Protectors of the Silver Marches

Colors! Colors Everywhere!

As we started to near our goal, I found sanity getting a hold of me once more. The way out of this place was within our grasps. We’d be fine! I mean, all we had to do was beat a dragon, right!? Hahahahaha!
We were ready to confront the dragon, and by we, I mean they. Then again, I take that back- I am willing to do anything to get out of here! The problem was that there was acid. A lot of acid. Filling the hall which we were supposed to walk through! Carnifex was the only person who could possibly withstand the acid, but even he would start to get hurt if he just tried to walk through it. This is when Serenity concocted possibly one of the boldest and ingenious plans ever. She would protect Carnifex with wind magic, and then, and this was the best part, she would shrink all of the tall people so that they could all ride in Bale’s box, and Carnifex could carry us across!

So after a few magic words and some hand gestures, suddenly all of the giants were me sized! And I got a good look at them for the first time! I mean, yeah I can see them fine normally, but it’s different having to look at someone from afar to see them all at once than being able to just size them up in a glance. Keiji is a fairly handsome bloke! And Serenity and Elia are both super pretty! And the dwarf- well….he’s a dwarf.

Alas my little party wouldn’t last long. Besides the fact that Bale isn’t all that big on company, eventually Carnifex got across the acid, and it was time for them to leave and get re-gianted. I was a little sad. But now that I know Serenity can do that spell, I might request a tea party with everyone some time!

They didn’t have long after getting big again till the Dragon attacked, slamming in to Keiji like some pissed off giant flying black lizard. But that wasn’t the only interesting and unfortunate thing happening in the room. There were these pillars see, and each one had a fuck off darker than though mages, guarding a bunch of caged villagers! I decided that these mage guys needed to be disposed of, and quick! I flew up to one, and something that doesn’t usually happen, happened. I fired my blasty blast of fuck you and die at him, and there seemed to be an extra amount of fuck you in there, because it practically knocked him off his feet! It seemed to hurt him quite a bit, and the best thing was, he had no idea who or what hit him! Sometimes I love being invisible- wait what am I saying, I ALWAYS love being invisible! Once he was disposed of, I watched Carnifex release a villager, by basically bending open the bars. I couldn’t do that, so I decided I would be better off just killing of the mage jerks and avoiding the lake where the dragon had dived into.

I continued to make quick work of the Mages. Everything was going well until two things happened. First, a mage did something that made him able to see me, and started trying to attack me. Not okay! So I flew out into the black, hoping I was out of his range of sight. Now remember that dragon I’ve been talking about? Well, he remembered me to. He saw me and he was soon after me. And I got hit with a fist full of dragon claws.

Now a long time ago, Steeve made an observation about me to another guardian. If memory serves, it went something like this:
“Demi will take things that she things are hers even though they aren’t ((what the hell he was even talking about there is beyond me)), and she will annoy you, and pester you, and make smart assed comments, and in general being a buzzing nuisance ((Are we still talking about me here Steeve?)). She can be helpful, just don’t leave your shit out. ((I think there he meant my shit.)) But, whatever, EVER, you do, don’t hurt her. Don’t try to get revenge. She is the most vengeful thing I have ever met, and I used to be married! She will hunt you down and make your life hell.”

Unfortunately for Despair, he never met Steeve, so Steeve couldn’t warn him.

I saw red. I was like an uncontrollable force of nature, that cusses and blasts things! He found that damn dragon, and hollering the words “OH HELL NO BITCH, NO YOU DIDN’T!!!” I cursed him. Not in the sense that I spouted foul, un-lady like words at him (though I do that too, a lot), but I was so mad, I discovered a new trick! And I cursed him.

No sooner did this happen and my rage was beginning to subside when the mage hit me with something, and the cycle started over again! But I knew, despite my cloudy anger that staying in that area and attacking the mage would by my death. Despair was right behind me, and should he somehow overcome my curse, I would be obliterated. So fighting the urge to go bad touch this mage and make him wish he hadn’t ever dared fuck with what I got goin’ on, I flew away, far away. This turned out to be a good plan because Despair used the mage to cure the curse I had put on him, and then flew off to screw with Carnifex. Story of my tiny, useless pixie life. I sincerely hope he flew off because he feared me…but I doubt I was that lucky. And other half to my life story, the other guys picked off that mage before I could even go dish out my can of whoop-ass. Oh well. Having nobody left to own, I decided to go help Carnifex.

Some day, I would like Steeve to meet Carnifex. I would love to hear his stories about him. But I think I already know how they would go. To put it simply, if Carnifex was ever put in a book about the creatures of our world, the discription below his picture would say simply this:
“Do not fuck with.”

As I flew over to see what was up, I saw Despair, plummeting the the lake, with Carnifex above him. The metal man had changed to the remarkably acurate and terrifying visage of the grim reaper, lantern and scyth above to splice that asshole lizard to bits, tattered cloak blowing behind him with the momentum of their fall.

“Well! Nothing to see here!” I said and flew off to join up with the rest of the group.

Now was the issue of getting all of the villagers out. It came to our attention that the mages and the villagers must have gotten into the room somehow- the acid couldn’t have always been there. I began to look to see if there was some sort of trick to it, and there was! It was a big lever, a dragon sized one. I was all like “I got dis’”, wanting to prove myself useful, I went ahead and tried to pull the lever. I’m pretty sure I obliterated my arm muscle. Howling in pain, I flew away from the horrid device, insisting that he lever be broken, because it certainly seemed to have broken my arm! Serenity went over and pulled it with ease, draining the acid to a level that we could easily walk over the walkways.

After the lake was drained, Serenity, Keiji, and Carnifex examined the dragon’s body. Sernity announced that it wasn’t a normal black dragon, and that it was in fact a shade. At this point, Carnifex wanted to know what a Shade was. And then all of the shit hit the fan. See, Carnifex is from Nethril, and he has been looking for these Nethril guys. Except see, they are supposed to be all dead. Except the Shade, who I guess are like Nethril that came back. Like zombies. Except not undead, or something. Carnifex was mad. His blue blowing gaze turned red, something which I have never seen happen before. I thought for sure someone was going to be obliterated, so I flew away. “Do not fuck with”, I thought. But then he just walked away. I was thankful that I didn’t have to see the grim reapers image again that day.

We met up once more with the giant skull eating giant, and he lead us back through the darkness. Just before we went through the portal, he said something to Serenity in a language I couldn’t understand. I wonder what that was about? She didn’t share the information, so I didn’t bother.

We made our way back to the world of color, and man, I thought my little pixie head was going to explode. It was painful. So bright, and happy, and ow, and oddly enough, it was night time! And it still hurt! But my heart hurt more from all the joy at being out of that horrible place. I felt bad for the villagers, they had been in there longer. Surprised their eyes didn’t melt!

We made it to Raccoon Hill and deposited the missing villagers while telling the families of those that did not return that they had died protecting the others. It was mostly true.
Serenity burried herself in books that she had, trying to look something up. Keiji and I joined her. Keiji decided to help. Serenity explained that giant skull eating giant had told her to find the Shadow Lord. I thought about it. Shadow Lord…that seemed familiar. And then I remembered the mural! It had the dark creepy guy in the throne, surrounded by all the shadows!
“Oh I know him!” I said, raising my hand. They both looked at me. “That’s the guy in the creepy painting we killed!”
“No that’s the Dusk Lord, isn’t it?” Keiji said.
“Same thing!” I quipped. Serenity perked up. It seemed I was on to something. They now searched for the Dusklord. They began searching for that, and I went on my merry way!
Then we made our way back to the city, swinging by the orphanage and taking the adorable little kiddies with us so that they could have a better life in Silverymoon! On the way Serenity entertained them with magic tricks. I watched. It was actually really entertaining! I should try that some time!

Once we got back, I instantly went to see if my friends at the high forest responded to the message I had sent them, warning them of Darvin’s trip to the high forest. There was no response. I was preparing to send another bird while venting my upset to my companions when they pointed out that in order to use a messenger bird, the bird needs to know where it’s going, and been there before. At this point, it was suggested that I try to scry someone back home! Knowing that scrying was a type of magic that I didn’t know how to do, I went to find Serenity.

I had a little trouble getting in to the college. They called Serenity down and she made them let me in, to which I gloated at the guards about. We went into something called the divination room, where I told the lady I wanted to talk to Turlang! She looked at me like I was crazy.
YOU want me to scry Turlang?” She asked.
“Yeah! He’s my boss!” I said. I’m not sure if she believed me, but we set up the scry. At first I could only watch him. I tried shouting at him, but he couldn’t here me. He looked to be in a meeting with some forest creatures.
This wasn’t good enough. I needed more. The made it so I was able to hear him. He was saying something about being careful, just taking a look, and then reporting back. I tried to holler at him! But he still couldn’t hear me.
“I need to talk to him!” I said. And then Serenity opened a channel for me.

Turlang and I spoke. I told him where I was! I was so excited! But then Serenity reminded me that I needed to deliver my message. So I asked him what was happening. He told me that there was black, bad nastiness coming out of the old ruins and making the forest sick! I told him we would try to come help! But regrettably, we couldn’t leave till spring. I only hoped that spring wouldn’t be too late.



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