Protectors of the Silver Marches

Blundering in the Dark part two

So once we were done with almost dying for the moment, we came across the weird tapestries. Well, yes, I would have to agree, they were indeed weird. I had walked up to the one with an odd looking fighter, one of the people we had fought earlier in Sorrow’s Refuge…I think they were called Shadar-kai. The guy in the tapestry said something about what crows do, and to bring him one. He obviously didn’t mean a real crow, but for the moment I was at a loss. Instead I walked around to where the Cleric had been after he threw a small fit. Listening to what the guy there said, I pondered it a bit, before trying a few different phrases. The answer turned out to be “with me” for where the shadows walked in the valley of darkness, and that led to answering the Rogue one I guess. Elia had to pull me aside to explain the shadar-kai one and I have to say it took me a moment to think of a story that I could blow out of proportion to make it a larger than life story but still have a ring of truth. For the first time since the betrayal, I spoke of my friend and his wife. I spoke about the defense we set up against the rivaling clans cavalry.

After I had talked about them, I didn’t give names, I couldn’t help but think of home and those other times before I came to this colder land. Before I had been so desperate to run away from everything that I hadn’t really paid attention to all the distance I put between me and my home of Thesk. Just thinking of my home brought the memory of being able to stare out into the large body of water of the Easting Reach. Vivid edges of the Thesk mountain peaks seemed to rise up in my mind and I had to shut them away lest I get lost in the memories of brighter and mostly happy times. Thesk led my mind to Nene, and from her it jumped to the violent betrayal of my long time good friend. Forcing my mind to stop those thoughts I grabbed one of the violet colored candles that showed up and we continued on. I fear that sometime I might be forced to deal with my past, no matter how much I wish to just leave it there to collect dust. I can kind of understand that desire that Elia has been under, though I think there is a better way of going about it.

Oh, what do you know, another bellow that needs to be taken care of, and a few people that we first were thinking of walking by, but it was decided that we couldn’t let them continue. A silent agreement on a plan swept between Carnifex and myself. As we moved into position to fight, it seems that the Shar priests had no intention of letting us pass. The battle was over before it seemed to begin as the last of the men fell. There’s a scream and then all my members rush out to follow suit. Well, I certainly didn’t want to just be left hanging, especially in this place. This place makes it so that even Yumekichi’s constant presence isn’t comforting. A short possible encounter and then the enemy is gone. Rather anti-climatic if I do say so myself. I of course would shortly regret that thought as we stepped out, and came face to scaly face with none other than Despair. I’m really starting to hate dragons, this one in particular, and perhaps things like lizards at this point. This Despair cretin hacks up some acid towards us, and I was forced to do an evasive maneuver even while carrying the slowed Cleric. Oh, right, I didn’t mention that. The cleric got hit by a spell and was slowed. I was the one to offer to carry him and that is how it led up to me having to do a near dive towards the entrance to the bellows area while holding onto the man. Landing on my back the cleric had started to slip, so of course I caught him. He wasn’t about to die on my watch. Manage to hoist the man and myself into the cave and sit there trying to catch my breath.

To get rid of the dragon, Carnifex suggested that Demi distract the dragon. Serenity casted a couple of spells on Demi to help her in this heroic feat. If the little pixie comes back to us, I will definitely have to look at her in a new light. The fact that she was even willing to do this, smacks of more heroism than most of us in the group have in reserve, myself including. There is no way that someone who can’t face their past can be considered a hero. I can safely say I’m a nice guy who will do his best to help those around him, but when it counted the most, I failed. That failure will haunt me til probably the end of my days. Which, might be soon if we don’t come up with a plan to deal with that dastardly dragon. While Demi is doing her amazing deed, we make our way to the area that the barracks should be. The last half of the dash was slower than we wanted since we had to douse our flames and walk via Elia’s vision. Not sure how that worked, but she got us there as quickly as she could.



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