Protectors of the Silver Marches

Serenity's Contemplation Part 14


Dear Gods I am a Graduate!

Well exams went on and I was allowed out of the college only to help build the keep that one day I will call my home. I am not sure how I feel about having a permanent home, a place that I can call mine. A place I belong. Can I have a place like that? Will I not be putting my friends in danger? What of Elia will she stay with me in the keep? I am not sure but I will try I am part of a group that protects the Silvery Marches and I will protect my friends.

The days went by with me in the books or at the keep. I had finished my apology to Carnifex and sent him a missive to meet me at the college gardens. I plan to settle things and hopefully explain my side of things. I will wear my simple white dress and have no magical shields on. I am going to show him that I trust him and that in turn he can trust me. I even wrote a speech for our meeting it goes as fallows:

I wanted to meet here so I can clear up some things along with to educate you on what I am.

First I want to make clear that I in no way lied to you when we first met my education was not complete. However now that I am to be fully trained wizard I have new knowledge that I didn’t have before. ( I then hand him the book on the Shade and Nethril I copied from the library)

Please understand that I value your prowess in battle and your ability to create things with the same hands that devastate a battle field.

I am learning how to balance the power I have that the Great Goddess Mystra gave my family. Some days I consider it a curse. To be born with a power that everyone wants that many would kill for it. It scares me, however I will not run or hide. I chose to fight and show the same people who killed my parents that I won’t go easy. What I wield is called Spellfire. I was chosen by Mystra to wield the power to make mages weak. (Then hand him the book on Spellfire I copied and added to)

That book holds information on any and all Spellfire wielders and their limitations. I added my information to it. I do this for two reasons. One is you are my colleague at arms and as such you should know who you work with. Two: If I become a monster or taken and controlled you are the only one that can stop me. Your heart will not stop you from doing what is needed. I prey I will never need you to kill me, however I am not blind enough not to know that with one slip I could hurt many people and I can’t/ won’t have that happen. So please Carnifex I am sorry for any way I have made you upset, however I need you, and so do the rest.

That is what I said to him. He in his fashion responded with a big whatever and I am sure he still hates me.

After that the keep was almost done and graduation was coming. The students got word that there was going to be some big names at the graduation this year. I was allowed to invite whomever I wanted. While everyone was inviting their parents and family I looked around and started to get slowly depressed because of not having family to invite. I have Elia and Keiji, Demi might come and I know Carnifex would find it not worth his time. But a small part of me wanted a mom or a dad to show. I know is childish for me to think like that but still it would be nice. I am all that is left of my family line and I will not live long enough to pass the line on. Plus I don’t know how that would work being with another woman. Well anyway I invited who I thought would want to come and see my happy ass walk across the stage.

Well the day finally came and I was a nervous wreck and with no one knowing who the special guest was it was even more of a high stress moment. On the stage was Lady Alustriel, Serionous, many of the other professors, Hornblade, There was a woman sitting next to Alustriel that I swore was a younger her, and then there was an empty chair. There was someone missing. I looked out to the crowd and saw Elia sitting with a beautiful mask on and it looked as if she out effort into what she wore today as if she dressed up for me. I saw Keiji sitting next to her with is silly grin in his face he also tried to make an effort to look good, I didn’t see Demi but I knew she was there. Then I saw a tall man in armor standing in the back, Carnifex showed up! I couldn’t believe he showed. Maybe he doesn’t hate me so much.

There we sat waiting for our walk of greatness to come and then a flash and poof…. And the Simbul of Aglarond was standing on the stage! I mean this woman is one of the most powerful mages in all of Fearun! And she is just standing there on the stage with all her greatness. Not even the red wizards of Thay will mess with her. One day I will be that good. Not to mention she just teleported into Silverymoon (something not supposed to be doable). She is a beautiful woman. I was in awe along with the rest of the class, and the guests were shocked too.

Hornblade was taken by surprise as well, he was mid speech when she showed up! The look on his face was priceless. He then turned it over to her. Her speech was graceful the wording was magical. Her voice so full of confidence and power, she held herself with pride and beauty that someday I wish to have. I swear she looked straight at me when she was talking. As she concluded her speech everyone clapped and cheered. Alustriel was not amused. But the Lady next to her was smiling a lot.

Then came the walk of greatness, Serionus was the one calling the names and handing out the papers. Then came my turn, and in good old Serenity style I summoned my silent image to walk with me across the stage. I mean she did “do” a lot of the work and attend most of the classes. We walked across the stage and I think I saw the old elf smile. Everyone laughed. It was wonderful to know that I was done with the classes and now I could go on to be a great wizard my father wanted to be.

I stepped off the stage and went to my seat and waited for the rest to go through the parade. After it was done we were able to mingle with everyone. I caught up with my friends…. No my family. Elia gave me a big hug and I am sure I was going to stop breathing with how tight she was holding me. Then the crowd parted like a tidal wave. I looked up to see the two most powerful women standing right in front of me, The other woman was there too, all three with silver hair. I was unsure either to bow, shake hands, wave, or die. So like a dumb ass I just stood there with my mouth wide open.

The Simbul laughed and closed my mouth with one gentle finger. She came close for a hug and as she did so, said the words I will never forget “Your mother would have been proud”. I gasped, then looked at her and for just a moment forgot who I was talking to, I asked “You know my mother?” She then told me she knew my mother and father when they were pregnant with me, that I was born in one of her dimensions. She said she came to see me graduate because my mother and father could not. I was about to cry, this powerful woman remembers my parents and was close enough to attend their child’s graduation. Then the mystery lady stepped forward and introduced herself as Storm Silverhand, and that her sister Dove also knew my parents and that she was proud of what I have become. My parents knew all these powerful and wonderful people. And now I have more people to ask about my long dead parents. At that moment I wanted to cry. Elia had to hold me up and then the last blow came, and older man came up to me and from his visage I knew who it was, The Great Chosen of Mystra, Elminster the Mage of the Dales. He stated I was already a better mage than my father and that they would have been proud.

I couldn’t take it anymore with all these people around me that knew my parents I was unable to ask a single question. As quickly as they had come they left. Alustriel stated how proud she was of me and that she expected great things from me. Seruonus came to me; at this point I had no strength in me to stand Elia was the one holding me. He gave me a hug and said that he was proud of what I have become. That was it I lost it and broke down and cried. I was happy, but I was crying. That night we all partied very hard and I took mental notes to ask a few people about my family. I had leads and I was going to find out about my life. But for now party and fun!



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