Protectors of the Silver Marches

Serenity's Contemplations Part 12


Back to the Color and life!

We started the day with me being awoken once again in an unfavorable fashion. Why they all seem to think that throwing stuff at me when I am sleeping, or pouring water on me is the only way to wake me is unknown to me. Anyway I studied my spells in this dark and gloomy place. If it was not for the pictures that I have from Bale I fear that I would be consumed by the depression of this place. How I long for the beautiful arch ways of Silverymoon. To see the colors of the maple trees as they change for their winter sleep. All that seems far away and like a dream now. My heart is still low and my resolve is waining. You never read about this in adventure books. You never hear about how hungry or tired they were, how the acid burns the flesh of your body smells. If they did no one would ever leave their homes. I know I would think twice before doing so. I must brighten my thoughts or I will be consumed by this place. Carnifex states we should move on and finish this. I agree with him for once. He still scars me and I feel that I was going to tell him something but with all that is going on I am not sure what it was. Well it will come to me soon.

Later that day:
Dear Gods above and below and every were eles! When you forget something hope its never information for an overly large tin can! Found out that Dysper was a Shade Dragon. Yes we (Carnifex) Killed him, Yes we saved who we could. However when I was identifying the damned dragon as a Shade and told Keiji and Carnifex what a Shade was(the thing I forgot that I was going to tell Carnifex) The oversized suit of metal got pissed at me for “with holding” information from him! I thought females were the only ones that PMSed! Any way the battle went as such.

We made our way down to “OFF Limits” due to the fact that was the only way left to go. This is where being a mage and smart of hell is a good thing. We had earlier were made to answer some silly riddles and got four purple candles. Everyone made fun of me for doing it but I had an inkling that they would come in handy soon. I was right! There were four pedestals that had placed for us to put the candles and we needed four of each “type’ of hero. There was a story there that said Four heros fought and won aginst the Dusk Lord.

I remember reading that there Was type of heroes in my story books as a kid. I looked at the group around us and picked one of each type: Wizard (me), Fighter (Keiji), Cleric ( Our current Mystra cleric), Rouge (Demi) However when I said this they all laughed at me and Demi was being a scardy cat; something about the picture on the wall moving. It was some sort of spell that I so wanted to learn! Anyway Keiji was the only one to take my side. Then the cleric was talked into it. Then I forced Demi into helping. Sometimes it’s hard being stupid smart! Well we watched the picture show us the scene that the heros won then a portal showed. Everyone was scared of going in. Not me I was couriouse what was on the other side! So for protection I tied my rope around me and gave Keiji the other end. I knew that since this was a portal that if it was a trap that the rope would do nothing to save me. However I was done with being here in the world of gray and wanted something eles. I ran into the portal and what I saw was bliss. Color! Mostly gold, but it was color! I squieled and it must have carried back because soon after everyone showed up. We all picked what we wanted from what had to be the dragons hoard. Stupid Dragon! We have your shit now!
After that room we then made our way to “Floating Stairs”. Now this is where if found out that some of the group lacks grace. All we had to do was go down the floating blocks called stairs. Or fly down. Well I guess there was a few ghost trying to have us for dinner too. Well Keiji jumbed fine then gat wacked by a ghost and almost dropped his sword! I activated my fly ring and as I made my way over and down the damned Cleric which is now named brick because that’s what he fell like; a ton of bricks! Elia cought him with one of her whips, Since she is a small elf and he was a stout dwarf this ended like this : WHIP..cought dwarf…Elia flung to her back… scream of pain from Elia…grunt from dwarf….Keiji trying to come and help. So with this comedy rutine unfolding while Carnifex and Demi taking care of the ghosts I flew to help Elia. I shouted “Hold on hun I am coming!” That’s when Elia and Keiji both yelled ok!…I wanted to laugh so hard when they bother looked at each other at they held the whip and Elia felt that she needed to at that moment clearify that I was talking to her. I cast fly on the poor Cleric that never flew before because he started out flying upside down. He cast a spell on Keiji to help with some “lifting” issues. Men are weird. So we reached the bottom and moved on.

We then went to the Library. Now I have a small issue with books. One I seem to burn them when I get angry and two I love them way too much. The knowledge a person can learn from the written word is amazing! However all I need to do is read a book once and I have what was needed from it. So school is boring when I have to reread things! Can’t people read stuff once why sit and reread and reread and so on one book!? Pay attention the first time and your done!

Anyway so when we reached the room with way too many books to be left alone I touched one and then my world exploded! Holy Mystra was it hot and I even moved away from the blasts! I was finding out that look don’t touch works better. However the team took down the flying skull things that fling fireballs. I was not feeling so good, however thru divine awesomeness, and my own inner fire. I got better.

So we went down the corridor that was to lead to the last room and Dysper (by the way one should make note that the damned dragon hadn’t bothered us for a while now so something was wrong). We got half way and the tunnel down was filled with acid! Ok people need to come and go some how! Well both ways to the damned thing was blocked by acid. So I came up with a plan!

The Plan:
Turn Keiji, myself, Brick, and Elia into tiny people to fit in Bale’s box
Have Carnifex hold the box and walk us thru
Cast Major wind spell into bubble form around Carnifex

That was the plan and it worked great! Demi was so happy to have us all her size and she is really pretty no wonder Bale likes her. However they all got to rest while Carnifex and I did the work. Its ok thought they have physical things they do and this is what I do. We made it to the lair of the flying black ass!

There wasn’t much for me to do. I could fly as well as a dragon, and Dispyr was not coming down. He was trying to complete the ritual and so I decided to end the Necromancers that were helping. As soon as we got on solid land Keiji was bull rushed off the platform I screamed but he found his way back. He is the only one that has always been there for me. He has yet to lie to me or use me for his own reasons. He is the one thing I can always count on I can’t lose him! He seemed ok after his dip in the acid pool. That is when Dispyr came out of the Acid wash and if a dargon could smile he was. He hit was with a gleam from a jewl he wore around his neck. I felt something try and pull me into it, however I would not let it take me. That is when I hit that damned Dragon with a fireball, he didn’t like that.

I followed Keiji up a ladder when Dispyr decided that we needed to have a rain of acid come at us. That is when lighting shot out form me in retaliation to Dispyr. Now all that nice stuff I said about Keiji is stretching it when he moved and let it all hit me. It burned so bad that I couldn’t help but scream in pain. The smell of my burning flesh and my clothes were hardly hanging on me. I was writhing in so much pain and it wouldn’t stop! That’s when I hear Elia pleading with me to drink the potion that she had. I hate potions! They are never made right unless by me and taste horrible! However I was in a bad way, I took the flask and drained the magic out of it to use my inner fire to heal me. Then I drank the water that was left so it looked as if I drank the potion.

At this time I felt my cloak tingle with its magic to tell me when I am being spied on by magical means. I activated that ward to make me unseen through such means. There was no way I could do this battle without my spellfire and I didn’t want some unknown person seeing that.

I decided that Ladders were bad and used my fly ring once more. Got to the top of the pillar and landed. That’s when the lowly mage/cleric decided to hit me with a damned Necromancy spell! Oh no you don’t you good for nothing death lover! At this point between the dragon’s acid, the gloomy location, and then this ass I was done! I shouted “I hate Necromancers!” Walked over to him and jolted him in his manhood with a full force shocking hands! He had no chance of living through that. He crumbled into a pile of dust. I looked around and saw Elia smiling and Keiji about to lose his lunch. I felt a tad sheepish after that. I examined that cages that held some of the towns people saw that there was no way for me to open them. Elia had me stand behind her and then the cages burst apart and the people were floated to the safety of the pillar. She then gave great speech about how we were the Great Heroes of the Silver marches.

So we had a plan I’ll go and get the rest of the damn Necromancers dealt with. Elia and I made our way around to the other Pillars and Keiji would come up and free the town’s people. That’s when we got to the last one and Demi was playing with a large bat and Dyspar. Ok so the bar I can deal with, the dragon no so much. I turned the bat into a chicken and it dropped into the acid then I took care of the damned death lover! As I finished with him I turned to check on were Dysper that’s when Demi said Carnifex just killed the damn thing! WE WON!

We found a switch to empty the acid out and got the towns people on their way out of there. From what I can gather is Dysper was draining the magical weave out of these people and trying to open a gateway to the weave so that he could tear a hole into it. I am so glad we stopped it. I help show the town’s people the exit, then I turned and saw Carnifex and Keiji looking at the corps of Dysper. I walked over and noticed that he had runes on him and that he was not actually a black dragon by a Shade Dragon. I told the guys this and they asked what a shade was. That’s when I remembered what I was going to tell Carnifex and explained that they use to be Nethril but stayed far too long in the realm of the shadow and now are the evil shade. I have been battling with myself on telling him, he has such a high respect for Nithril that I didn’t want him to think that these evil people/things were his old people. He is a good person and they do not deserve someone who does so much good. I would hate for them to corrupt him.

Well with this he went on a tizzy and now is very angry at me for keeping information from him. I really did forget with all that was going on. I had just learned it in school not more than a fort night ago. Maybe some time will help him cool down.

We had the dark guide take us back to the portal He then said something to me in Infernal speech “The realm is suffering it awaits the return of the true lord.” This was directed at me and I am not sure why. This bugged me for a while. Who was this “Lord” and what is his connected to the shadow plane?

We made it back to the realm of light and color and birds that sing wonderful songs ! How wonderful! I am so happy to be back even in the Forest of no return!. The druids shut down the portal to the shadow realm so nothing can get through. With this we end for the night with a well needed rest before going back to the town. I think Elia and I need some alone time and to spend some of that time in each others arms. To feel the softness of her skin is more than words can explain. However first we will need to clear up all that I have learned. And that we will have no more lies or secrets between us.



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