Protectors of the Silver Marches

logs of the warforged 8

Azure was right. you cant trust wizards. It seems all the things he told me about them are true. they will lie to save them selves. say any thing to gain more power or magical items, and never feel bad for doing it. the young mage I have been traveling with has proven this. she lied about the nethril, use her magic without regard for the consequences, appears to acquire new magic item with startling speed. it gives me an unpleasant feeling knowing that the spell book I created is being used to further her quest for power. I have seen it in her eyes when she wields the blue flames she enjoys it far to much and clearly craves more. Azure has agreed to unlock the Templar protocol in case the mage need put down. I will have to return the items she has created for me as well the talisman to her teacher. I can no long honer my end of our agreement to keep her safe. luckly I have anew project to keep me busy and far away from the collage.



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