Keiji's Greatsword

Large greatsword

weapon (melee)

+1 large balanced greatsword
does 3d6 damage and a critical range of 17-20.

The only be used one handed by Keiji, because it was personalized for him to wield.


Was created by a famous master weaponsmith in Telflamm in the Unapproachable East. It was a gift from his friend, to celebrate their friendship and Keiji’s admittance into the military force of the Merchants. The two of them traveled together from Keji’s hometown Phsant where the friend had also grown up but had left a few years prior.

The sword is personalized to Keiji. On its hilt is the stylized flower of his family crest, and the sheath is embellished with designs of the wind twirling flower petals. A masterful combination of beauty and deadly sharpness. The design of the blade is much like the katana, but thick like the western greatsword, though after it was completed the weaponsmith called it a “giant nodachi”. The weaponsmith kept in mind the fighting style of Keiji and his strength, and after spending months creating the blade, he managed to make it perfectly balanced for the energetic youth, and made it possible to be wielded one handed. It was created in the traditional fashion of creating a katana, where the weaponsmith takes a large piece of metal and folds it over and over again to make the blade, giving it a sharper edge and higher resiliency than the average blade.

The sword was gifted to Keiji when he was 14 and just freshly into the service of the Merchants of Telflamm. It helped him through the years, and also reminded him of where he had come from, always allowing him to continue forth with the solid knowledge of where he had been and could always go back to.

As it is now, the blade continues to help him protect others, and his own life, but instead of giving comfort, sometimes looking at the family crest on the hilt reminds him of what he ran from and can sour the normally relaxed and easy going nature of its wielder.

Keiji's Greatsword

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