Bale's Box

Art studio and home to a great artist.


On the outside this small wooden box has a strap that makes it easy for Serenity to carry. I t has a shutter type device covering a round glass “window” that can be opened from a push of a small lever on the side. There is a small door on the opposite side that allows the occupant to come and go along with accepting fresh painting materials from his “master”. There is also on the left side a slot for “picture” to come out of the box.

On the inside is where the true magic of the device lay. You open the back door and if you are the size of a pixie you can enter and see that it is indeed an art studio made for the worlds “best” artist. Complete with large viewing window and plenty of room for any canvas to fit. The walls are lined with glass covered shelving that holds a numerous paint collection. There is a small stove and table along with a petite bed.


This was made to house Serenity’s Familiar due to the fact that the mere presence of the thing would incite disruptions in class. This also gives Bale a place to call his own and to escape the world and its crazy people. This was made by Serenity’s mentor Serianos, a high elf that was charged with taking care of the young spellfire wielder. He took in the fact that Bale seemed at “peace” when he would paint and the fact that the paintings were small enough for a person to hold gave both Serenity and Serianos the idea to make a picture box for Bale.

Serenity is never seen without this around her neck. She seems fascinated by the speed and talent of Bale’s paintings and wishes only for his happiness. Bale is content with this arrangement for now.

Bale's Box

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