Protectors of the Silver Marches

The Ruins of Ick

Well we made it into the big black bubble. Steev wouldn’t go in. Said it was full of something called bad “Joo Joo”. He really doesn’t like tampering with dark stuff. Neither do I. But I want to get to the bottom of this. All I have in life is my home and my friends, and when either of those get threatened, I swear heads will roll, arrows will fly, and the bastards better hope they can see me as well as I can see me!….So,entices I wonder if maybe they are just coming along to humor me…some of them anyway. But…I guess I shouldn’t think that way! Steev is always telling me I think to much and have this thing called ‘size complex". I don’t know what that means, but I do know that I’m happy they are here with me.

Anyway, we got to the bubble. And then we discovered that these people called the shade are there! A whole bunch of weird pale army dudes, it’s tents, and a guy who claims to be royalty. A man who calls himself Harahoonie. And a weird lady with glasses name Lideeah.

Serenity seems skeptical of these people. I myself am I uncertain. We sat down with the man. Carnifex’s and Serenity did most of the talking. Why were they there? What were they doing? They claimed that there was an old Sharen wall below the ruins, which broke, somehow. Since Assholepants McGee had come here, I wonder if he damaged it!? It’s hard to say. Either way they believed there are these things called Fayrim in there. Like below the ruins, behind the broken wall! I guess Fayrim are these really awful things that look sort of like flying worm windsock sunflower pointy toothy fuck of bad things, and they have a stinger that can make you pregnant, and they talk in your head and THEY ARE BAAAAD. And they think they are in there, and if the get out, they will kill the forest! Can’t have that! But can we trust these weeeeirdos? I dunno. Steev wouldn’t trust them. But Steev doesn’t trust anyone. Carnifex seems to know them. He seems eager to talk to them. And Carnifex is smart….
I finally piped up with a question that had been bothering me.
“What about Turlang? Shouldn’t he know about this? Why didn’t you tell him what you were doing?”
And then this amazing thing happened. It was like the pale man, this Harahoonie spoke, and his words made sense, but all I heard was “what? Who? Oh the treeant? Who cares.” That wasn’t what he said, but his words reeked of dismissal. Dismissing me. Dismissing Turlang! Nobody dismisses my boss…he, I, WE don’t take it well.

At this point I decided I would need to relay to Turlang what was going on. There was something not right. Something else was going on here. I could feel it in my wings! I rushed to Turlang fast as I could. I to,d him everything. About the bubble, the weird guy, the bad floaty worms in the ruins which were hopefully really there and not just a lie. And then we had a decision….and Turlang said something I wasn’t expecting. He told me that the floaty worms were a threat to us all. The whole forest, and beyond. If what the man was saying was true, the best bet was to let him investigate, and let him destroy the bad stuff. And then we could deal with his dismissal of Turlang’s authority once the bad things were gone! It seemed like a good idea…but there is something bugging me…

The shades people said they were there for months. And just now they are going to break the wall? And we have a Mage, who can suck up magicky things. And then there is Assholepants McGee…what was he doing here?



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