Jadylyn's Diary

Sharen Diary from Ironhand Mines


Rising of the Dark, 1370 DR
I had a vision tonight. I was standing in an open field. There was a storm on the horizon. I could see flashes of light in the clouds and I could hear the sounds of battle. Then a wave of energy exploded from the clouds and spread out across the sky, casting the land in chaos. Suddenly, I felt an uncontrollable power welling up inside me. I felt- powerful, indestructible. Next, I was standing atop a storm cloud, looking down on the lands of all Faerun. I could see Her people, our people, in every city, town and village. We were are everywhere. I have found my purpose. I will prepare a temple for the Lady of Loss. I will guide the people of Faerun to her ways. We will prepare for the coming Apocalypse.

Tarsakh 14, 1372 DR
Shar has led us to some mines in the frontier lands of the Silver Marches. They will make a perfect temple for the Dark Goddess. This place is worthy of a proper name- perhaps the Well of Darkness.

Flamerule 29, 1372 DR
Young Acolyte Brisby has joined the watch in a small nearby village, New Fort. He will be our eyes and ears on the surface. With Shar’s guidance he should be able to sway the minds of other in the town to the right path.

Marpenoth 9, 1372 DR
Dwarves entered the Well of Darkness today. They did some initial exploring of the mine, but we have been able to remain hidden with Shar’s blessing. They removed the large coffin we have been unable to open. These intruders will have to be dealt with before they disturb our temple further.

Marpenoth 10, 1372 DR
The Dark Goddess’s faithful visited the intruders last night. Their eyes will see light no longer. They serve Shar now.

Marpenoth 18, 1372 DR
We are once again disturbed by outsiders. Orcs. They are starving; which makes them desperate and angry. Their anger makes them stupid. However, with some in New Fort becoming too nosey, perhaps we can use them to our advantage.

Jadylyn's Diary

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