Protectors of the Silver Marches

Serenity's Contemplation part 13

Homecomings and book readings!

Well we got back to the town of Waylon Hill (some of my party are calling it Raccoon Hill, not sure why). They threw a great big party for us. I still feel as if we failed because we didn’t get all the missing people back. I went to each family, and told them how their family member fought bravely. I didn’t want them to know what really happened to them, it’s far too horrible to think off much less tell them. I couldn’t stop thinking about what the dark guide said to me before we left.
“The realm is suffering it awaits the return of the true lord”
I am unsure why he chose me to say that to. Its as if he thought I would know who this “Dark Lord” is.

I found myself not attending the festivities and instead doing research. I delved into every book I could find on the shadow realm or old realm kings. This being a small town I couldn’t find too much. If Serionos could see me now he would have had a heart attack! It’s not that I don’t like knowledge; I just don’t require that much time to understand something. I miss him and everyone at school. I never thought I would think that, I spent so much time trying to escape and now all I want is to be home. But even there is temporary I have no real home or family. I am alone and with no permanent place to call home. I will need to leave the dorms as soon as I graduate from the college then it is most likely to the spellguard dorms for me. That is what one dose after leaving the college; you spend a minimum of one year in service of the Silverymoon Spellguard. I hope to one day be the Captain of the Spellguard. However I’m sure Jorus Azuremantle will be such for a long time to come. But at the moment I was immersed into my books, Elia even came and tried to help, I felt bad for her missing the party. I told her many times she could go and have fun, but she stayed. It made me feel good to know that the wanted to be with me even if it is to look threw old tomes and scrolls.

After a bit Keiji came with a bottle of wine. I suppose at least one person noticed I was missing that brought some weird sense of happiness to me. He saw me covered by old books and tomes. He asked what I was doing and I proceeded to tell him about the dark guide’s words. He actually wanted to help! I thought all fighter types hated books and anything that dealt with brain power. I find that I have many misconceptions of the world. Maybe all that time shut up in the college has narrowed my mind a bit. I must try and fix that. So I had him look for dark lord or and shadow lord That is when Demi’s voice piped up from above me and said something about the painting on the wall and how it was about the Dusk Lord. So we switched gears and looked for anything pertaining to that. (I was also surprised Demi would miss a party that is a great place to liberate people of their things to help me).

We didn’t find much and what we did find only led to more questions I will have to research this at the college. They have a bigger library, with more knowledge then anyone could ever read in one life time. We leave this town in the morning and I still need to convince the Cleric of Mystra to stay here and not come with us to Silverymoon. I still have no idea how I am to handle this.

Homecommings and Stories!
We left mid morning after the party. I convinced the cleric that we would say a peace for him and his brothers from Dead Snows to the council of The Silver Marshes. I am not looking forward to this at all. If this is known at all Elia may be executed out of principle. Sometimes I don’t understand some of the rules and laws that are in place, can’t someone change their ways if shown the light? Can’t they see all the good she is doing and forgive her actions? However all those people will never draw breath again and the families will never forget them.

I will fight for Elia, I know she has changed, I know she is a better person now. I have seen it. She just needs someone to walk her through the light. I will help her as long as I am able.

So the whole trip back Carnifex stayed in a bad mood towards me. You know I understand having a fit about it for a day or two by the whole trip back! I am really sorry for forgetting but with exams, saving the world, and the Shadow realm I just plane forgot! Man he holds a grudge about as good as a girl does. I have a plan to clear it up for good I hope.

I did have some fun on the trip back we picked up the orphans that we passed on the way to Waylon Hill, and took them with us to Silverymoon. They will have a better chance there. On the way I did a few cantrips to entertain the kids and also to get ready for my tests. Oh the tests that are waiting for me back home.

We made Silverymoon by evening. We all checked in to our perspective areas. I walked up to the college and it seemed bigger than I remember. Serionos was waiting for me at the gate. How does he know where I am all the time! He seemed happy that I came back in one piece. I smiled at him, I truly was happy to see him in good health. He asked me to come and talk with him about my trip. I should have known it was a trap! That damned elf is always tricking me into a study room somehow! We entered his lecture room and there they were all of them; every homework assignment, every research project that ever needed done. Was there waiting for me to return. I looked at this man I considered my father and he had an evil smile on his face then he spoke these horrible words. “The great Lady may have excused you from classes, but not from the work of those classes, now you have time my dear to finish all this.” I wanted to cry so much.

That’s when I enacted my barter system. I asked how much I would get rid of if I could show how I learned on my trip. He asked what I had in mind; I said I could give a very descriptive account on the shadow realm. That got rid of Necromancy! Sweet! I whittled down till all I had was his Evocation class to make up! Oh ya baby who’s the master barter here!? Well he left me to it; silly elf never learns I had a story to tell everyone at the Helm! So blink a second me and off I went!

I got to the Helm and it was the busy time! Sweet I can tell everyone about my heroic adventure minus the really bad parts. As I walked in I was greeted by a lot of “Serenity where have you been?” and “Hey slacker!” I wore a grin so big it must have covered all my face, I started to tell me tale and that is when a sorcerer piped up saying that none of what I was saying could be possible. I got into a heated discussion with him as Keiji came in and stepped up to my rescue, I told Keiji about my problem so we decided to put on a show. I made illusionary terrain that looked just like the shadow realm as Keiji “fought” out the scenes that got everyone’s attention. It was great! When we finished Elia came in. Everyone clapped at our performance. I hugged Eila and we sat down that’s when a classmate of mine asked to talk to me. I was reminded about a deal I made with him for his help on some of the magical stuff that was made. I said I would get him a date with Elia, I never thought that Elia would have an issue with this but when I talked to her about in her room, I’m sure she was about to jump from the window! We came up with a plan to use a different person and change them into a look alike. The only person we could think of was Keiji. So I summand him and a good hard drink,

We were able to talk him into helping us, I changed him into a look alike and off he went to let the boy down nicely. It was painful to watch the amount of tacky this guy was laying on the Elia look alike. Oh gods someone needs to teach this boy finesse. Keiji then suggested a walk. We fallowed behind as the suitor tried to impress “Elia”. It was making me sick. That’s when Carnifex showed and excused the boy from the company of the fake Elia. Somehow he knew it was Keiji! My illusion was perfect! How did he see past it! I changed him back and thanked him very much. Then went to the in with the real Elia.

Meeting and A New Home!

Well we met with the council today, and things could have gone a tad better. It was brought to the Council’s attention that Elia had some involvement with the cult that was the root cause for all this mess. Lady Alustriel and I had to do some quick talking to cover it and smooth it all out. But that is not the most exciting part of this whole thing. We not only got an official name for our group, but we were bestowed land to make a keep on! I am going to have a real home! A place for me to permanently say is mine (and the others too)! I will have a true home!

Our name is “The Silver Guardians”. So I came up with the name for the keep “The Silver Keep”. Carnifex and I worked on the floor plans of the whole thing. Yes he is still mad at me but I am working on my plan to fix that. I did ask about the mandatory year in the spellguard. Alustriel stated that I was exempt from that to be in the “Silver Guardians”. I was unsure at the time how I felt about that, however I am ok with it now.

On top of all this I still have exams that I need to pass before any of that! Man some of these professors are evil I swear! And then there is Elia who is upset with the fact that I am tied up with my studies all the time. I swear after the exams we will spend more time with each other.


Oh my Gods when you make enemies make sure that you can hide well from them! I never thought that it would come to this; I know my mentor has warned me of this but I never thought it truly would happen to me. I was taken from Silverymoon and taken on the scariest ride of my life and I have been in the Shadow realm!

I was taking a “break” from studying for the exams ( at this point Serionas has “Stuck” books to my hands so I have to read them). I was at the Helm and my favorite bar tender was there. She saw how tired I was and offered me some food and drink. I always liked her. She even offered to let me have my Graduation party her at the helm! See turned down everyone else who asked so I never did. That should have let me on that she was up to something. Anyway I got to talking with her (more I was bemoaning my studies and she was listing). And she kept giving me more food and drink. Then before I knew it darkness came.

I awoke in a cold dark place. My head ached and my stomach was non to happy either. I tried to move and found that I was not able to! I went to cast a darkvison spell and found that I was not able to move my hands something was covering them! I am glad I learned how to memorize spells without my book. Bet it only a few certain ones but still helpful. I cast a still spell to see living things around me. I could tell there was about four people around me and I could hear muffled voiced I made out that we were heading to the Anaroch dessert! Oh gods please help me! That’s what was running thru my mind.

I figured out that I was also naked and in a metal box. So there was no way to “burn” my way out. Whoever they were knew of my abilities. That could mean only a few people and one of them was the Zhentarim. This was not good. I just hope my friends will notice that I am missing before too long. I know Elia will in a few hours when I am missing at dinner. But I could be at the border before then!

I kept myself warm with my inner fire. I heard some of the men yelling at one stop we made. And then I was dropped! For Gods sake please if you are going to kidnap me do it gently! Don’t damage the goods! It felt like forever that I was in that box being jostled around and bumped around. I was thinking up a plan and feeling really stupid at the same time. Then I thought about how Serionus would feel when he found out. I came up with one plan to take my own life if I had to. I would just explode if need be. I didn’t want to because of the pain it would cause the people close to me, but better that then have me force to use my abilities against them. I could just eat my remaining spells and then burst into spellfire. They want my spellfire so bad well they can have it! I will burn so bright that my friends will see it and at least be able to gather my ashes.
What really happens when a Spellfire Wielder dies!? Do we go to Mystra? Or do our souls burn with us? I always knew I would live a short life, but I don’t want to go out like this! No! I will go out fighting!

My world exploded! I heard yelling and screaming. I couldn’t make out too much but I could make out sounds of pain. Then I counted more horse hooves then the team had. Had my friends come to rescue me? Had Elia come to save me?! I prayed to Mystra to give them the strength to save me.

About that time my box fell half way. Enough for my head to knocked around. Man it already was agree with me. Then I heard Demi speaking but couldn’t make out what she was saying. There was more screaming and then it all stopped. The world was quiet again. Then I heard scratching and then brightness came in! Oh how happy I was to see light! Then the cold came and I saw Keiji! Oh Gods I’m naked! Elia was there with a cloak and the look on her face was something I’ve never seen. I think it was fear. I have never seen her scared but I think I saw beside the relief a remainder of fear. Was she worried that she was going to lose me? I felt guilty because of my carelessness I made her worry. I said I was sorry and that I would make it right somehow. That is when I saw a red haired woman with my group.

She introduced herself as Catti-brie Battlehammer! She is the daughter of the king of Mithral Hall! One of the dwarfs sitting on the Silver council! She told me Lady Alustriel sent her to help with my rescue! Oh Mystra above how much trouble am I in, what about Serionus he’s going to have that heart attack! This was about the time I saw my hands, or more like the lack of hands and more a brink of cement! My hands were inside a cement brick!

Ok so status check:
Hands and Feet are in a brick of Cement
Naked even no undergarments
Spell less and running low on spellfire
And I’m in front of royalty

Yep my life was at a low point. Keiji had to carry me to the horse and I had to be put over it like a carpet! We made for the closest town. Got to a tavern and the snuck me upstairs and proceeded to try and dress me with what they could find. I felt stupid, Elia tried to comfort me. Then the downstairs exploded into a mass of fire and screaming. Then I was informed that the Thayan Wizard Mr.Darvin was down there. Keiji apprehended him and then I “removed” any magic he may still have active. We made it to Silverymoon and that’s when we ran into Carnifex.

Oh great this couldn’t get worse! If he truly wanted to he could cut me down right then and there. But instead he freed my hands and feet! Then stated I must be more careful. I am just happy to be home! After thanking Alustriel and parting ways with Catti-Brie, Elia and I went to bed. I needed some sleep!



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