectively in a damned skirt! Nor is it helpful to have a shit ton of sleeves and my whole outfit needed to change! I needed pants! How and where to get them? I only ever got my clothes from the school. I must have looked like I was in trouble because Kieji asked me what was wrong and when I finally told him with my face beat red. He laughed and said he would help me. (Even his laugh is sweet!) However we didn’t get a lot of alone time because Elia got the idea in her head she needed to come along as well. She was acting all strange. Every time Keiji and I would be getting to friendly she managed to find a way wiggle in or she became huffy. I must talk to her about this. I am wondering if she may like him as well. If so I would be more than willing to let her have him, she is prettier than I am and I have to study a lot anyway. I will graduate soon and Serianos did ask me to keep up on my studies while out.

We have to leave for Silverymoon in the morrow so I am off to bed. I wonder if Bale has “company” again tonight?


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