Protectors of the Silver Marches

Home Again

I was really really concerned about my home. Assholepants McGee had gone there for some reason, and now Turlang had informed me something was wrong with the old ruins. It was too convenient. I wanted to go help my home before it was too late! But nobody seemed to want to get there as badly as I did.

Then one day, Steev shows up! I couldn’t believe me eyes! I was so happy I even hugged him. Now I know I don’t always speak nicely of Steev but that doesn’t mean I dislike him! He’s a moron. But man, I didn’t realize just how much I missed home till I saw that silly satyr. Speaking of, the other don’t believe he’s a satyr. Wonder why?

Anyway, so he came to seek my- I mean, our help, as the Silver Guardians! He said this giant weirdo black bubble thing had appeared around the ruins, and that there were strange people coming and going. And that this old man appeared and pointed at the bubble and told him that it would be the death of the forest!

Now sometimes Steev sleepwalks and imagines things. But he seemed pretty convinced and now I was too. We had to get there and save my home before it was too late!

The trip home was fairly uneventful. Serenity didn’t seem to like Steev much and kept insulting his intelligence. I’m not really sure what Keiji or Carnnifex thought of him, because they are usually more polite. I of course gave Steev allllll of the teasing he missed out on while I was away. I think he missed me too, I can tell by how he keeps calling me a ‘pesky little gnat’.

Once we got to the high forest we were greeted by a couple of the guardians! Two large bears. Steev spoke to the, to tell them that we were just passing through. They knew us, so it was fine! Until…Serenity decided to turn one of them into a chicken.

“What are you doing!?” I asked, for at this point the other bear was becoming angry, feeling threatened. “I told you they wouldn’t hurt you!” But all she would tell me was that it growled at her, and she needed to take them back to the school for some dude she had help enchant some of our items. She wouldn’t tell me what would happen to them. In fact she wouldn’t listen to me at all! I was becoming very, very mad, and was about ready to jam a sleep arrow up her nose when Steev stepped in.
“These bears belong to Turlang, who by the way could squash you with his pinky…branch. You can’t take them. You can get your bears from an unprotected part of the woods, these bears are special.” After some convincing, she turned the chicken back into a bear. Steev managed to convince the bears not to murder the shit out of her, and we pressed on.

Once we actually got to Turlang, the look on Serenity’s face told me she was glad she chose to listen to Sttev. Steev….not me. I just…I can’t help but wonder, if I can’t get my own friends to listen to me, who will? I wish I was bigger so that maybe…just maybe…



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